24 April 2009

Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka

Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka.

Yeah... time for another anime review. It's Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka. This series is... well... your typical harem anime, based on the eroge. Before we continue on for more, just be warned:
So, just watch out and do proceed if you know the risks. If you don't want to be spoiled, just see the pictures a little and just skip to the last paragraph.

Wow, so many beautiful girls.

Well, as you can guess, this anime is a harem anime, so you'll see so many beautiful and sexy girls with various personality surrounding 1 guy. The lucky bastard is called Nagase Junichi, a high school boy, and former delinquent known as Geno Killer. The story revolves around Junichi and some girls who are in love with him.

The story began with Junichi, saved a rich girl but he forgot to ask her name. The next day, she transferred in to Junichi's school, and i think this is what's called destined meeting. And sometime around that day, Junichi kissed the girl, Katagiri Yuuhi. Soon after that, she also moved in to Junichi's house and live with him because she said that she's her fiancee. Actually, the engagement was decided by their parents. So right from here, starts a new romance tsundere life for Junichi with Yuuhi and Minato.

Yuuhi is pretty angry because she was kissed at the first place. The first time she met Junichi, she's still pretty nice. I kinda surprised that Yuuhi is tsundere and her seiyuu is actually the queen of tsundere, Kugimiya Rie. Harem anime plot is pretty much predictable, and in the end you can easily guess that Junichi has to decide which girl to get.

Nagase Minato, a loving sister complete with brother complex <- the ending girl.

First, let's talk about the chosen one, Nagase Minato. Yeah... she's the chosen one, because well... she's the "anime ending girl" (I've told you before, SPOILERS about ENDING). Minato is Junichi's little sister, but not by blood. Minato lived with her brother since junior high school.

She's a pretty smart, kind, and caring girl. She knew almost everything, but she was forced to hold her feeling from the first Junichi met Yuuhi until the last episode. Yeah... she's the type that "I'll let myself suffers while my brother and Yuuhi lived happily". But in the end, she's the one Junichi chose. Eventhough she's cute and her seiyuu is Hirano Aya, i kinda don't like her for some reasons, like:
1. Brother - sister complex, i don't like it.
2. Let her suffers on her own while keeping her feeling herself.
But yeah, nobody will object if i say Nagase Minato is super cute!

Katagiri Yuuhi, the tsundere ojou-sama <- my fav.

Katagiri Yuuhi, is the main character and the ending girl ... i thought at the first time. Yuuhi is your typical tsundere princess with some ojou-sama attitude, stubborn, but she's serious about her love. I like her, and she's my favorite girl in this anime. She looks kinda stupid at the beginning of the anime, but in the end, she's the one who discovered about Minato's feeling toward Junichi.

Most of the episodes of this anime will revolves around Junichi and Yuuhi, with their very own Tsundere scenes. They lived together as engaged couple, but everyday for them is just filled with angry Yuuhi and sometimes deredere Yuuhi. It's pretty interesting and funny to watch this, but yeah... all Yuuhi fans will be disappointed with the ending....

Kiryuu Tsukasa, a wannabe seiyuu photographer.

Kiryuu Tsukasa, in the anime, she's just a side character, but in the game, she's one of the girl you can choose. Tsukasa is also one of the girl who loved Junichi. She aimed to become a seiyuu. But yeah... as this anime itself revolves around Yuuhi and Minato, she only got 1 episode special just for her. The episode is about Tsukasa tried to become a seiyuu and failed, that's all. But yeah... that's how a side character live in an anime. XP

Shiina Mitsuki, the super cheerful and popular student council.

Shiina Mitsuki, the popular student council in the school. Everyone loves her, but not Junichi (in the anime). Well... her roles in the anime is just to support Junichi and made Junichi got involved in some mess, no more than that. She's a cheerful and cute girl, but well... yeah that's all for her. I think the anime version provides no loves for side characters, haha.... XD

Shiraishi Nagomi, the weirdest girl in this anime.

Yet another supporting character, Shiraishi Nagomi. Eventhough she doesn't have much role in the anime, she actually has a very important role in the ending. She told Minato (and Junichi, i think) to take action and something like that. In the anime, she just looked like she's spying on Junichi-Yuuhi-Minato's life and reported the results to someone else. She's just cool, loli, but not very interesting, i guess....

Tachibana Mikoto, the random assistant.

You can call her a random girl if you want, but she's Tachibana Mikoto. I can't believe that i just knew her name after browsing some pics in Danbooru. She only appeared in the anime for a very few times, and i think she became Mitsuki's assistant. This girl is actually one of the girl you can choose from the game, but in the anime she has fewer role than Ayanokouji Karen, while in the game, you can't even pick Karen as your girl.

I'm sorry to tell you that i won't get into Karen, 'cause well... she's just too boring, with her ojou-sama attitude.

Full of fanservice, very nice!

It's pretty much your love triangle anime, where in the end, the guy has to decide who's to take. Personally, i want Junichi date Yuuhi and probably just get married anyway. But the anime said otherwise.

Oh yeah... i forgot to tell you that you'll get some fanservices in this anime. Just imagine how those girls looked like in yukata, party dress, school uniform, Yuuhi in maid, onsen scene, school swimsuit, nekomimi, tennis suit with mini skirt, bloomer, and whatever kind of moe fanservices you can get. XD

Good? You decide!

If you're looking for a light romance with comedy, Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka is a good choice for you, especially if you're a fans of Hirano Aya. Overall, this anime is good, i think i gave it an 8 out of 10 in MAL (i forgot).

So yeah... that's all for now.... and as always look forward for the next post!

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