01 October 2008

Wing Gundam Zero Custom

Wing Gundam Zero Custom

It's been a very long time since i did a Gundam photoshoot. And when i said photoshoot, i did say photoshoot. Because i won't put a very long rant about the Gundam since it's my bro's hobby and my job is only to take some nice photographs of it.

Wing Gundam Zero - Endless Waltz version.

This is Wing Gundam Zero Custom, MG 1/100 kit. Classic indeed... But this Wing Zero Custom is indeed one of the most favorite Gundam of all the time. Just for the record, Wing Zero Custom appears only in Gundam Wing Endless Waltz version. That's why the official name of this kit is "Wing Gundam Zero Endless Waltz version".

Wing Zero Custom in a closer look.

This is actually the first time my bro tried on Gundam Marker. Not bad for a first timer, i think. But as you may also see, he still got a lot to learn about building Gundam model kits. That's why i won't get involved in this hobby :P. Well, as i said above, no more rantings, let the photos do the talk.

Twin Buster Rifle action.

Another view of Twin Buster Rifle action.

Yet another view of Twin Buster Rifle action.

Dual wielding rifle action, i like it!

Another view of dual rifle action, cool as always!

A little closer look of dual rifle action.

Dual beam saber action, yet another coolness.

Closer look of dual saber action.

Another "weird" angle of dual saber action.

Saber and rifle dash action.

Saber rifle dash action in another angle.

Well, yeah that's it.... This Gundam is really a classic Gundam. Most of you must have already know everything about it. So, that's all folks!


  1. Really nice Wing Zero Custom!!!!!
    I wanted the PG version but cost a hell lot!!!
    Still, really nice job!!!

  2. @Rin
    Yeah, the PG version's price really kill your wallet, especially the Metal Coating version.

  3. yum that's a nice lookin gundam

    i'd really like to get into gunpla but my otaku schedule is already maxed out with anime manga and figure reviews/ramblings ^^;;

  4. @meronpan
    Gunpla eats a lot of time, that's why i let my brother do all the job :P.