03 May 2009

Nyx - Megahouse


Time for another figure photoshoot for this kinda old figure, Nyx. I've been busy lately and i seem to have less and less time to do my hobby, including watching anime, playing game, and doing photo session. So well... i have to keep my blog filled with some unpopular random filler posts. Enough ranting, here's the real deal.

Oh and don't forget, this post has some NSFW (but censored) pictures. So watch out when you proceed, especially the lower part of this post.

From Queen's Blade series.

I got Nyx back in January from my girl, as my birthday present. Nyx is yet another one of the Queen's Blade figures series from Megahouse. I never knew about Queen's Blade so i guess Nyx can be included as "bought her because she's looking good". Nyx is also my 2nd Megahouse figure, got right after Airi.

Her looks can kill.

She has the aura of "killing beauty". Overflowing with coolness, coming from her hair covered right eye. Those eyes can really kill you. It's kinda hard to guess her emotion from this face. She could be angry, or that's her usual appearance. Whatever it is, her face is sooo cool yet scary.

Nice sexy body indeed.

Talk about sexy body, she really got one. A really nice one! Queen's Blade itself has somewhat an ero theme inside, no wonder Nyx got a dynamite body. And she also wears a nice dress. I like her dress and her hair style first time i see her.

Something weird with her lips.

Megahouse really did a good job on painting her hair. The shading on her hair is well... great. She looks cool with her right eye covered. If you noticed, there's something weird about her lips. She looks as she's biting her lower lip. I don't know about you, but i do feel like that.


I don't know how i express it, but her breasts are AWESOME! Big... or you can say HUGE size. Some of you may hate this kind of breast shape, it's kinda over sized. But that's Queen's Blade for you, full of sexy girls and ecchiness.

Her left arm, with purple glossy glove.

Her left arm.... urgh... i don't know why but i think i don't have much to say about her left arm. It's just your usual arm, so well... I'll skip this one.

Her right arm.

Her right arm, with her hand grabbing that blue monster whip. You know, her purple glossy gloves are kinda cool, especially the paint. The glossy purple color is an unusual color for figure paint, so it looks cool. And also, this gloves' color matches well with the dress color.

Redder than actual, don't be tricked.

Her lower part of her dress, pretty cool, with that black-gold-red color combination, and fire shaped. Her dress her looks redder than the actual one. It's because of color manipulation I've done in Digital Photo Professional and my camera settings.

Nice butt.

Nice butt i say, but... you know Megahouse's Queen's Blade figures can be completely stripped to nude girl, so yeah... just skip this part and continue on to the NSFW part to see the real butt. XD

Higheels... and base.

Red higheels and purple stockings. Eventhough it looks good, especially on the painting, there's not much detail on it, so i guess it looks just too plain for a figure. Yeah... Nyx lacks of small pretty details, unlike Airi, so... this figure is somewhat plain and lacks of details IMO.

2 green thorny things.

She lacks of small details... yes. But she still has some nice and weird accessories, like this 2 thorny "tails" attached on her upper body. Those 2 things just for a normal fantasy accessories. But yeah, the left one falls easily, and it's pretty hard to reattach it. And oh yeah, those things are made of hard and thin plastic, so watch out... it could easily break.

What's that creepy blue tentacles thing?

Can you call this blue monster thing a whip? It does looks like a whip, but it's creepy and got some tentacles. I hate seeing tentacles, and i also hate tentacles hentai. So yeah... i don't really like this blue thing. Maybe this blue thing is Nyx's weapon, i don't know.... But anyway, it still has a nice sculpt and painting on it.

POI: dynamite body!

POI of this figure is of course, her dynamite body! She's tall, she's sexy, she has huge breasts, and she's beautiful. That's why her body is her POI. I never have a figure with sexy body like her, except maybe Airi, Elwing bikini, and Liu Meifeng.

Watch out dude, the next part is the NSFW part, so proceed with caution!

Full nude, Megahouse signature feature.

If you got a lingerie fetish, then Nyx is your figure. And watch out! She doesn't wear any pantie. For me... well, i don't really like seeing semi nude girls wearing lingerie, i guess they should just take off her lingerie and stay fully nude. So yeah... eventhough Nyx has a full cast off feature, i still don't like her lingerie and her gloves on.

Dynamite body with nice skin tone.

Whoops... dynamite body, version nude. Great! As usual, Megahouse provides us figures with full cast off feature, so they should maintain a good skin tone. And yeah.... Megahouse got a nice skin color and tone, even better than Alter's skin tone.

I can't make her looks totally nude.

I tried to take a photo of Nyx to make her looks as if she's totally nude, but i guess i failed. Unlike Airi, she got her lingerie and her gloves one. With those things on, i can't really make her looks totally nude.

Sorry... censored.

Enormous chest, except this time, the nude version. It's just to good to be true. I don't know how Nyx can fight with big breasts like that. Her breasts got a nice details on it, except it's censored.... so i can't say much about that.

Even better view of her nice butt.

Now that's what i called a real butt. Not too big, but proportional. And Megahouse made the butt curves really good, just like a real butt. Her stockings and lingerie also have some nice texture sculpt.

Uh oh...

Whoops, sorry for the last annoying and controversial photo. Don't expect "something" around the censored area. Eventhough it's censored, there's nothing behind the censor except a normal skin. I don't think Megahouse would get that far. Her stockings got a better details in front, like that gold heart shaped connectors and they're beautifully sculpted and painted.

That's it for Nyx... Do expect some more hauls and reviews. So... see you at the next post!


  1. hoo.. ero figurine! haha.

    Is that traces of paint on her hips and back thigh?

  2. I think that's the same smudge as Meifeng's. It's pretty hard to prevent rubbing between the clothes and the skin while casting off this figure, and those smudges are the result.

  3. ohhh man,,,it's cool hero,,,