28 April 2009

Crossbone Gundam

Crossbone Gundam - full armor (anti beam coating).

Ouch... it seems the last post doesn't take too many attention, and i think this post will be as unpopular as that post. So, yeah... let's just move on to the content.

This is Crossbone Gundam, and this post will be filled only with pictures and small rants, because i just want to take a photoshoot of this Crossbone Gundam, and also fulfill my bro's request of Crossbone photos. Actually, I've also done a photo of Nyx at the same session with Crossbone, so just expect Nyx as the next figure photos post.

Crossbone Gundam without armor, looks dull and too thin.

I don't know where Crossbone Gundam came from, or the origins, or whatever. My bro's also doesn't know where it came from. My bro decided to buy this Gundam because this Gundam is full of cool weaponry. Too bad this Gundam can't really stand firm and hold its weapons strong enough.

Well, I'll stop ranting here and let all this photos do the talking...

Pretty scary face.

This plane as the cockpit, works just like Force Impulse.

And this how it looks when that small cockpit plane attached on the body.

The coolest weapon, crossbow.

The cutlass, a must have weapon for space pirate!

The scary giant sword, kinda hard to make Crossbone holds it tight.

A whip and... what?

The cutlass hilt combined with the pistol can be transformed into a sniper rifle, and also with beam shield.

A "pirate-style" shaped gun, another must have for a pirate, and also a normal beam saber.

Well... that's a short post for today, so... see you at the next post!


  1. Surprisingly, Wikipedia says this Gundam was from the Universal Century timeline, UC 0111 and on.

    You'd think that an advanced age capable of building huge humanoid robots and breeding a sizable populations of psychics could scrounge up something better than a GIANT CROSSBOW to outfit their war machines with. But the skull and crossbones are a nice touch.

  2. Something like a bigger cannon maybe.

  3. I have that model kit, it have too be my favorite Master Grade. How come you did not ink or paint it?

  4. It's my bro's work, and my job's just taking photo of it.

    Too bad, my bro is just too lazy to take some Gunpla painting tutorials, so he only did the assembly and buy another one.