09 May 2009

Louise Alter haul


Late HLJ box.

Yet another haul, which is kinda late for both the arrival and the post. This box was shipped before Haruhi gekisou and Yuki Alter, but because i used SAL for this order, it came later than SHnY haul. Anyway, let’s open up and see what’s inside.


louise_box Louise uniform version, manufactured by Alter.

It’s Louise uniform version from Zero no Tsukaima, manufactured by Alter. Some people also called this figure as Louise levitating version. Well… you can call it that because she’s floating. Anyway, it’s another great work from Alter, bringing Louise with her uniform into life. I like it!


louise_boxback Alter banzai!

As i said before, lately Alter has been releasing cool posed figure with their normal clothes on, like Haruhi, Yuki, and now Louise. I don’t know where did they get those ideas from, but that what’s makes them special. And that’s why i put Alter as my favorite manufacturer and keep buying their products.



Yah… her wand is removable, that’s all.

Just as predicted, this figure doesn’t have any alternate parts. And the base itself wasn’t separated with the figure in the packaging. Alter has already screwed the base to the figure support and also attached the support to Louise’s cape permanently. The only thing removable is her wand.



Reason why you should by dynamic pose figure = visible pantie. XD

She got nice pose, especially because she’s showing off her pantie XD . Before this Louise, Alter also made Chua Churam’s pink pantie visible via her dynamic pose, and now they also did it to Louise.



Louise with her beautiful pink hair.

It’s been a long since i watched Zero no Tsukaima so i kinda forgot, but is Louise’s hair that long? I never see Louise with so beautiful hair like this before. I was too focused on watching story and ended up missing some character details. Figures do help you realize character details you missed in while watching the anime.



She’s cute with that blushes.

Louise in the anime has soooo many expressions, and i think one of them is this cheerful face. This expression only occurs when she’s totally happy with Saito. Anyway, nice job from Alter, they added cute blushes on Louise’s cheeks. The blushes made Louise cuter than her usual appearance.



My favorite character from the anime.

Whoops, pantsu showing… That’s what’s this figure about. Louise is my favorite character in my anime, and I’m glad i got this figure as my first Louise figure. I’ve been looking for a good looking Louise figure with her uniform on, and never found one. Thank you Alter for bringing my favorite character into life via this figure.

Well, that’s all the haul from April. Expect more figure photos and May haul in the next post. So… see you at the next post!


  1. Nice!!!
    I want her but I have to hold back due to the fact that I'm heading to Japan!!!
    Want to see more photos!!!

  2. Nice choose ! Louise Uniforme is a beautiful figure, like the recent Louise Gothic Lolita ! Alter made a great job of sculpture with her hair ^^

  3. @Rin
    Thanks! Maybe you'll find her and buy her in Japan. For more photos, just wait.

    Thanks! I think so too, Alter did such a great job, and i also bought that Louise gothic you mentioned. Just wait for the haul post.

  4. Not the only one in using SAL shipment. I like this figure, but I would like it more if she had some removable parts.

  5. Maybe they could change her wand into a book or something like that.

  6. Saw it at today's HLJ sale. Was very tempted but it was not low enough. She was more expensive than Unity Mage. 0_0

    It's still one of my wished figures I want in the near future.

    Is it common to get ur HLJ packages at that state?

  7. Yeah, i also saw it, she's great and if you like it, you should get it, considering it's Alter made, and it's discounted in HLJ.

    Not only HLJ, but every non-priority post will get damaged like that (HLJ's SAL and PA's air economy box). I think it's because Indonesian post office staff, not because it came from HLJ.