29 April 2009

Utada Hikaru - This Is The One

Close-up photo of her face as the album covers, just like the previous albums.

I know it's the first time i posted about songs, but well... I'm a fans of Utada Hikaru songs and i think i should post about this. Actually, i can't say I'm a real fans, because i never try to stay update with news about her and her songs. While everyone is busy hearing K-ON singles, i kinda stuck on this album.

Recently my bro told me about Utada Hikaru new hit song called "Come back to me", i tried and checked, and i found out about this. Her new English album: This Is The One. FYI, Utada Hikaru launched 2 types of albums, English and Japanese. I already followed Utada Hikaru's songs since First Love, Deep River, Ultra Blue, Heart Station, and Exodus. I really like her voice!

Oh... and not to forget, i don't know much about music, all i do is just enjoy the music if it's a great song, so please forgive me if i'm wrong on giving a personal thought about the music. And oh yeah... don't expect download links here, just google it somewhere else.

So here's the complete track list, also with my personal thought about the song:
1. On and On [3:19] : pretty much cool, she sings this with somewhat whispering voice effect.

2. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence -FYI : you know, FYI in the title is really part of the title, and she really sings it "FYI... we're gonna be up all nite" (i think that's the lyric). It's a nice song, but i still don't know what's the meaning of the title. Anyway, the intro really deceiving, i thought it was AIR OST XD .

3. Apple and Cinnamon : "Chemistry is like Apple and Cinnamon", well... that's song for you. I don't really like this song, but oh well...

4. Taking My Money Back : "now i finally see you were using me, now i taking my money back", still don't get it... and no, this song's still not in my "like list".

5. This One (Crying Like a Child) : in this song, you can feel Utada's low pitched voice which is cool to hear.

6. Automatic Part II : i don't know if this a continuation of the old Automatic, but i know this song is still as cool as the old Automatic, except it's not as energetic as the old one.

7. Dirty Desire : in this song, you can really hear Utada sings a song with ero effects added to her voice. Well.. just as the name implies, dirty desire.

8. Poppin' : enjoy Utada's high pitched voice here. It's a pretty cool song.

9. Come Back to Me : the best song in the album, started with a cool piano, and then the real song start. In this song, she cheated her lover and asked her to come back to her and let her make up for her mistake. This song is my favorite song in this album.

10. Me Muero : the last song before the bonus track, it's pretty much normal, but not in my "like list".

The next 2 tracks are bonus tracks. You'll here 2 version of remixed Come Back to Me, and they're really cool! You should try it.

Well... that's all for a somewhat short post for today. Find it and get it (by downloading it or buy it), listen to it, and let me hear how you feel here. See you!


  1. Utada took the sample of Ryuichi Sakamoto's Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, she had to put it part of the title due to copyright issues.

  2. taking my money back means you love with a loser.
    you have paid for him everything because you love him. But there is something good bout him is sex and his sweet talking.
    Think of ex-husband of Brit.
    He's a pimp!