31 July 2009

Back at HQ and ready for action!


One step closer to our marriage. XD

Back at my HQ at last, and now i can continue doing things i must do. If you ask where, why, and what is all that MIA stuffs, I'll tell you here:

I went to Riau (a province in Indonesia, located in Sumatra island, while Surabaya is located in Java island), landed in Pekanbaru (the capital city of Riau), went again right to a small city 3 hours from Pekanbaru, called Duri and lived there for almost 1 month. Why? It was a step to “upgrade” my relationship with my girl, i met her parents there, Duri is her hometown. And what did i do there was socializing with her parents and her whole family (her mother’s siblings).

It was pretty fun yet kinda hard living there, because Duri isn’t really a big city. It was pretty much hard to find any entertainment. Fortunately i brought my HDD (filled with anime) along with me, so i can watch it there. Also, her family owned 2 net-cafe and multiplayer game center, so i can play there for free, that’s why i was able to do 3 posts there.

I won’t be too detailed about my trip, because it doesn’t really have any connection with my otaku life, so just skip it and move along to the next part.


Completed 12 series in a month.

I did say i watched anime while i was MIA. Yeah, in fact, i finished 12 series straight! I don’t know if i can brag about this number. For a full 30-days of doing almost nothing, i guess that number is pretty small. What do you guys think? In picture above there are 12 girls, who’re also my favorite character in each anime i watched completely: Zero no Tsukaima 3 (13), Shugo Chara (51), Toaru Majutsu no Index (26), Tayutama (12), Code Geass R2 (25), White Album (13), Gurren Lagann, CLANNAD After Story, Hatsukoi Limited, Hayate no Gotoku, Toradora, and Maria Holic.

From this list the anime i like the most is Maria Holic and followed by Code Geass R2. Zero 3 is just filled with more harem. Shugo Chara is long, but fun. Index is just like Shana. Tayutama is just your typical harem anime. Code Geass R2 is totally cool! White Album is confusing. Gurren Lagann is piercing the heaven!!! CLANNAD After Story is soooo sad, but the ending is kinda forced. Hatsukoi Limited is romantically funny and interestingly complex. Hayate no Gotoku is just very normal. Toradora is ridiculous at first and romantic at last. And lastly: Maria Holic is totally awesome and hilarious especially with Kanako yuri action!


I also watch 12 episodes of K-ON!

Oh, i forgot to mention that i watched 12 episodes of K-ON! Just as expected, K-ON is totally awesome. It was a pity that this anime ended in 13 episodes only. I haven’t watched the 13th episodes because i didn’t have it in my HDD back there.

Well, that’s all my very short anime watch list back there. For a full review, just wait for it!


Bought a mahjong set there.

The last thing worth to mention is this. I bought a mahjong set (without the table). Found it in Pekanbaru, got interested in it after reading meronpan’s post about mahjong. I never found this set in Surabaya, so i took this chance to buy it. I took IDR 380k (USD 37) for this set. I guess I’ll find more references about mahjong rules and play it with the right rules.

So there it is! See you at the next post!

13 July 2009

Teana Lanster - Alter


Teana Lanster.

Yay! I’m back for another figure photos! This time is my favorite Teana Lanster! I think this is my last post in my MIA status. I’ll do more after i got back at my HQ. So for now, enjoy this one!

teana2_halfbanner From Nanoha StrikerS, manufactured by Alter.

As you can see, Teana Lanster is my all time most favorite anime character, and that also makes this figure my all time favorite figure too. This is Teana Lanster, from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS, and this figure is manufactured by Alter.

teana3_face The best and the (almost) only Teana figure there ever was.

This version of Teana Lanster is IIRC the 2nd Teana Lanster PVC figure (excluding gashapon) ever released. The first Teana figure was that ugly Movic’s Teana i bought before. And of course that face makes this figure the best Teana Lanster there ever was!

teana4_facebelow Also had the same characteristic with the other Alter Nanoha figures.

Since this figure is one of the Alter Nanoha series masterpieces, it also has so many characteristics just like the others. Just like the dynamic action pose, complete alternate parts (weapon specifically), and also the white base with that information.


Her head is facing downward, but it’s kinda too low.

I had 2 disappointment regarding this figure. Both were caused by her pose. The first disappointment is her head is facing downward. Her head is just facing too low, resulting on her face mostly covered by her front bangs. It’s also pretty hard to see her mouth because of this low angle. Because of this matter, i had no choice but to put her above my speaker. I’ll tell the 2nd later.

teana6_faceclose Action-packed facial expression.

But nonetheless, i like her action-packed expression! She looks like she’s ready to strike anytime she wants! One of the best part from this figure which is also a hard-to-see part from this figure. FYI, I took this photo from a very low angle.

teana7_hair Twintails anyone?

Alter didn’t put too much details on her hair. But just look at the end of her twintails. That’s a nicely done hair sculpt right there. They also did a nice job on her black ribbons. Talk about twintails, I’ve been seeing a nice illustration of Teana with her hair down, i wonder if someone will take this style and make a figure out of it XD .

teana8_halfsemiside Dilemma between face and body.

Alright, and this is the 2nd disappointment i had: Her dynamic pose. It’s pretty annoying to know that figure without dynamic pose looks kinda plain, but figure with dynamic pose sometimes does not look as good as you want… a dilemma.

Although this pose doesn’t look too weird (remember Alter’s Signum), it does have a problem with it. Most of you people would like to display your figures’ head facing front. If you do that on this figure, you’ll only get a backside of a jacket and skirt, you can’t really see the front part of her main body.


Side view of Teana.

Well, that’s not really a big problem since that’s an original dynamic pose Alter gives to us Teana fans. Overall, Alter still gives us the best quality of a figure.

teana10_side Tried various angle and took even more photos than before.

Because this is my most favorite figure, i also had special treatment exclusive for this figure photo session only. I tried various angle and took more photos than the other figure photos. That’s why up until now, you only saw full body photo, head and face, and half body photo of her. From this point on, you’ll get into detailed part.



For some reason, i like this photo. Don’t know why. It’s just a photo of her back i guess.


Ideal size, not really exposed in this figure though.

Teana is a girl right? Unlike Nanoha who started her debut when she’s still in 3rd grade, i think Teana started her debut when she’s at her high school age. So it’s not surprising seeing her boobs with this size. It’s not that big, but it’s not small either. I guess this is the ideal size.


Do you know where she aims at?

Another back side of her battle jacket photos. Nothing really special, but at least you’ll all know where is she’s aiming at by looking at this photo.


Left hand.

A very detailed photos of her left glove. It’s pretty much normal. for a gun grabbing hand. Nothing special, so skip…


Right hand.

Her right hand which is also not really special, so just skip it… or don’t if you want to enjoy the details.


Cross Mirage with blade on the left.

I’ve been displaying her like this since i opened her. I put Cross Mirage with the blade on her left hand. Looks cool, especially the material used, semi transparent plastic. If you can play with lighting, i guess you could manipulate the blade’s color.


Cross Mirage without blade on her right hand.

A even closer look on the Cross Mirage. It’s a very nice detailed job from Alter. I put the one without blade on her right hand. Cool enough, i suppose.


Around the skirt.

Nice detailed job on the folds and wrinkles around her skirt. And also nice and smooth sculpt on the belt. Alter did such a great job!


No nice butt this time.

This is the part where i should say “nice butt”, but because of her white outer skirt, that nice butt isn’t really exposed. So say bye-bye to nice butt for now.


Kneeling, you can put it without her base.

In this pose she’s kneeling, so you don’t have to be afraid of putting her without her base, since she’s very balanced with that pose and you don’t have to worry about falling.


Still pale skin, just as usual.

Seeing bare thighs like this reminded me of Alter’s skin tone coloring. This time, you won’t see any different. It still looks kinda pale. If you see any differences here, that’s because the lighting settings and color manipulation.


There’s still pegs around.

Even with that pose, Alter still provide some pegs to stick the figure right on her base. I remembered about Nagato (Alter) which is at her sitting pose, she doesn’t have any pegs at the base.


Right foot.

I don’t know why but i don’t really like her shoes (boots). So yeah, skip to the next part which is also the last part of this post.

teana24_eyes POI: eyes!

Her POI? Her eyes! Yes… Her eyes are mostly covered by her front bangs, and because of her head facing downward, it’s pretty hard to see it. But once you grab your camera, zoom, and take a closer view from a lower angle, you’ll know that she got those courageous eyes. Full of expression inside those eyes. Nice job Alter!

Well, that’s it for now. I don’t have anything more to say, so yeah… See you later!

07 July 2009

Random Photos done by my girl

This post contains some photos which were done by my girl. While i was busy with something else (i forgot), she snatched my DSLR + 100mm macro and did some nice photograph on these 2 beauties. Anyway, this post contains photos with small caption from me. Enjoy!

louise1 Louise’s cute loli face.

louise2 Louise almost full view.

louise3 Accessory on her boots.

louise4 Her popular flat chest.

louise5 Red ribbons on her hair.

louise6 Her gothic styled choker.

louise7Her gothic (or maid) styled hairband.

louise8 Yet another ribbons on her stockings.

mikuru1 It’s Mikuru’s turn.

mikuru2 Side view.

mikuru3 Cleavage!

mikuru4 A red rose hair accessory.

miyukiNendoroid Puchi Miyuki.

Please do give feedback for these photos. She’s still trying to learn photography here. Well, that’s all the photos! See you later!

02 July 2009

Amami Haruka bikini - GSC

amamiharuka1_fullAmami Haruka bikini version.

I did say that i was MIA, but i managed to find an internet connection and i took this chance to post something. So here it is, a figure photos of Amami Haruka bikini version.

amamiharuka2_halfThe old version of Haruka.

Amami Haruka is a character from Idolmaster Xenoglossia, and this figure is manufactured by Good Smile Company. She’s Haruka in Idolmaster Xenoglossia version, where she was still sitting inside AMBER (i forgot, CMIIW), piloting that thing to destroy meteors. She’s still an idol in training back there. Nowadays, she’s even more popular because she became a real idol in IDOLM@STER (without xenoglossia).

amamiharuka3_faceThere are also Iori and Yukiho with bikini.

After a little bit of searching, i found out that this figure came in a series with Hagiwara Yukiho and Forehead-chan Iori both in bikini version. If there’s Yukiho bikini figure around, i think i’ll buy it since she got the biggest breast compared to the other 2.


Normally, i used light blue background for bikini figure, but this time i tried orange colored background to make a sunset feeling. Turned out pretty good IMO.

amamiharuka5_face2Tried various angle for her face.

She’s pretty much cute, just as expected of Haruka. I tried to capture her face in various angles. Two photos for her face aren’t enough to capture her cuteness.

amamiharuka6_facecloseGSC’s old figure.

GSC really have gone in some improvement lately. This is GSC’s product from 2007, and i think the current GSC’s figures are definitely a lot better than this one.

amamiharuka7_facebelowThis figure is good, but not good enough.

And this is the last photo of her face, taken from a low angle. I think her face is plain cute, but i notice something wrong with the sculpt on her face. Also her eyes don’t really give a live feeling unlike the other great quality figures.

amamiharuka8_ribbonThe ribbon of ribbon-chan!

It’s pretty amazing that she’s still wearing that ribbon even though she wore that bikini. I did watch Idolmaster Xenoglossia, but i never saw her without that ribbon off. I guess that’s ribbon-chan for you!

amamiharuka9_backSkin? Hm… somewhat pale.

Seeing bare skin like this reminded me of skin tone. Haruka’s skin in the anime was a little bit pale and white, so i guess this figure’s skin tone match the real Haruka. But for me, it always looks too pale.

amamiharuka10_highCleavage here, what else?

If you’re a guy and the first thing came to your mind after looking at the photo above is cleavage, then you’re a normal guy, trust me XD . It’s pretty nice seeing a cleavage of considerably small sized breast from up here, it gave a different feeling.

amamiharuka11_chestSmall? Yes… but at least she’s not flat.

For an anime girl, she’s small. But she’s surely not flat. Compared to Yukiho, she’s nothing, but she still got something there. So… what do you guys think?

amamiharuka12_phoneRough sculpt around her hand.

Her favorite cell phone, with that penguin shape. I saw a very rough sculpt and painting here. The paint job on the phone is obviously pretty rough. And the sculpt around her fingers just so bad. Moreover, there’s a seamline on her thumb.

amamiharuka13_pantieNice pantie.

Oh ho… nice pantie. Very girlish, with that pink color, white border and those 2 cute ribbons. I guess this bikini isn’t for swimming reason but just for a show. It really suits Haruka.

amamiharuka14_buttNice butt!

Although she got small breast, she still got a nice butt. Especially around that wrinkled part. Seeing her butt like this makes me want to touch it and get a feel of it XD .

amamiharuka15_foot2Left foot… so what?

Her left foot, and sandal. Nothing special, just a photo of it.

amamiharuka16_footBad sculpt on her right foot… again.

Her right foot, which is connected to the base using a screw. The base is a custom base with sand sculpt on it, pretty good. The sculpt around her right foot is just as bad as her right hand. Also, she got a pretty glossy skin around this part.

amamiharuka17_bikiniPOI: bikini.

Her POI? I think it’s her bikini. Remember in the anime? It’s cute, it’s girlish, and it’s full of ribbon, just what ribbon-chan need to add more cuteness.

Okay, that’s all for this figure. Right now, I’m still in MIA status. The next 2 posts will be a scheduled post. So yeah, see you later!