24 August 2008

Chua Churam - Mid year figure haul part 8

Another HLJ box of goodies.

At last, a HLJ box, that means another goodies arrived. This shipment was actually delayed for almost a week, because there's something like public holiday in Japan, and HLJ did not process any order during that holiday. So i ended up getting this Chua Churam later than some other people.

Chua Churam by Alter.

This is it, Chua Churam, from an eroge (? dunno for sure) Chu X Chu Idol. From the writing on the box, it seems that Chua Churam is an idol and a vampire, talk about odd combination, but that's anime world for you, the weirder the combination, the more interesting it gets.

Anyway, this figure is the 8th haul of this mid year figure haul and it concludes my mid year haul. In this mid year haul, i actually cancelled one of my order, that is Alter's Mikuru maid cafe. I'm glad i cancelled this order because of financial reason, but i also have some regret about it. Chua Churam maybe the last haul of this mid year, but that doesn't mean that it's the last haul of my collection. There are still more to come.

A vampire idol? Who know vampire can be idol too?

I never knew about Chu X Chu Idol before, and i ordered Chua Churam not because i know her, but because i like her cute face and her dress very much after seeing the promotional photos. Usually i tend to get character figures whom i already knew about, but this time is different. I like Chua Churam's elegant dress, and this is the reason why i bought her in the first place.

There are no alternate parts or detachable parts other than the base.

Chua Churam doesn't have many parts with her, just her full body, a base, and another piece of base support. That's why i didn't do a parts photograph. I thought i can get her guitar off her hands, but it seems i was wrong, her guitar isn't a detachable parts.

Metal support for stand, just like inside Liu Meifeng right leg.

Some people may see this figure is a potential leaner, with a huge dress like that and legs going in that direction. But i think Alter has prepared for this. They used a metal support that connects to the base support. Since it's a metal, there's a very small and even smaller possibilty for the support to lean forward or backward because of imbalance.

My favorite part: the dress.

Look just how beautiful and elegant her dress is. From this view, you can see that her dress isn't just for sexiness but also elegance. This dress is the type where it goes short in the front and long in the back, if you know what i mean (it's hard to describe really). And also her twintailed hair is one of the deciding factor.

She's my favorite dude!

I think photographing this figure pose quite a challenge. While there are so many interesting parts, it is also hard to get nice angle and detail on those parts. Well, i guess this Chua Churam is also one of my favorite figure so far.

I also heard about the issue of this figure being small for a figure, and i think that's true. The dress may deceive your eyes, with its size and all. But her face and her hands can't deceive you. I have compared her head size with Elwing and figma Haruhi, and well, her head size is somewhat smaller than Elwing's but bigger than figma Haruhi's. I think this figure got a scale of 1/9 compared to Elwing's / Nanoha's real size.

So this post is the last part of Mid year figure haul. Next up will be normal haul just as always. so now, I have 2 photo sessions to catch up (Nanoha instructor uniform and Chua Churam) and some figma play i planned (like Hare hare dance, LS dance, yuri romance story, etc.). So as always, look forward to it.


  1. Nice!!!!!!
    I want this figure...sadly...it's so expensive I say...

  2. At first i too also thought that this figure is expensive, but now i know why it's expensive.

    The whole dress and hair are made by a flexible PVC, just like Shuraki's hair and dress.

    The detail, pantijob, and the sculpt are also at the top quality. It's worth the price IMO.

  3. she is a pretty awesome looking figure. Not sure if it's her cuteness or the huge detailed ruffly dress, but nonetheless the final result looks amazing lol

  4. Yeah, this figure is really something else.

  5. Lovely but no. It's expensive and I try not to lean towards the figure otaku area. Sadly, it may send my broke.
    Regardless of the size, the detail makes up the relatively small size.

  6. Yeah, figure otaku could be dangerous for your financial.