26 May 2009

May gothic hauls


Early May Play-Asia box.

Back for another not-so-quick haul post, it’s for early May hauls. Bought them from Play-Asia and arrived way back in early May. There were 2 figures inside that box. They are: Asahina Mikuru gekisou version manufactured by Max Factory and Louise Gothic and Punk version manufactured by Alter.



Badly damaged boxes.

Talk about damaged boxes. This is the first time i received totally damaged boxes from EMS. And i think this is also the worst damage I’ve ever received in my whole figure collecting history. The top of the boxes were badly damaged and bent. I’m glad the figures are alright in perfect condition.



My 2nd Louise, both from Alter. 

So let’s just continue on and look at Louise first. She’s actually my 2nd Louise figure. I like her maid-ish gothic costume. That’s why i bought this figure. Now i have total of 2 Louise figures, and both figures are manufactured by Alter. Thanks Alter for bringing more goodies!



Louise’s costume, one of a kind.

Some of you may say that her costume is maid costume. But she actually wears a gothic lolita styled clothes, not a maid costume. The colors, which are black and white, really trick you. A maid costume usually have those black and with tone on the costume, just like Louise’s costume in this figure.



Her hair is full of ribbons.

Still regarding her costume. I never see her wears something like this before, not even in any illustration (or i never browse for any Louise’s illustrations). The next noticeable things on the figures are those red ribbons on attached on her hair. Adding some ribbons around her hairband is okay, but she got a LOT of ribbons attached on the back of her hair.



She’s totally cute! XD

She’s damn cute with that expression. Totally cute! And her face is the 2nd reason i bought this figure. Louise isn’t all about tsuntsun or deredere expression all over her face. But having those tsundere expressions isn’t bad either.



No pantie shot for now, i saved it for the real review.

Whoops! Sorry, no pantie shot for now. Eventhough she did the skirt lifting, i still want to save the pantie shot for the real review. So just wait for it! XD


Moving on to next haul: Mikuru Gekisou


Bought Asahina Mikuru gekisou version not for series completion, but for her greatness!

The second part of the Gekisou series: Asahina Mikuru gekisou version. If you think that i bought her for series completion reason then you’re wrong. I bought this figure because i totally LIKE those girls (Haruhi, Mikuru, Yuki) in those gekisou costume. I’m not a crazy fan of Mikuru, but i know that this figure is great!



Why don’t you make MOAR beauty like this MaxFact?

Lately, it’s pretty rare for Max Factory to release scaled figures like this. All they did was just focusing on more and more figmas. IMO, they just overdoing figmas and forgetting their usual 1/8 scaled PVC figures. Max Factory IMO has the best figure manufacturing skill in the world (even better than Alter), too bad if that skill used too much on figmas.



Watch out for leaning problem.

This version of Mikuru is just too great! And IMO, this figure is the best Mikuru there ever was in this figure world. Oh and anyway, I’ve read some of Mikuru haul or review posts before i posted this, so I’m totally aware of the leaning problem of this figure has. I too kinda afraid of having her leaning towards her left. You see, only 1 leg connected to the base (and it’s not screwed on the base), and that leg isn’t standing straightly. I hope it doesn’t lean that quickly.



Gothic style? Maybe…

Her pink costume (plus those ribbons) really suits her. I love Mikuru in this style. Talk about her style, is it right if i say that her costume is kinda gothic style? With those ribbons and frills around her skirt and her cleavage. And maybe the previous Haruhi gekisou also has that gothic style costume.



Cheerful Mikuru!

And another plus point for this figure is for seeing a very cheerful expression of Mikuru. She’s more than smiling here. She looks very happy while doing her singing, dancing, and clapping for the tambourine. A totally priceless expression here. XD

That’s it right now. Sorry for the late post. This semester almost reached its end, and that means I’m getting nearer and nearer to the deadline of my projects XP. That’s why, once again, i got a less and less time to post something up. Well… that’s it and see you at the next post!


  1. Woh ! I love yours pictures ! I'am waiting for Louise Gothic (maybe this week). Mikuru is in my collection (I made a reviews on my blog). Nice purchase!

  2. I used to wonder/complain that figure boxes were so huge, but after recieving a box where it was crushed accordion style (really like 1/3 of one side of the box was crushed), my figure was undamaged. So it's good the boxes are so big, but it makes keeping all the boxes pretty much out of the question since there's no room for it all.

  3. I want that Louise Gothic.. but waiting for price cut hehe, going to buy her when I go Japan for sure if there's no price cut (most of figurines in JP are 10-20% cheaper than RRP)

  4. @Leonia
    Thanks as always! I'll look forward for your review of Louise Gothic after it arrives.

    Crushed accordion style, that's pretty scary. I guess big boxes have their own advantage and disadvantage.

    So far, the biggest boxes i have are Hayate and Fate (both from Alter). And they ate up too much spaces.

    I see you've slowed down your figure collecting. Is it financial problem? As a fan of Louise, i guess you missed 2 nice Louise figures (this Louise gothic and the previous Louise levitation, both from Alter).

  5. First thought that came into mind when I saw the box, "Holy shit!".
    The 2nd shock was when u said, it's EMS.

    I think I will cringe everytime I see a package like this but the good thing is, the actual figures are in tack.
    Not a Gothic fan so I passed and for Mikuru, I'm hoping to get her at a discounted price in the near future.

  6. @Optic
    Yeah, i also got those 2 shocks at the first time saw it. Pretty scary... And after seeing that kind of package, i always pray for the figures safety XD .

  7. nice toys,,so incredable,,