09 April 2009

Ryougi Shiki haul - at last.....

Ryougi Shiki - Good Smile Company.

At last... after waiting for a loooooong time, i got this beauty... Ryougi Shiki. I won't be surprised on how long i get this figure after her actual release date because i got her from my local store, Saber. Local store like this can give you a very low price, but you have to sacrifice the shipping time.

From Kara no Kyoukai.

I got this figure 2 weeks ago, barely able to post it because of my school, assignments, projects, and exams. Anyway, she's Ryougi Shiki, from Kara no Kyoukai, manufactured by Good Smile Company. Before i ordered this, i asked my girl first whether i should buy this or Mikuru gothic version. She chose this because she likes the yukata, so yeah... i took her advice because i want to add a Yukata wearing character in my collection.

No alternate parts.... Just a yukata beauty.

I got her for IDR 900k, while her real price is around JPY 6500, so after some doing some counting and all, i knew that i got her for a somewhat cheap price. Anyway, she doesn't have too much alternative parts, just her, katana, and the base. The base itself is just too plain i guess...

I got a defect... she's leaning right.

Did you notice something looks weird here? Yes... I think i got a defect.... She's leaning right (of her side). Crap! I was really unfortunate with this figure, first it's the shipping time and now this? This is just too much XP ! Anyone here can give me a tips on fixing this problem? Anything would be appreciated.

Yet another figure came and waiting behind the queue.

Yeah... so much for the trouble. It seems that i have one more figure waiting in the queue of my photo session. I still have Nyx, Tomoyo, Haruka, and Teana waiting to for their turn to be photographed, and before I'm able to do Nyx, Shiki already arrived and waiting behind.

Nice, but not that special...

I can't really give any evaluation on this figure for now, all i can say now is she has a nice yukata and looks nice on it, her pose just too normal, but she's beautiful... that's all. Just wait until the time come. Expect some other hauls and anime reviews for the next incoming posts. See you later!~~


  1. Nice buy. ^^
    Was gonna pick her up in Hong Kong but she was ridiculously overpriced and you know how it is with small stores trying to rip ppl off with new items. -_-

  2. I believe that this item has been released last year.... Around Nov/dec if I'm not mistaken....
    Did you ask them for ordering this fig or simply wait for it?
    If you ask them for this, It's a ridiculously long time >.<

  3. wow that yukata looks nice =3
    too bad to hear that she was leaning,I have no clue how to fix it :/ hopefully she'll straighten up her act and behave ^^ XD

  4. @Optic
    Go to Indonesia if you want a cheap one XD. That is why i still insisted on buying her in the local store even if it's a loooong wait.

    @Hourai Ningyou
    Yeah, that's right. I preordered the item via the local store, and yeah... i got it cheap with the expenses of shipping time. XP

    Yeah that's too bad. Dunno if she can't get her body straight by herself. XD

  5. Damn, I thought figures from GSC were immune to leaning :(

  6. @acesan
    There are 2 possibilities i can think of:
    1. Leaning right from the factory (factory defect).
    2. Shipping time taking toooo long, and it leans because of heat in the way.

  7. yeowch! sorry to see that leaning problem... that's something i wouldn't expect straight out of the box... i guess unless your store will take the responsibility of getting you a new one, you might want to try your luck with some do it yourself methods (don't have the links on hand but i thought i saw some posts that recommended things like soaking in hot water and then somehow bending back... oh wait nevermind, did a quick search... super rats explains a lot and links to others: http://www.happysoda.com/archives/142)

  8. @meronpan
    Nah... my store wouldn't take any responsibiliy because of that. I've seen that post before, about hot water and hairdryer, i think i'll try that for now.