05 August 2008

Elwing - Kotobukiya

Elwing - Kotobukiya.

This is the last photoshoot i did in my holiday. And with this, I've done photoshoot for all of my PVC figure. The last figure to arrive and to be photographed is this figure, Elwing from Shining Wind, made by Kotobukiya.

Elwing Shining Wind version.

Elwing sure is a pretty character, and she was my favorite character back in the Shining Tears game, and also my favorite character in Shining Tears X Wind anime. I like her new look in Shining Wind, it's somewhat sexy.

The only Elwing from Shining Wind version.

I know there was some Elwing's figures before this version. From President Japan, there's Elwing in Shining Tears version, and from Max Factory, there's Elwing in bikini. I think the best Elwing figure is MF version, with that bikini and good quality (as usual from Max Factory). But this is the only Elwing in Shining Wind version.

Something wrong on her face.

She actually has a pretty face but this figure can't really show her pretty face. I noticed that her front hair is quite long, enough to cover her eyebrows. You can't really guess what's her real emotion right now because her eyebrows are covered. Just because she's smiling doesn't mean she's really happy. Look closely at her eyes and you'll know what i mean.

The Angel Wings.

At the first time i played Shining Tears, i also played an online game: Ragnarok Online. And i still remember the most famous and expensive item at that time was Angel Wings. This Elwing reminded me of Angel Wings. So I'm gonna call these wings on her head Angel Wings. After seeing her Angel Wings, you'll notice that her Angel Wings aren't that white. I guess they put up too much shading on the Angel Wings.

Pointy ears, characteristic of elf.

I forgot to mention from the beginning. She is an elf, and an elf must have this elven ears. She has a really long pointy elven ears. Maybe some of you may say that these ears gave weird feeling for this figure, but Elwing's beauty also came from these ears.

My 3rd Shining Wind figure also came with a bow.

This is my 3rd figure of Shining Wind series, and this figure also has a bow. Kureha MF, Kureha Kotobukiya, and Elwing Kotobukiya, three of them have bow. That doesn't mean that I'm a bow fetish :P. It's just a coincidence, really it is...

Beautiful long blond hair, my favorite.

One of the reason why i like Elwing is her hair. She has a really beautiful blond long hair. It flows straightly and beautifully. I'm not just a twintail favorite, i'm also a long hair favorite (except for Haruhi). Most of my figure (and favorite character) have a twintailed hair or long hair, except Haruhi.

Judging by her arms and her hands i think she's doing a cute girl pose.

This Elwing tends to be cute. Look at her arms and her hands, and you'll know that she's doing a cute girl pose. Just get a school bag / fashion bag miniature and replace her bow with that bag. She'll look like a cute little girl, and asking you whether you want to go shopping with her or not.

The elven bow, hotter than Kureha's bow.

I never noticed in the anime that her bow is shaped like this. It has a unique shape and it's better than Kureha's bow in term of look. But i think Kureha's bow is longer than Elwing's bow. But in the anime, Kureha used her bow only once and she used it when she was still in school wearing her uniform, not that outfit.

A feather necktie (?).

I also never noticed of this necktie (or whatever you called it). A choker with feather as the pendant. It does look unique and nice. I think this feather is a complementary part of her Angel Wings. It IS a feather anyway.

She looks sexy in that outfit, especially this part.

And now, let's start with POI section. This figure's POI is.... her vest (whatever you called it). First thing first, she has a new vest in Shining Wind version, and it's better than Shining Tears version IMO. Next, these vest doesn't have any button at ALL, and it only has ONE and ONLY ONE ribbon to tie her vest up. You can just pull her ribbon and her breast will be wide open and ready to be rubbed for good. That must be delicious.

This is the upper vest, mainly covers her arms.

Still going on in POI section. Her vest really gave her a daring look. Her center body from neck, cleavage, chest, and stomach aren't covered by this vest. This is why i gave this vest a POI award. Elwing's sexiness came from this vest, combined with her sexy body.

Anyway, i divided this vest into 2 parts, the first part is this upper vest the darker one, and the second part is the lower vest with the lighter green and white color. The upper vest mainly covers the arms and shoulders.

Part of the upper vest, long sleeves.

This long sleeves are also the part of her upper vest. From this photo above, you'll see not only her arms but also her breast. It DOES look big from this angle. There are small details on this sleeves, like that circle thing (it's the same as on the neck) on the upper arms, and a little leave mark on the shoulder.

The lower vest done its job to make Elwing's sexy.

What's make Elwing really sexy is her lower vest. This part covers the breasts, stomach, and skirts. But this vest NEVER cover the center part of them. There are some nice details on this lower vest, like golden edge, the leaves, and a golden drawing on it. It also has a nice color combination of white and light green.

Overall view of this figure's POI: the vest.

This is overall view of her whole vest. I'm still wondering how her lower vest and upper vest connected, and also where's the lower vest hanged on. If you look carefully, you can only see her lower vest up to her breast. How did she hang her lower vest so it does not fall off? Is this lower vest works like a tank top (hanged on the shoulder)? It's still a mystery to me.

Elven mini skirt, looks great on her.

Moving out of POI section, there's still some interesting points from this figure. One of them is this skirt. Yeah, i like girl wearing mini skirt, and Elwing's also in my liking. Her lower vest is even longer (lower) than this skirt, that means this skirt is really a REAL mini skirt. After seeing some Xecty reviews, i noticed that she wear (almost) the same skirt and belt as Xecty. I think because they shared the same race, elves.

Another little detail i missed in the anime.

I already encountered this circle things 3 times, 1 on her neck and 2 on her upper arms. I think this is just a normal accessories, just to make her prettier. Well, the setting of the story is in the another world where people lived side by side with "intelligence" beasts. No wonder they can design such an outfit like this freely.

This is what i called Elven boots.

When you played an RPG, chance that you would encounter an item called Elven boots. I think these boots can be called Elven boots. Normally, Elven boots item is equipable for archer character. I never bother to look at the mythology, but most of the elves I've encountered in games used bow as their weapons.

Nice butt, i like that.

You can remove her skirt, but i never bother doing that. She has a white pantie and a nice butt. It's a good view from down here.

Well, that's it for now. I don't have any figure left to photoshoot (for now). It's just a waiting period for figma Fate, and Chua Churam. Just wait and look forward to it.


  1. Ah yes, I've seen this one around all over, including at Comic-Con. I believe I actually have a picture of her on my blo from the Kotobukiya booth there.

    Quite a lovely figure, I want to get it but at the same time I want to get others more, like all the Figmas and Nendoroids. LOL But anyway, very nice pictures, I think you did a good job of capturing the "feel" of the figure.

  2. Thanks :D. It seems figma gets more popular than normal PVC figures now.

  3. Another nice review. ^^
    She seems to be one of the most popular Shining Wind figs. as most ppl have her.

  4. Thanks man.

    Yeah, she's popular, but not so popular as Kureha MF. You can still find this figure in stock @PA even a week or 2 after its release date.