17 August 2008

figma Fate - Mid year figure haul part 6

Nanoha : Fate-chaaaan!!! You came for me!!!
Haruhi : He.. Heyy!!! That's Nanoha's lover!

Okay, i don't know if this arrival still count as mid year haul, but i know this figure doesn't count as holiday haul. This item released in Play-Asia was delayed 1-2 weeks after Japan release. I can see figma Fate everywhere on the net, even in meronpan's blog.

Haruhi: Hey, hey! Calm down Nanoha!
Nanoha: Fate-chan! Fate-chaaan!!!

This is another Max Factory's masterpiece, figma Fate T. Harlaown, and this counts as my 3rd figma. With this, i can do more story, more pose, and everything that figma can do (especially those yuri photos). Everyone knows that figma choose the most favorite character from every anime. Haruhi's SOS-dan for the first set, Nanoha and Fate for 2nd set, and Lucky Star for next set. Max Factory really choose the best of the best characters, that's one of the factor why these figma are so popular.

Nanoha: Fate-chaan... I haven't seen you for a long time... You're so beautiful...
Haruhi: .... Na... Nanoha... If she's your lover, then what about me? Will you abandon me?

I don't know why, but i tend to avoid collecting SOS-dan set, even though Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu is my favorite anime. I think that's because of Yuki, released as the first figma from SOS-dan set. I don't really like Yuki and i missed her figma, so i only bought Haruhi and avoid Mikuru, because if i got Mikuru, then i would try to find Yuki desperately, in order to complete SOS-dan's girls.

So many parts for weaponry.

I think figma Fate has the most parts of all figma. That's because her Bardiche assault has the most forms of all devices, and this figma is still lacking 1 form: Riot Zanber form. Other than that, she has her Bardiche in normal form, Zanber form (giant sword), and Scythe form. As i remember, in the anime she normally uses her scythe form just for blade throw.

Nanoha: FAAATEEE-CHAAAAN!!! I missed you ssoooo muuuch!!!!
Fate: Ah.. Nanoha-chan! Me too, I'm glad to see you again after so long time.

Yeah, with this figma, i can do everything i want, starting from story making, yuri sex scene, random posing, or even Hare hare dance. I'm still unable to do Lucky Star dance, since the dance needs 4 people involved in it. It must be fun with Haruhi, Nanoha, and Fate. I think I'll do this in a while, so just look forward to it.

Nanoha: Fate-chan, at last i can be with you. With this, we can do whatever we want.
Fate: Yes Nanoha-chan. I too have been looking forward for this moment.

Another idea came up in my mind after seeing NanoFate wedding image. I tried to do the pose in the image using these 2 figmas. I now it's hard, but with a little effort, i did it. So next thing to do with figma is imitating artworks / fanart, but I'll focus in official artworks for now. And so once again, look forward to this.

I think I'll stick in Scythe form for awhile longer, since i already have Fate (Alter) with Zanber.

Well, that's it for this haul. Next 2 hauls will be Chua Churam which is still in shipment processing (waiting HLJ because there's public holiday in Japan), and Nanoha Instructor Uniform version which is already in stock in local store waiting for me to pick her up.


  1. now that's some wholesome nanoha fate love. does the hair on your nanoha stay on (the front bangs)? mine is soooo frikkin loose it's annoying. hmm mebbe some blu-tac will fix things up...

  2. Yeah, i had that problem you mentioned. Actually, all Nanoha figma had that problem.

    I used tape on the joint so it can fit more than in normal condition. It's still loose, but it's better than before.

  3. Looking at you with a mean stare~~~~~~
    I want FATE SO BAD!!!!!!!
    It's sold out in Akihabara when I went!!!!!
    I want it!!!!!!
    Fate Figma is just too cool!!!!!

  4. Whoopss, don't look at me like that or i'll run now!

    Anyway, i heard that figma Fate popularity is so high up that you'll see her out of stock everywhere.

    I'm sorry that you couldn't get her in Akihabara. Maybe you'll get her at another chance.

  5. I bet everyone will go bonkers again when Figma Hayate is released.

    NanohaXFateXHayate =D~~~

  6. Yeah, i'm also looking forward for figma Hayate.

    If she come then the love triangle will get more and more complex than ever XD.

  7. My Fate is still in transit. T_T
    haha, u really know how to imitate yuri scenes. The love between nanoha and fate are strong. ^^

  8. I love yuri, but i can't make fanarts, so my obsession goes to figma and photograph them.