20 April 2009

Surabaya Anime and Toys Festival

Surabaya Anime and Toys Festival.

Okay, and we're back to another anime figure event in Surabaya. This is Surabaya Anime and Toys Festival. This event was held in 9 - 18 April 2009, more than 1 week, pretty long for an event, and was held in ITC - Surabaya. Don't be fooled by the photo above, they're band members who're participating in this band competition, singing anisongs.

Too bad, they only sung Naruto songs and they were totally sucks! They sung horrible songs like Haruka Kanata, and all they do were just screaming s**t. Well... anyway, let's move on to the event coverage.

Worst event so far IMO...

This the worst event I've ever been in my life. First, the number of the participants aren't that many, unlike the previous events. Next, the participants theirselves aren't very interesting IMO. They mainly sold American toys and Naruto s***s.

Small number of PVC figures here...

Every time i found a stack of Japanese PVC figures, i took a picture of it. Here's an example. You can see some old stocks here. MaxFact's Mai, Simca, Nendo Ryuuku (probably fake), and some other things. See the other things around, the only things you'll find are only Warcraft, Spawn, and other American toys.

Dominated by American toys.

Still the same store, but only different angle. Not very interesting for me. But yeah... Indonesia collectors are mainly American toys collector. I never met any Japanese PVC figures collectors around.

ToyMagZ store.

Next, move on to ToyMagZ store. ToyMagZ is the most popular toy collection magazine in Indonesia. But can you guess what's inside? Yeah... mostly American toys, SIC, One Piece / Bleach / Naruto, and some robot plastic kits like Gundam. This magazine contents really reflect Indonesian collectors main interests.

Gunpla, American toys, One Piece figures, and some magazine copies.

In their store, they sold their magazine copies, Gundam and some other robot kits, American Toys, and One Piece figures (POP). They have some nice Gundam kits, but i didn't ask the price. There were some nice kits like Infinite Justice MG, Shinanju MG ver KA, Launcher Sword Strike MG, etc.

Wajuwa store, my fav.

If you have ever read my previous event coverage, you should recognize this store. This desk actually belonged to Wajuwa, my favorite Japanese PVC store. Too bad, this time they still sold the same things as before, only few addition here like Haruhi and Mikuru live figures from Sega.

There were 3 new Nendos.

I think I've seen these figmas in the previous event (the one that took 11 days, forgot the name). But those Nendos are new, except Nendo Melisa Seraphy. There were Nendo Tsukasa, Nendo Miyuki, and Nendo Maritan. I've seen Maritan in Vixion's Nendo Theatre, and it's pretty cute!

Wajuwa's rack, still the same collection.

This rack also belonged to Wajuwa. But still, the collection was just the same as previous event. Vita was still there, and also Alter's Mitsuru, Koto's Clalaclan white and noir version. Not very interesting for me though.

Wajuwa still has the same display here, so here are some photos of their display:

Emma Ai, forgot the manufacturer.

Bamboo Blade's Tama-chan, from Kotobukiya.

Another Blood, manufactured by Max Fact (maybe... XD)

Art community.

I forgot the name, but this stand is special stand. They are a Japanese based art class and community. They made papercrafts, manga, and some nice artworks. People here can look at their works, or join their community if they want to.

More photos below, mostly about their papercraft works:

Keroro and some other character papercraft.

I think these were their masterpieces.

Zeta Gundam.

Hi Nu Gundam - the best so far IMO.

Axioo (Laptop manufacturer) stand.

I don't know what the committee of this event think about but they also take axioo (laptop manufacturer) as the sponsor and let them open a stand here. I don't know the direct connection between laptop and Anime - toys, but i guess putting laptop stand here is a pretty bad idea.

This time is Zyrex.

There were 2 laptop manufacturers open stands here. They were Axioo and Zyrex. Maybe the committee of this event was short on budget and need a desperate money from the sponsor, so they took these laptop manufacturers as the sponsor. XD

Well.. that's it for the coverage. Overall this is a bad event, and i didn't buy anything from here, so don't expect any loot. Just wait for another anime review, figure photoshoots, and figure hauls. So... see you at the next post!


  1. sorry to hear about the event:/
    although I would of went crazy for the nend's and pvc's since we have no events or shops whatsoever over here :/ maybe the next one will be better ^^ so no to X-man XD

  2. weee!! me have searched so long for that Emma Ai figure..

  3. @DaveyDave_RTF
    Wajuwa's Nendo collection is pretty much interesting. The next event will be held in May, and the event will be more figure oriented, i do hope it'll be better than this.

    Wajuwa got 2 of her. And i think i'll meet Emma again in the next event (May).

  4. wow, another toy event :D

    well indonesia has a lot of PVC collector even thought not as much as the main one

    but they afre hiding somewhere lol

  5. I tried to do once a papercraft figure but soon I got desperate because I was doing it very badly... Its something very difficult.

  6. @Vixion
    I understand that maybe JP PVC collectors in Indonesia could be a lot in numbers, but i never see them appear and dominating the event like American toys collectors in the events.

    Yeah, i also knew by just looking at it.

  7. That's a shame. T_T
    Well, I thought this event had some variety in stallholders compared to our events. At the last convention I went to just last month, there was NOTHING interesting at all buy.
    I would've snapped up that Emma Ai and a few of those nendo's instantly if I was there.

    Well, u gotta a least give them some credit. They at least 'tried' to make it entertaining. lol

  8. Those Nendo and the other figures around are belong to Wajuwa, and i think the most interesting and entertaining thing in that event was Wajuwa store.