06 May 2009

May Computer Upgrade

My Phone and Bluetooth

My SE W880i and Chronos Bluetooth devices.

I got 2 packages of computer upgrades this month. The first upgrade is about using bluetooth technology to make a remote system using cellphone. The second upgrade is about new computer peripherals.

Recently, i just discovered something great about my cellphone, Sony Ericsson W880i. My phone has a bluetooth remote services, for presentation, media player, and desktop. I think most of SE phone got this services already installed in it. The target is to get my phone works as a remote for my computer, so i can enjoy watching anime without getting up from the bed and move my mouse.

FYI, i got my Samsung HDTV 2nd HDMI port connected to my graphic card (Zotac GeForce 9600 GT AMP), and use a dual monitor setting. I always watch my anime in my HDTV using this settings, that’s why i can enjoy watching anime while lying in bed and have to get up again to move my mouse for the next / other episodes.

It’s pretty easy to set this up once you installed the bluetooth device. Just make sure that your bluetooth device (for computer) supports HID service (or other service you need). Pair your bluetooth installed computer with your phone, and activate (or choose) the HID services for your phone. That’s all… you can enjoy using your phone as a remote.


Samsung 633NW and a 3.5” HDD enclosure.

Next upgrade package contains a widescreen LCD monitor, Samsung 633NW, and a 3.5” HDD casing. My 2nd computer (which is the old AMD) used a Samsung CRT monitor, and it eats up much space and also sucks to many electricity. So i thought i give it a change with this new low end widescreen LCD, Samsung 633NW. Bought this for IDR 1million, or maybe around USD 95 in recent huge IT expo in Surabaya, NIX ‘09.

I also bought a HDD enclosure to make my 500GB anime-filled internal HDD ready to be mobile. Well, around the next month i do need to leave my HQ for a month, so bringing my anime is a mandatory for me, so i think this HDD enclosure is the solution for it.



Samsung 633NW = low end, not recommended for quality.

Samsung 633NW is not a recommended monitor for you if you want a high end monitor. This monitor is a low end monitor with a nice design. It still have small area of active angle, and the color isn’t that good either. The reason i chose this monitor is because i need it just for downloading anime, yes…. My 2nd computer (AMD) lives only for anime download purpose. I turned it on day and night at least 15 hours per day. That’s why i decided to get a low end monitor, which also means a nice friendly price.

Well.. that’s all, a short post for today. Oh… and this is the first time i posted full blog post using Windows Live Writer. I do like it, with some nice effects and all, but still need some improvements. Just wait for the review… For now, see you at the next post.

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  1. wao u are so unique but nice info I very like the action figure too but I like Gundam Seed like that something like that ^^