07 June 2009

Ryougi Shiki - GSC


Ryougi Shiki

I’m back for another figure review. This time, i did a photo session using white background. Thanks to my photography friends Joan who lent me a Canon SpeedLite 430EX and Jaya who helped me with lighting settings. So here’s the result. Please note that not all of these photos aren’t purely white, some of them are edited using photoshop to get a white background.

So let’s move on to the figure itself: Ryougi Shiki.


From Kara no Kyoukai, manufactured by GSC.

Once again, she’s Ryougi Shiki, a character from Type-Moon’s anime: Kara no Kyoukai, and this figure is manufactured by Good Smile Company. I really like this figure, because she radiates elegance and beauty. I haven’t watched Kara no Kyoukai but i know she’s a total beauty.


Between Shiki and Mikuru.

Before deciding on this figure, i had a hard time picking between this figure or Mikuru gothic by Griffon Enterprises. And know, i think i took the right decision. I never know someone with review of Gothic Mikuru, and i think this figure is totally better than that Gothic Mikuru. The other reason why i picked this is her Yukata.


Cute blushes.

I think i got new habit of taking more close up photos since i got my macro lens. This close up photo is one of the result of my new habit. She got a nice pair of blushes. I don’t know why GSC added this blushes on the cool Shiki.


Plain pose?

Some of you may think that this figure has a plain pose compared to the other figure. Yes, that’s right, i think so too. Alter released so many dymanic posed figures lately, why not GSC? But every figure has its own interesting part, and in this figure, pose isn’t that interesting part.


Is she smiling?

I’ve been thinking and trying to figure this out: is she smiling? It’s pretty hard to say… Her lips looks pretty flat from a certain side, but from other side, she looks like she’s smiling. What do you guys think?


No busty chest, sorry…

Chest? Err… no, she’s not that busty. Maybe that yukata she wears doesn’t really reveals the size. I heard that Japanese girls should NOT wear pantie and bra IF they wear yukata. Is that true? If that’s really true, then Shiki isn’t wearing anything down there… XD


Great paintings!

What i really like from her yukata is the patterns on it. Let’s take a closer look on this one. And wow, i think GSC put a lot efforts while doing this. Painting very small (even smaller than 1 cm) flowers on her yukata isn’t an easy task. GSC really amazes me this time.


Great paintings also on her obi.

And also on her obi (*CMIIW* it’s the belt, i remembered it’s called obi), there are more beautiful flower painting on it. I guess i never knew there were such details painted on obi.


The backside of her obi.

And this is the backside of her obi. Also painted and sculpted nicely. I guess this is how obi is tied. I also never really noticed something like this in the anime. A girl with yukata always radiates elegance and beauty.


Her right arm and sleeve.

Uhh… i can’t really say much about this part, but she got nice sleeve with that blowing wind effect on it. So just enjoy!


The left sleeve from above.

And here’s a photo of the left sleeve from the above. It does look like wind blowing to her right. Sometimes, adding blowing wind effect on the figure could be nice, another great job from GSC.


Her “nothing special” left hand.

Her left hand, nothing special, really… I was expecting something like painted fingernail (just like what Alter did on their figures), but this is GSC, and GSC has its own way to make a figure.


Her right hand.

And this is her right hand, holding her katana. Eventhough her fingernails aren’t painted, GSC still did a pretty nice job on the sculpting. It looks pretty detailed.


A very detailed sword hilt.

And we’re moving on to her katana. And, yeah, the hilt part is nicely done. And it’s also pretty detailed… You know… i think i said “pretty detailed” too much this time. Detail isn’t everything, but if you’re doing figure photoshoot, try to get something unusual, something that our usual eyes can’[t see but a camera’s lenses can.


Very sharp katana.

Her katana looks so sharp that it looks like it really could kill someone. It also got a nice paintjob, makes it looks like it made from a real metal. It’s a pretty long katana, just as long as Nietono no Shana.


“Toward the Battle”

I think this is the best photo so far because i put a concept (meaning) in it. Also with a title to give more meaning. The title is: “Toward the Battle”. You can laugh if you want to XD .


Yet another patterns beautifully done by GSC.

Moving on to the lower part of her yukata. Can you see white pattern on it? It surely is beautifully painted, nice job once again for GSC. FYI, those patterns are all over her yukata, not only on the lower part of her yukata.


A small tissue right under her right foot.

Remember about my Shiki got leaned? Yes, and in those photos above, you can see that she stands straightly. At that time, i used a small ripped tissue, folded it, and it became a small supports. That’s also the reason why i used cotton to cover that tissue (although the other reason i used cotton is to make a snowy effect).


POI: yukata.

Can you guess the POI of this figure? It’s her yukata (including her obi). She radiates elegance and beauty of a Japanese lady in that yukata. And with all that patterns and paintings on the yukata, it makes her a perfect Japanese lady.

Well, at least that’s all i can give for today. Expect another event coverage for the next post. So… see you at the next post!


  1. Nice shooting ! The kimono is beautiful, but I don't like Ryougi's expression ^^

  2. Thanks as always! I agree with the kimono, but i don't know about her expression.

  3. Love girls with kimono and katanas. ^^

  4. Yeah, me too, especially the kimono.