08 May 2009

Haruhi Gekisou and Yuki haul

aprloot_boxes Haruhi Gekisou and Yuki double haul.

Lately, I’ve been doing posts kinda late. Yeah… these 2 hauls were actually arrived around 1 month ago, got them photographed 2 weeks after that, and posted them right now. I bought them from Play-Asia, and combined both items in 1 order. I think this is one of the coolest haul in my figure collecting life.



  Haruhi Gekisou box looks pretty shiny, it’s cool!

I think Haruhi gekisou version is one of the most anticipated figure in Japanese PVC figures world, because well… first, it’s the first Haruhi 1/8 PVC that wears Gekisou get up. I know that there’s 1 Haruhi that also wears that Gekisou get up, but it’s the Nendo Puchi version. And also not to forget, this figure is made of Max Factory, which is IMO the best Japanese figures manufacturer in the world.

While Yuki is manufactured by Alter, i think isn’t as popular as this Haruhi, but she’s still a great buy, especially if you want to complete Alter’s SHnY dynamic pose figure series. Yeah, i said series, just like the first MaxFact’s SHnY series, Alter used Haruhi’s box design on Yuki’s box.



IMO the best Yuki out of all released Yuki figures.

Let’s start with Yuki. Just as predicted, this figure doesn’t have any alternate parts. And of course, you can’t take her spectacles off her hand, it’s permanent. There’s no peg on the base, also predictable, because she’s not standing. And well… i think this is one of the best Yuki out of all released Yuki figures.



Pretty much ero / sensual pose, i like it.

This Yuki is the 3rd Yuki i have in my collection. My 1st Yuki is Nendo Yuki, and my 2nd Yuki is figma bad witch Yuki. But yeah… this is the first Yuki PVC i got in my collection. Yuki got a nice pose and looks pretty sensual. XD



Alter’s idea for poses are great!

Alter’s always gives us something different. Lately, they’ve been releasing some characters with their normal clothes / costume, which is well… pretty normal and you’ve seen it everyday. But they still can make the difference in the pose, like active Haruhi, sensual Yuki, and levitating Louise.



Her expression is so deep.

See her face? I don’t know if Yuki ever did that face, but at least Alter made the face still in the boundary of Yuki silent personality. She looks like as if she’s begging for something… something unusual like, well you know it.

For now, let’s move on to the next figure, Haruhi Gekisou version.



Haruhi Gekisou version, sorry, no alternate part.

I don’t know why people keep calling this figure Haruhi extravaganza version, while after the release date, people start to call this figure Haruhi gekisou version. Someone please tell me the meaning of the word “Gekisou”. I myself never found the word “extravaganza” on the box, so i called her Haruhi gekisou version.




She’s well… extraordinary! I mean, yeah… she’s one of the best, and i could fave her right away. Lately, Max Factory keeps focusing on projects like figma and all, so it’s pretty rare to see MaxFact releasing a new PVC figure. But once MaxFact released something, it would be something grand and extraordinary like this Haruhi gekisou.



Her extraordinary concert costume.

Anyway, this costume itself has been used twice in Haruhi world. First use was for Haruhi gekisou promotional illustrations. And the second use was for Hirano Aya’s costume at the concert itself. So well… the costume itself is pretty much extraordinary, and i think that’s one of the strong point of this figure.



Haruhi with guitar FTW.

And oh yeah, she got her favorite guitar. As you may already knew, those chords aren’t just a normal hard plastic, but it’s something like a real string. Pretty cool huh! Yeah, this figure is a must have for all Haruhi fans, or even for all figure collectors. The price? Well, it’s pretty reasonable for “this time” and for the quality.



New and unique hairstyle!

And lastly, she got a very unique hairstyle here. Well… i won’t cover too much in here, you should wait for the complete review of this figure for now.

Well… that’s it for now, expect more haul and some more photos. For now, see you at the next post!


  1. Nice haul ^^ I prefer Haruhi who is beautiful in this version, my favorite I think. Yuki is nice too, but too simple (but faithfull at the character) ^^ Nice pic'

  2. Thanks! Yeah, i think Haruhi in this version is the best Haruhi there ever was. You could say Yuki is too simple, but she's the best out of all Yuki figures IMO.

  3. Great loot. Yuki not my favourite character but considering I have 3 (2 figmas and 1 PVC) I get her to complete the set.
    Considering I got Gekisou Haruhi, there's a slight chance Gekisou Yuki will make it the 4th. 0_0

  4. Thanks! Having Yuki in your collection is a great addition, since she has a unique expression compared to the other figures.

    If you already have Haruhi Gekisou, then it's a mandatory that you'll get Mikuru and Yuki Gekisou XD .