23 August 2008

Nanoha Instructor Uniform - Mid year figure haul part 7

Nanoha instructor uniform by Good Smile Company.

Okay, this figure was released around June-July but i received this figure just 2 days ago. That's what i got if ordered things in figure local store. It's really cheap, without paying custom and shipment, but that cheapness costs you a whole 1-2 months of waiting this figure to arrived. In the other hand, you don't have to pay this when you first ordered, you pay when you got the item on the hand.

Released in June, but got it in August, pretty long wait.

Anyway, this figure haul still count as mid year haul because it was released in June and i received this in August. It's Nanoha in her instructor uniform done by Good Smile Company. I heard about reputation of this figure, and I'm glad i ordered this, it really has a great quality. Just as expected of Good Smile Company. GSC is the 2nd best figure manufacturer IMO.

Nanoha is sexy, and i think she needed more sexy figure treatment like bikini or something else.

When i first saw a preview of this figure, all i can think about is sexy pose. Hey, almost all of my figure never had a pose that can expose their panties clearly. With a pose like that, you can see Nanoha's yellow pantie without having to peek under the skirt / looking down below.

The base is big disappointment to me.

I kinda disappointed with the base. It's not about the shape of the base, it's about the material. If you look at the promotional photos (only at a glance), you'll notice that the base looks like a glass, an elegant glass with a glowing blue effect. But what i got here is a light plastic base. The weight itself is a problem because this base is supporting a heavier object.

Sexy pose without sexy body, still okay for me.

But i guess a base just a base, the main thing to watch here is the figure itself. I think this figure only has a sexy pose, not a sexy body. Elwing's breast is bigger than Nanoha's breast IMO. Despite all the downside, this figure is still a greatly sculpted figure, and i like it.

That's it for today, next will be Chua Churam which already on the way to my place now, and she will conclude my mid year figure hauls.


  1. I'm holding out for an Alter nanoha release ^_^ My fate wishes were granted, so i'm hoping they go out with a bang!

  2. Ah yeah, that reminds me. Alter never released Nanoha Strikers main character, Nanoha herself.

  3. I canceled her in the last minute due to budget constraints. I will still get her but it won't be till the end of the year. Hopefully, she still available.

  4. I know hoy you feel, i too had to cancel Mikuru maid - Alter because of budget.

    There are some good figures around this year, so you have to choose it wisely or you'll end up wasting all your money.