04 June 2009

Sakagami Tomoyo - Kotobukiya


Sakagami Tomoyo.

Man, I’ve been busy last week of this semester and I can’t even keep up with updates. So well, in this small chance, i tried to pull myself and did a post. It’s a yet another review of Sakagami Tomoyo, a figure manufactured by Kotobukiya. Well.. just let’s get it on to the review.

Oh and forgot to mention, this was the first time i used my Canon 100mm macro lens for full photo session, so enjoy the new (if you can feel the difference) style of my photos!


My favorite Clannad girl.

Tomoyo is my favorite character from Clannad. I also like Kyou, but i didn’t really like the figure. I also discussed about choosing this Tomoyo or Kyou with my girl, and she said she didn’t like Kyou (the figure, not the character).


Still has that Key-ish art styled face.

This figure is the re-run version of Tomoyo from Kotobukiya. It has been released a long time ago, even before Clannad was aired by Kyoto Animation. That’s why this figure lacks one thing: KyoAni art style! Yes… for Key / Visual Art’s art style, this figure could be great, but not too good for me.


No summer uniform?

Oh and for your information, this figure is the only Clannad character that doesn’t wear Clannad’s school uniform (forgot the school’s name). Personally, i prefer Tomoyo in her summer uniform, but a casual clothes isn’t bad either. –_-b


Lacks of expression?

Back to her face, yeah… this part of her is the most annoying part IMO. First, she lacks of KyoAni art style. And next, she lacks of expression. Yeah… i do think that she need some kind of smile or whatsoever to enlighten her face and adding more expression in her face. But anyway, the blushes are kinda nice touch though.


Kotobukiya did her too rough.

Just as predicted, this time Kotobukiya didn’t do their homework too well. I can see seamlines right above her front bang. I think Kotobukiya did their job too rough on this figure. But don’t worry about the white dots on her hairband, those are dust :P .


Nice long hair.

I like girl with long hair, and that also goes for Tomoyo. It’s pretty nice seeing her long and straight hair goes down freely. But yeah, Kotobukiya screwed it up again. Her hair isn’t that soft. And there’s so little artistic touch on her hair. Maybe it’s some kind of an old sculpting style.


Standard size… kinda disappointing.

IIRC, she got a nice big chest in the anime, but where’s that big *cough*boin-boin oppai*cough* go in this figure? At least she still got some standard size on her chest XD . But hey, i think this figure doesn’t really emphasize on sexiness.


Glossy hand.

Her right arm grabbing the pan. You can see that right on her fingers, there’s a glossy and rough part. I guess this is just another flaw from Kotobukiya. This stuffs really make me think twice on why i decided to get this figure.


Ouch… another flaw on her hand.

Hey, that flaw doesn’t stop on her right but also her left hand. Yeah, that’s Kotobukiya, sometime they can make it good, but sometime they screwed it up. Never know why.


Looking delicious?

I think this part is the most popular part of this figure, the pan with stew in it. I don’t know what’s she cooking though. Looking delicious? No, i really don’t think so. But it’s pretty nice tough from Kotobukiya to add some small details like this stew.


Cute bear slippers.

I never knew Tomoyo wore this slippers back in the anime. Never really noticed it. But it’s cute and suits her perfectly. Except for the rough finish and poor paintjob. Just watch around the bear’s nose. The brown skin paint is overflowing to the white part.


No… nothing…

And this is the left one. Nothing in particular, so just skip it…


Mandatory pantie(?) shot.

Even her pantie doesn’t look really appealing to me. Well, it’s not really a pantie anyway. I think it’s her stockings. From down here, i can see more of Kotobukiya’s rough job, right on her skirt. But yeah… i still don’t know why i bought her.


POI: apron.

POI of this figure is her apron. Yeah, she’s not a maid, and she doesn’t wear that gothic styled or maid outfit, she only wear casual black sweaters, brown skirt, and an apron. But she could attract some fans including Optic. I guess her popularity does help on selling this figure XD . Can we expect Alter releases on Clannad characters?

Yeah that’s it! So… what do you think about the photos using new lens? Just share it here. So… see you at the next post!


  1. Thank you for this presentation. Tomoyo is one of my characters favourite in Clannad (my preferred is Kyô). We see that the quality is not extraordinary, but the release is ancient, thus it's excusable. You have make very beautiful photos!

    I don’t know if you know it, but I suggest on my website (Shadonia.com/site) publishing figure’s presentations of Internet user photographers. If you are interested, and that you wish to have information, don’t hesitate to contact me on my gmail adress : shadonia.website@gmail.com.

    That would please me to be able to make you participate with other authors.

  2. You're welcome. Yeah, i guess the reason was that old release date.

    Anyway, regarding that publishing in Shadonia matters, I'll contact you directly on your email.

  3. Seamlines and poor painting aside, I thought the figure looked pretty good.

    But then again I've never seen Clannad and have no idea if she's anime accurate or not -_-

  4. It does look good from 30cm or further, i think. Just find an illustration that based on the anime and compare it, you'll see the difference.

  5. Kotobukiya figures for me have always been a hit and miss. With this Tomoyo figure, it sort of lands in the middle. Looks great from a distance, but close up it doesn't fare well.

  6. Hmm... hit and miss, yeah... i think so too. For me, Tomoyo lands on the miss side, just like Blanc Neige.

  7. I just bought this figure, actually. Haven't opened it yet. How much did you buy it for?

    (Indonesian studying overseas here -_-")

  8. Around USD 45 i think. Got it from Play-Asia of course with free shipment cost.

  9. I blame my friend who keeps bragging me about her. It was his fault that landed me the poison. >_>

    I can see the difference. Never realised how many flaws she really has but given the fact she a really old figure, I can let that slip. Given that fact it's a re-run of the original, we can expect any major improvements. -_-

  10. That poison tasted nice even after you drank it. XD

    Yeah, i guess so. It's pretty unfortunate that there's no more GSC / Alter / Max that would take Tomoyo's anime styled character for a figure.