19 May 2009

Supermall Surabaya Toy and Hobby Fair 2009


Supermall Surabaya Toy & Hobby Fair 2009 

I’m back for another event coverage: Supermall Surabaya Toy & Hobby Fair 2009, to make it short I’ll just call it SSTHF. FYI, this event was also ran by the same committee as the previous event, Surabaya Toy Expo. This event is pretty big, and has the widest area of event compared to the previous events, too bad there were too many unused space around, and the number of participant isn’t that high either.

Oh, in this chance I’ll try to give a new style of event coverage post. First, I’ll skip and won’t put American toys photos or even rant about it, that way you won’t hear my spam about American toys, which is not in our concern. Next, I’ll group the photos into certain categories and will give some comments around it.

First, I’ll just go directly into PVCs group:


Old Figures.

I don’t know why, but the number of PVCs in this events was dropped greatly, compared to the previous Surabaya Toy Expo and Toy Magz Fair. If you look at the photo above, you’ll only see 3 special Japanese PVC figures: Mizuho bikini, another Mizuho, and Kasumi DOA. All of them are pretty much old PVCs. Oh and BTW, i think this store is the store who sold me Elwing bikini version (MaxFact).



Hobby Station’s stand.

Moving on to Hobby Station stand, you’ll see figma Kyon, and some old PVCs: Teletha Testarossa, Ryoumou, Dreamtech Tamaki Kousaka, and some other old PVCs. I don’t know what’s the reason, but in their actual store, they had some great PVCs like GSC Miku, Alter Signum and Hayate, Haruhi Gothic, and some nice PVCs. Maybe they want to prevent buyers getting those great items in discounted price.



Saber, my favorite figure store.

And this is Saber, my favorite store. I’ve been checking Saber every 2-3 weeks, so these items were considered old to me. I’ve seen all of them in their actual store. Anyway, Saber got some cool collections, but i forgot to photograph all of them, so let me just mention those unphotographed collection: Complete Shuraki vol 1-5, GSC Miku, Max Ryuna Bikini, Alter Saber Maid and Saber Alter version (dark), Kotobukiya Rin, etc. Price? They got a great deal, especially at the last day, there were so many discount around.



Toys ‘n Toys.

Toys ‘n Toys got some very old collections and also very cheap figures. But yeah, most of them were to old to recognize and i didn’t get very interested to get even one of them. Anyway, you still can find Rin and Sakura in their bikinis.



Wajuwa, view #1: figures!

And this is Wajuwa, with a lot of special figures lying around and waiting for some otakus to buy them. If you followed some of my coverages, you’ll notice that Vita has been there for almost 1 year (Toy Magz Fair, Surabaya Toy Expo, and Surabaya Anime and Toys Fair) and nobody bought her.

They also had some nice collections here: Teana Lanster (new here), Limit Gun, Kotobukiya Mao, Ryuna, and Blanc Neige. Alter’s Yuki bikini, etc.



Wajuwa view #2: nendoroids!

Wajuwa also had some nice set of nendoroids and figmas. You can see here: Nendoroid Tsukasa, Yoko, Saber Lion, Melissa Seraphy, Maritan, Pastel Ink, and Miyuki. And also figma Asakura Ryoko, Kagamine Ren, Shana, Saber, and Fate.



Wajuwa view #3: more figures! 

And still more from Wajuwa: GSC Unity May, Alter Haruhi, ALter Mina, Alter P3F Mitsuru and Elizabeth (i forgot, CMIIW), Haruhi and Mikuru live a live edition, and whatever… Eventhough they have nice collections, i held still and resisted myself from buying anything, just for economical reason, tried to be more careful in buying figures.


Next, we’ll move on to Gundam:


Extionz, the only store that got a Sword Impulse MG.

Extionz got some nice stack of Gunpla. You can see MG kits of Sinanju, Shin Musha Gundam new version, Nu Gundam, and a Sword Impulse Gundam. I think this is the only store that already have Sword Impulse Gundam. That kits got a pretty nice artwork on the box cover.



Rack of nice Gunpla kits.

A rack of Gunpla kits. I guess Sinanju is pretty popular nowadays. It’s pretty hard to see but in this rack there were nice kits like: Crossbone ver KA, Infinite Justice, Hyaku Shiki, Sword and Launcher Strike, Crossbone Gundam, and Destiny Gundam. Oh, i also spotted Godkeron here.



New and special Gunpla kits around.

Also another interesting Gunpla kits here like: new version of Shin Musha Gundam and Unicorn Gundam Ver Ka with Titanium Finish. I don’t really know about the Unicorn, but about the new Shin Musha, i heard from my bro, the new Musha got a better red armor and also even shinier gold edge.



There was a Gundam F91 kit back there.

And here’s another interesting stack of Gunpla. Most of them were pretty much old stocks, like: Strike Noir, Destiny, Zeta Gundam ver 2.0, Unicorn Ver Ka, and Super Gundam. The only thing interesting here is this Gundam F91, large model (1/60 scale). I’ve seen Gundam F91 in Gundam Musou 2, but never really see a real Gundam F91 kit. Anyway, I’ve been searching for Keropla kits around, but i couldn’t find any.

And we’ll move on the last category, miscellaneous :


Some nice car models.

Some nice car models here. Lately, I’ve became a fans of Lancer Evolution X and been searching for a nice model of it, but never found one. It seems Nissan GTR R35 is even more popular than Lancer Evo X, found one of the model here.



Random art class.

Another random art class, they really got some pretty nice drawings. But yeah… not really interesting for me. I prefer “drawing” using my camera and lights, not using pencil or some other drawing tools.



Komikaze, a cool book selling store.

Komikaze got a pretty interesting stand. They sold some nice rare PS2 games, rare comic and mangas (and even yaoi doujinshi!), rare magazine, and nice arts. Oh, and you can also see that Komikaze’s owner had a BJD (dolfie), but i never bother to ask where they bought / got it.



2 random stands selling random stuffs.

And the last are just 2 random stands, one selling weird “doll” things, and the other selling T-shirt with anime or games picture on it.


I guess that’s all about the participant and stuff they sold, the rest are just small number of photos i took using my new lens, Canon EF100mm Macro. Enjoy!


Uhh… dunno what’s in the middle, but i think the weapon is GN ARMS (Gundam 00).



Kungfu Panda, haha… hey, it can move and even punch!



Happy Feet penguin, it can’t dance, but it’s fluffy.



Wall-E, i watched the movie, and it’s funny. XD

Yeah… that’s all for this coverage, and i got bad news here: NO LOOT! XD . Yeah, the number of “hidden treasure” dropped, so no more loot for now. I think I’ll wait for new hauls, and the next event: Surabaya Toy Festival 2009 (6-7 June 2009).

Expect more hauls and some photoshoots. So… see you at the next post!


  1. Hey awesome coverage,and no Dragonball Z or naruto getting in the way of real figures ^^ Seems like you had more fun here than at the other but still sad no loot :/ oh well ^^

    Liking the Extionz and Wajuwa's station, lot o goodies even if their a little old. Would love to go to an event T-T

  2. Naruto and DBZ figures were there too, except i didn't put it in my coverage.

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  4. Why we dont have this kind of events in my country??

  5. @phossil
    Why don't you held it yourself? Haha, just kidding. But you can if you want to.

    The first thing to do is get more manpower and some sponsors.

  6. Cool... will promote your blog in my blog today... will use some of your photos and of coz provide a link so that my readers can read further here... cheers...

  7. @David John
    Oh hey, Thanks a lot for attaching my link on it!

  8. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



  9. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



  10. @jennifer
    Thanks alot for keep reading my stuffs. Be sure to keep reading it.

  11. a truly festive event,
    think "in the current year are not held longer?
    Quote can be held in the city of Bandung,