07 April 2009



Right in the middle of my battlefield, fighting against numerous projects, assignments, and mid-exams (last week is my mid-exam week), i tried to entertain myself by watching a couple of animes (and sometimes playing PS3). As i said in the 2 latest post before this, i watched 5 series and i already watched most of them at the 11th episodes. So 2 weeks after that i finished them all, and i think I'll use my spare time to give a personal thought about animes i've watched and finished.

Watch out for any readers who haven't watched this anime. This post will be full of SPOILERS! You've been warned, and you're welcome to proceed if you already understand the risk.

A lame NEET hikkikomori otaku surrounded by pretty girls...

Don't be fooled by the pics above. This anime is full of suspense and thrill at the 1st half of the story. Keywords to describe this anime is: DELUSION. This anime is all about making delusion became a reality. It's about a NEET otaku and hikkikomori guy named Nishijou Takumi, and a chain of murders happened in Shibuya.

That guy looks really lame, and can't do anything except worshipping and making his favorite character her wife (Seira-tan). Talk about delusional otaku, he's the type that said "I'm only interested with 2D girls". I know some people like this do exist in the real world, but yeah... i hope you all haven't reached that level yet.

This anime involves pretty girls with swords!

Little by little, Takumi got more and more involved in the murders, and at this point the suspense was also starting to grow. This anime really gives me the chill and suspense. Episodes 1-10 still gives you mysteries and made you keep asking "What the hell is that?", and at the last 2-3 episodes the mysteries are all answered.

Ending? Meh... with a sudden turnover, Takumi discovered about his strength and defeated the real enemy. I never thought that Chaos Head is just an anime about heroines beating villains who tried to rule the world using some craps. But yeah... that's what you got in the end of the story. I was hoping for some mysteries like Higurashi or something like that.

Why do i watch this? Well... the first things i saw about this anime are the cool Chaos Head logo design and Rimi. So yeah... seeing Rimi was my main reason of watching this. I never really give a damn with the synopsis or whatever things like animation studio, producer, seiyuu, etc.

Sakihata Rimi.

Sakihata Rimi, the main character beside Takumi. She knew everything about Takumi and about he's a delusion and whatsoever. Well... she's pretty, and i think she's my favorite character from this anime. I just don't like her sword, that's all.

Nishijou Nanami.

Nishijou Nanami, Takumi's younger sister. She really care with her brother eventhough her brother is a total failure in life XD . She discovered her strength rather late. I find her too annoying at first.

Kusunoki Yua.

Kusunoki Yua: "Don't say anything! You won't say anything right? You won't say anything. You won't scream, will you?". WOW, i mean... she can make a person followed her order by manipulating that person's mind. She tried to get close to Takumi because she believed that the murderer is Takumi, based on the her research about split personalities. I like her at first because she acted kind to Takumi, and she wears glasses (meganekko moe), but after several scene about her deceiving Takumi, i kinda don't like her.

Kishimoto Ayase.

Kishimoto Ayase, a singer and a person who believed about the propechy of "Black knight" and "Gurajiooru" (written Gradiale, dunno don't care). She's the first person who told Takumi about how to obtain the strength (di-sword) and something about manipulating someone's mind to create an illusion. She also can do cool stuffs like making river flow and freezing the whole things she wants (Cocytus). I like her cool personality, and moreover i like her song Haritsuke no Misa. Oh.. and she got the best designed sword in the anime IMO.

Aoi Sena.

Aoi Sena, the first person Takumi met while grabbing a di-sword. Sena also knew some technical stuffs about manipulating person's mind to create delusion. It's pretty hard to understand her really... But that's not her interesting part. She got a sorrowful past, and her past connected with the final villain. She's pretty much involved in the experiment on manipulating mind to create delusion.

Orihara Kozue.

Orihara Kozue a.k.a. Kozupii, a girl who can use telephaty. Despite of her first appearance, she's actually a cheerful girl, only when she's with Sena or Takumi. If you're a twintail fans, then she's your girl. Her role in this anime isn't that important, except for connecting Sena and Takumi. Together with Sena, Kozupii told Takumi about materializing the delusion. I like Kozupii, but not at the level where she became my favorite character.

Nanami x Kozupii yuri for bonus. XD

I won't get deep into some explanation about di-sword, Noah II, and another important things in the anime, you can watch it yourself. Chaos Head can be cool and thrilling at the first, but don't expect too much thrill at the end, because the ending is just like your usual "beat the last boss" anime (like Rental Magica last arc).

Well that's it for now! Expect some other anime reviews around this month! See you at the next post!


  1. i kept with this 'cuz i love chicks with crazy swords ^^; aoi, nanami & rimi are my top 3 characters ^^;

    ending felt pretty rushed in terms of character development... i hope to eventually try the game to see how the story was originally delivered...

    too bad the series wasn't a crazy hit... then we would probably be seeing some really sexay figures :D

  2. Yeah that's right, the ending kinda suck because in just 3 episodes everything suddenly revealed.

    Ayase figure in her Phantasm costume + her sword could be nice!

  3. Those swords are really big and tech advance..

  4. Ah Chaos Head...good anime...
    I want to play the game...
    I do love the art of the anime...

  5. @phossil
    I agree, that's why those swords are cool.

    Not good enough at the ending though...

  6. i love thtat anime