10 August 2008

PS3 games personal reviews... sort of

Sophitia and Cassandra yuri cation FTW XD.

Almost 1 month after i bought my PS3, and new semester has just started this last week. So i decided to do a little reviews for my games I've played in the whole holiday. I already bought Soul Calibur 4 last week, took me around IDR 500000 (USD 55). And also Ridge Racer 7 The Best arrived at the day when i bought SC4, ordered it in PA for USD 37.

Anyway, these games below are the games we (me and my bros) already played. I won't put Dynasty Warriors 6 and Metal Gear Solid 4 here. It's just that I'm too lazy to put it all here :P. Please be aware that you might stumble into some SPOILERS here.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma - Tecmo

Game : Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Genre : Action / Adventure
Status : still playing, haven't finished it yet.

After buying my PS3, i searched the whole Surabaya city to find this game. It went out of stock anywhere in Surabaya. But 1 week after i bought PS3, i found a pre-owned copy of this game. Still nice and clean, and i got it with great deal.

You can totally compare this game with DMC4 in term of gameplay system. As a ninja, Ryu Hayabusa has more nice and fast killing technique for his fight. You got more cool weapon here, but it's a normal weapon, unlike Dante's magical weapon in DMC3. Talk about technique, you won't see any magic around here (except ninpo), so basically you'll end up fighting the whole enemy with physical strength and technique only. If you're into adventure game, you might want to try this before entering the world Devil May Cry 4.

Score : 73 / 100


Game : Folklore
Genre : Action RPG
Status : still playing (just watching for me)

I don't play this game, my 2nd bro does. He decided to get this as his game after reading ron~'s review about PS3 games. So my work here's just watching how he play this game and review this game WITHOUT playing it (just watching it).

You play 2 characters in this game. And both of them connected in the story. My brother has played this until Ellen get caught in Chapter 6, and now he has to proceed with Keat (forgot his name) to save Ellen. This game is an action RPG, where you fight with your enemy in real time battle, just like Kingdom Hearts. Except in this game, you fight using monster's (folk) power.

I don't know much of this game, but it looks like this game is more focused in the battle. Completing all the folks and maximize their power is your goal in this game. I think this is the downside of the game, you'll be drowned in the battle for around 80% of this game if you're trying to maximize folks' power.

Score : 61 / 100

Grand Theft Auto IV - Rockstar

Game : Grand Theft Auto IV
Genre : Action

This is the most popular game for now, just after MGS4 and before Soul Calibur 4. Once again, i don't play this game, my 1st bro does. And as for me, my role is just watching him play.

Everyone knows how GTA games works. It's just like a life simulation, you'll have your character roaming free in the city, making relation with gangs, and do their dirty jobs for money and life. GTA4 has more interesting features that make this game more realistic:
- Internet browsing in the computer, to get more girl, email, etc.
- Drinking alcohol can make you drunk.
- Playing MORE mini games like darts.
- Better strip club and "real" shaking cars.
- Car crash effects.
- More action in gunshot, like wall hide, blind shot, etc.
- and so on.
And GTA4 also has less features compared to GTA:San Andreas, like:
- No more stealth play.
- Weapon type reduced.
- Number of ammo reduced (no more unlimited / 9999 ammo).
- No more skill building (body, stamina, weapon, and driving).
With all these new features and lost of some old features, GTA4 still a great game to play. And if you're a PS3 owner, this game is a must have, even if you hate action game, you still can enjoy the craziness inside this game.

Score : 87 / 100

Ridge Racer 7 (The Best) - Namco

Game : Ridge Racer 7
Genre : Racing

I bought this game in PA, and this game arrived just 1 day before the new semester started, talk about bad timing :P. This is my first racing game in PS3, and I'm happy with this game.

Ridge Racer is a great racing series, just before modify-your-own-car illegal street racing games like NFS Underground appears. After a while, i never heard a very success circuit legal racing games except Gran Turismo 4. Ridge Racer 7 still continues with their circuit racing type with original cars (no real world cars), added with extra features like modifying engine and exteriors, and drifting. It seems after NFS Underground got a high popularity, people also like drifting action, so drift feature in racing game is a must nowadays. As expected of HD games, it has a very great and stunning graphics.

I can't enjoy this game to the fullest, since the most enjoyable feature of this game is online battle, and i can't enjoy online just yet.

Score : 85 / 100

Soul Calibur 4 - Bandai Namco Games

Game : Soul Calibur 4
Genre : Fighting

I bought this right at the day when Ridge Racer 7 arrived, so it means that i bought this game just before the new semester started, very bad timing. But i really enjoy this game.

After MGS 4 and GTA 4, the next legendary game to be released is this game, Soul Calibur 4. It is said this game is the best fighting game ever. I played Soul Calibur series from Soul Calibur 2, and i came to like this game better than any other fighting game. Talk about features there's some changes in this game.
- Character creation mode: you can create characters and you can modify original characters. The new features are, personalized skill and HP Attack Defense parameters. With this, you can't modify character's equipment just for the looks, but also for their power and skill.
- Buying weapon works as usual, but you can't freely choose the weapons in VS Special mode, you have to create new characters, equipped with that weapon.
- No more RPG like mode (Chronicle of the sword), Tower of the Lost Souls as exchange. No more story, no more strategy, pure fighting.
- Collecting honor (medal / award) for completing equipment collection.
- Soul Crush, critical finish, and equipment break system in the fight.
I think there's less features in this game than SC3. But still, i think the whole enjoyment of this game is in the online play, and i still can't do this for now.

Moving on to the fight, it's harder to create more combo and combine one attack to another. And also about Soul gauge and Soul Crush, you won't be seeing much of Critical finish if you're playing against newbie who can't guard and keep spamming attacks blindly. I've tried fighting against hard CPU in training mode, and i ended up with empty Soul Gauge against it. The AI kept ramming me with rain of endless attacks, so i tried to block it all, and the result was that empty Soul Gauge. Anyway i'm still learning to connect these attacks and guard impacts.

Score : 90/100

Well, that's it for my games in holiday. Next game to look forward will be Disgaea 3, and I'm waiting for this. I've entered new semester, and my gameplay time will be drastically reduced compared to holiday session, so I'm going to lay low for a while.

Note : Games' box art images are taken from GameFAQs.


  1. soul calibur 4 is definitely best fighting game ever!

    let's play online :D

    add me to your psn friend list ^^, my id is ronaldhw.

    You'll love disgaea 3, I'm still playing that game now.. thanks to the DLC!

  2. Next thing for me to do is wait for better internet provider to come. For now, i'll stick with 128kbps for a while longer. I'll avoid playing online for now.

    But don't worry, i'll give you a message as soon as i'm able to play online.

    As for Disgaea 3, i'll have to wait for English version around this month.