13 June 2009

Surabaya Toy Fest 2009


Surabaya Toy Fest 2009.

And… I’m back for another event coverage. Pretty quick huh? The interval between the last event and this event didn’t even reach 1 month. Lately, this kind of events have became pretty popular in Surabaya, but all of them were pretty much the same, same participants, same programs, same competitions, etc. So whatever it is, let’s get deep into the event… Oh and forgot to mention, this event was held and ran for 2 days straight: 6-7 June 2009.



I’ll get to PVCs first, which will lead us to Wajuwa. I guess Wajuwa was the only Japanese PVC seller participant in this event. Saber didn’t participate, but i met the owner there. Wajuwa’s items were pretty interesting: Vita, Teana Lanster, Haruhi Alter, Tsukishiro Mina, Rider maid, Gift Saber, Limit Gunz, Emma Ai, figma Kagamine Rin and Ren, figma Kagamiku, figma Ryoko Asakura, Nendoroid Maritan, Miyuki, Kagamiku, Saber Lion, etc. I bought 2 figures from this store, what are those figures? Wait for the next post XD .


Shinra hobby shop.

Shinra sold some nice figures and they were pretty cheap. Elwing, Alter’s Mitsuru, Shuraki Nida, and Shuraki Rize. I heard Miku GSC also sold here too (with very cheap price around USD 55), except i was late and it was sold out.


A shop with nice Gundam collection.

Stack of Gundam here, including Sword Impulse, Launcher and Sword Strike Gundam, Godkeron, etc. I also saw some figma Miku and figma Shana. Not really interesting, but this store has the most Gundam kits stacked.


Surabaya Hobby Shop with cool RCs.

A store with cool collection of radio controls, complete from the ground, there’s a nice modified Nissan 350Z, air with helicopters and planes, and water with fast boats. It’s Surabaya Hobby Shop, pretty cool, but they also had that scary price tags.


Time Walk.

There was also Time Walk, a board game selling store, with free demo. I never heard about the games they sold, but they look interesting. Ever heard about Carcasonne? They also had that game sold back there.


Dream High Studio.

Dream High Studio, they got some pretty nice handmade artworks. I thought they also had BJD or Dollfie Dream, because as i remembered the last year, there was a pretty similar participant with BJD and advertising it. After seeing BJD booming in Danny Choo, i too want to take a look of a real BJD myself.



ISCC (Indonesia Soul Calibur Comunity), also participate in this event and held 3 games competitions. At the first day, they held Street Fighter 4 tournament, the second day, they held Soul Calibur 4 and Mario Cart NDS tournament. I didn’t participate this time.

And another nice show from the committee, they had a nice opening dance, here are some photo of it:


One of the girl on the stage.


The main dancer (queen).


And the main boy dancer.

I failed bringing cosplay photos in the last event, but this time, i got some number of cosplayer photos. I did most of them candidly, so here we go:


Anya cosplayer, without her real hair, nice costume though.


Arale and the poo from Dr. Slump, they won the best cosplay award.


Archer, ugly.


Someone from Sengoku Basara (the Masamune Date wannabe).


Da Qiao, or is she Xiao Qiao?


Darth Maul, pretty scary.


Someone fat with radiator on his sword.


A girl with short kimono and the other with Cardcaptor Sakura’s school uniform.


Sailor Moon, classic.


Stormtrooper, with light saber surrounding him.


Stormtrooper with friends.


Those warriors from Japan and China in group.


A sort of cute girl with cool cosplay, except i don’t know the character.


Yue Ying cosplayer.

Well, that’s all the event coverage. Event like this has became more and more monotone, with the same programs and all. The number of participant that sells Japanese PVC figures has dropped significantly, resulting drop of my interest in this event. But oh well, sometimes this kind of event brings me a chance to find some hidden treasure. XD

Loots? Expect them at the next post. So see you!


  1. a discount of 10% for students in selected figures??

  2. Yes, that's right, it applied on almost ALL the figures. in that store (Wajuwa).

  3. I like those coslayers (except archer).
    Frelia, the Anak SD.