29 May 2009

Fast Typing


Yuki is the fastest typist out of all anime characters.

Just a very random short post today, to brag about my typing speed XD . Yeah, last Wednesday (27th May 2009), i participated in a typing record challenge held by my college. The task is to type around 2900 characters (including spaces and symbols) about Italy. The software used there is MaxLite Type.

The result? I’m not the first, but the SECOND fastest typist in my college, boo yeah! (hey… I’m an IT student and i do typing everyday, especially in coding). The result was measured by 3 parameters: average typing speed (in cpm not wpm), accuracy, and time completion.

I got 370cpm for average typing speed, 90.7% for accuracy, and 7 minutes 57 seconds for time completion. There were too many hard and unusual words, and that’s the reason i can’t reach my maximum speed. Glad i brought my own keyboard XD .

I’ve tried Typer Shark’s typing test lesson and reached 77 wpm at max and 69 wpm average. In a Facebook typing application, I’ve reached 80 wpm at max. So how’s your typing speed? Ever tried to measure yourself in typing? Just share your result here!


  1. Cool story bro.

    I think she IS the only anime character who showed that she is typing.

  2. Haha, thanks! And yeah, i think she's the only popular anime character who can type so far.

    I think some of Negima girls can type like Chisame, Chachamaru, Hakase, and Chao. Don't know about the other anime characters though.

  3. I'm a coder myself and my typing speed is pretty crap. I did a typing speed test before but can't remember what I got.

  4. What was the prize for being second?
    I havnt tried to measure my typing speed. I write with partial errors when typing. ^^

  5. @Adun
    I think typing speed doesn't really matter in coding.

    Unfortunately, nothing... The first place prize itself wasn't really high either (Around USD 15).

  6. neat! grats on 2nd ^^

    hmmm i download the trial typer shark and got 101 wpm in the thing it makes you type to test your abilities in the beginning... seemed a bit high... i'm probably somewhere between 60 and 80 overall? ^^; on the other hand i do spend my work day in front of a computer and have always been a computer guy... ^^;

  7. @meronpan
    Wow 101wpm!? That's amazing! I think you could earn the first place if you were also participating in the competition.

  8. The faster I type, the more errors I make.

    That can be said in some of the comments I make as well. -_-

  9. @Optic
    That's why accuracy counts.