14 April 2009



Time for another anime review! This time it's Kannagi! This anime is somewhat popular based on how people talk and how many pictures uploaded in danbooru. As this is an anime review, please be ware of SPOILERS!!!!! You've been warned, if you knew the risk, please proceed forward.

Kannagi is about a boy, Mikuriya Jin, who suddenly "revived" a god from his wood carving art. That god called herself Nagi. And then she lived with Jin because she didn't have place to stay. It's pretty normal cliche from the begininning though.

Nagi mentioned that she's a god and she has to cleanse so called "impurity". And the first one to see her doing her job is Jin. At first i thought this anime would run into "cleansing demon" plot, but no... this anime is an anime of comedy and romance, so you'll end up getting hilarious comedy around, and some typical tsundere romance scene.

Nagi, the main character.

Nagi, the main character in this anime. Continuing of what i said above (about cleansing impurity), later on in the anime, Nagi tried to gain more power by getting more "follower". Getting more follower here is similar to become an idol and get more fans. Nagi started her quest to get more follower by entering Jin's school and joining Jin's friend in art club.

It seems that people likes Nagi the most. Well... i don't really like a girl with stubborn tsundere side, so Nagi is not my favorite, and frankly i kinda hate her.

Aoba Tsugumi.

The second heroine is Aoba Tsugumi. She's Jin's childhood friend. Oh... and i forgot to mention that you'll meet some harem scenes here. Three girls, 1 Jin, and that's harem.

Tsugumi is my favorite character, personality wise. She's pretty, kind, and caring, but she's too naive, doesn't know much, and ended up becoming "dumped" supportive character. And guess what, she never had the chance to confess her feeling to Jin.


Next up is Zange-chan. I don't know why, but i think she looks like a biatch pervert and lustful girl. Most of her scene with Jin involves a(n) crazy sex ecchi scene. Anyway, she's also a god or so she said, and she mentioned that she is Nagi's younger sister.

Zange possesed Suzushiro Hakua.

Zange actually occupied a girl's body (Suzushiro Hakua). While Nagi came out of (sacred) wood carving, Zange doesn't have any medium, so she has to occupy (more like posses) a person's body. In episode 3 (or 4, dunno, please correct me), Hakua's father asked Nagi to "exorcist" Zange and return Hakua's body to her own control. I thought this was the main plot, but once again, i was wrong. Hakua accepted Zange on her own will, and in the end, they remained the same as before.

Outlook wise, i love Zange, she's cute, sexy, beautiful, and full of sex desire XD . The only thing i don't like from her is her biatch like perverted personality. That's why it's kinda hard to decide between Tsugumi and Zange.

On the contrary... Tsukasa got the wrong room!

Overall, this anime is good. You'll meet some moe goodness like Nagi, Zange, and Tsugumi in maid uniform. And you'll even meet Lucky Star girls in this anime. First 3-4 episodes could fool you. If you expected something like "demon cleansing" or even "exorcist Zange", no... you won't get that.

Bonus: Hatsune Miku X Kannagi OP crossover.

I forgot i how much i score this anime in MAL. But i think i enjoyed watching this. For those who haven't watched this, well... watch it! That's it for now... so... see you at the next post!


  1. This anime was pretty good...
    Too bad the creator too some time off...
    I would love more of this!!!!!

  2. Maybe there'll be Kannagi season 2. This anime has high potential for another season.