09 January 2010

Ouch!!! 1 project (somewhat) failed!?


I’m in deep shit…

The last post was in January 5, so i missed 3 days for this blog. Yeah, this blog was supposed to filled with at least a post each day for Christmas and New Year event, so i guess my plan worked out well. Anyway, in those missing 3 days, I was in a very deep shit… In that 3 days i and my project team worked on our Java web project (rebuilding Moedia using Java Server Faces framework), and the result: pretty much (somewhat) failure.

FYI, (somewhat) failure doesn’t mean that we failed totally, but we failed to complete it. This project is actually 80-90% completed, but I’m a perfectionist so a 20% hole is a failure to me. Because of time problem, we decided to cut off one feature out of the project. In the end, my lecturer managed to find just too many unexpected holes in our project. I know it’s entirely our fault that we got this (somewhat) failure result, since i worked this project with unmanaged process and with too little time. I just can hope and try to give more effort for the next remaining project: ASP.NET project.


I’m in deep shit… –_-"

Well, at least we can still answer this question given by the lecturer: “What makes this project worth the A mark?”. Autoscaling picture, usage of Java Server Faces, MVC styled developing, on the fly component building, and stuffs. Yeah… most of the other students didn’t use JSF framework. They just used plain JSP and developed the project using traditional JSP/PHP/ASP developing method. So at least, our project still has its own advantage.

Using framework in web developing is not an easy task. Well, at least not easy for the beginner, but most developers will say that using framework is a must for team development. Framework enabled project will give you an MVC styled development, which mean you can clearly divide the development between Model (database stuffs), View (interface stuffs), and Controller (connector between DB and interface).


I’m in deep shit… +_+

Anyway, sorry for the technical stuffs. Just skip it if you don’t know. So yeah… Christmas and New Year is pretty much passed. I have to get my ass working again since there’s still 2 weeks left before this semester ends. Until then I’ll be busy again just like last November. I myself haven’t even watched any new season anime episodes, let alone new episodes… i haven’t continued watching Kampfer, which i left at episode 2. XP

That’s all for now, pretty much short post for today. I can’t really sure at that time i can give you a real post. So that’s it… see you later!

05 January 2010

2 years of blogging


Yay! We’re celebrating 2 years of my blogging! XD

Today is January 5th, 2010: that’s mean i have been blogging for 2 years. Started this blog with its first post at exactly 2 years ago. It’s pretty great experience i had with this blog in this 2 years.


I found this pic from searching Gelbooru with tag: vacuum. XD

Too bad, the 2nd year is filled with around 2 times vacuum period. Although i managed to post all my received haul and loots, i did some figure reviews too late. Just like Teana Lanster, i received her in February, but posted the review in July. And not only Teana, the other figures have fallen victims of this lateness. In the end, the figures starting from Mikuru Gekisou haven’t even reviewed yet.

The number of posts also dropped around 20%. In the first year, i posted 109 posts. But in the second year, i posted only 74 posts. Pretty drastic result. Also, in the 2nd year, i missed 1 month: November. I left that month with no post at all. Glad i could make it back in December. I even succeeded in filling this blog with at least one post per day (except 27th December 2009) from 22nd December 2009 till today.


The old photos… At least i can make my own signature back there.

I also want to highlight my improvement in figure ph oto posts. Back around the first post, i could only post some “low quality” figure photos. I was still looking for a post pattern back there, and i did need more photos for sure (just as what ron~ said back there), i did realized that after looking back at Kureha post.


The new photos… Looking good!

I think i started to found my pattern in Movic’s Teana Lanster post, with 1-3 nice full / half body photos, and continued with details photos. Then, i improved it again later with more nice artistic full / half body photo around the upper part of the post, and more “weird / fun” photos in the lower part of the post, just like Airi post or Haruhi Gekisou post.


Learning? Studying?

Yeah, people will grow and learn. By keep looking forward i grew and learned new things, but i know I’m still far behind. There’s a lot of bloggers / photographers who’re just so far beyond me. Some of them even released a figure photobook, that’s just way too cool!


I think I’ll take web development as my final project.

Well anyway, I know I’ll be starting my final project around February, so I’m gonna be totally busy. Since I’m pretty ambitious with my project and that’s gonna be though for myself. But still, I do hope i can go better in this year compared to last year. And that’s it for now. See you!!

04 January 2010

Present for my 21st birthday


A nicely wrapped present, done by my girl.

It’s sure is nice receiving a present in your birthday. This year i got another present from my girl again. Last year, my girl gave me a nice present, my bro also gave me a present. This year, i got only from my girl, so this present is the one and only present i got. Anyway, that nice wrapping and the ribbon were done by my girl. She said she’s learning to made artistic gift wrapping.


Hush Puppies Accessories!

Unlike last year, i didn’t receive otaku related item for this year. Well, i wasn’t feeling down or unlucky since i too have everyday non-otaku life. After all, the thoughts that count. I was pretty surprised after seeing “Hush Puppies” label on the box. Soon, i opened it right away.


What’s inside? A belt and a birthday wish card.

Oh, a belt! This is what i need! My current belt is just, well, i was in need of replacement of my current belt, so this present is just what i need! Thank you darling!!! XD

Well, another short post for today, since it’s already 4th of January and I am back on my working desk, continuing my projects. The deadlines are less than a week, so it will be a hel of a week. So, that’s it… see you!

03 January 2010



Happy birthday to me!!! I’m 21!!!

It’s the 3rd of January and I am celebrating my birthday today! OMG, I’ve reached 21 now!! Legally, I’m an adult now. Although 17 in Indonesia is already considered as an adult age, in some country 21 is the age where you are considered as an adult. Well yeah, in this age, i have to finish my study in ISTTS, graduate and find a job. Reaching a stage where i have to live on my own, finding money to survive, etc… I’m not sure that I’m prepared mentally for this age. But life goes on and nothing will wait, I have to keep moving forward for a better future!

Short post today, but oh well… That’s it for now, see you!!

02 January 2010

Nintendo Wii


Nintendo Wii.

Back in December, me and my brothers were having school holiday. And before that, we already planned on buying Wii for holiday entertainmet. And there we have it. We bought Wii back in December 20th, 2009. We bought it for IDR 2.3millions (around USD 240) and we also bought another wiimote plus nunchuck for IDR 450k (around USD 50).


Wiimote and nunchuck.

Overall, Wii is a small console with small capabilities. I heard that Wii has the weakest engine out of 3 current generation console. Wii machine and the games also have a bad graphics (I’m not comparing it to PS3 since it’s totally not fair XD), and its not HD. So why did we choose Wii? The main reason we bought it is Wii's main point: motion gaming. Out of 3 console, only Wii exploits motion gaming the most. We just want to try it out and get a feel for it. The other reason we bought Wii is to enjoy Nintendo exclusive games. Also, as NDS players, they want to get a feel of the Wii version of the games they played in NDS.


Wii sensor bar.

Console discussion won't be complete if we're not talking about the games. Wii games so far is pretty much filled with party games or mini games in console size. The games are pretty much want to exploit the motion gaming for sure. I myself isn't very interested with the games, since I only play along with my bros. My soul is still in heavy gaming of PS3. XD


Wii pirated games.

Anyway, after buying we already have almost 20 games. Is that too much? No.... Since we live in Indonesia, we have to bought nothing but pirated copy of the games. You'll find Wii and X360 original games nowhere in Indonesia. But hey, the copies only cost a dollar (USD) each, and the first time we bought Wii, the store gave us 10 games as bonus. Here’s a list of the games we have:

  • Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World
  • Wii Sports
  • Soul Calibur Legends
  • Pokemon Battle RevolutionPhantom Brave We Meet Again
  • Marble Saga Kororinda
  • Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures 2010
  • Trauma Center Second OpinionValhall Knights Eldar Saga
  • Super Paper Mario
  • Mario Party 8
  • Cooking Mama World Kitchen
  • Rayman Raving Rabbids
  • WWF Smackdown vs. RAW 2010
  • Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn
  • The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

So far, i got only 3 games played: Wii Sports, Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World, and Soul Calibur Legends. While my bros are looking forward for Monster Hunter 3.


Tennis in Wii Sports.

Wii Sports is surely just for fun games. This game main purpose is to greatly exploit Wii motion gaming. I myself enjoyed playing Tennis and Baseball in Wii Sports with my brother. This game is also good for burning my fat. XD


I’m not too far away from this point.

Tales of Symphonia is my first heavy game in Wii. I chose this because i like Tales series, but too bad this game is just as good as i expected, since it only have 2 main characters and the rest of your party are your monsters. This game is an RPG with catching / breeding monster system included in it. You have to catch good monster if you want to survive. I hate the kind of game that exploit monster catching / breeding, that’s a minus point of this game for me. Fortunately, i can still play this game together with my brother (Tales series games: able to play with more than 1 player in the battle). Seeing this game made me want to say: “give me back my old Tales!!”, since i enjoyed playing Tales of Eternia more than playing this Tales.


Sophitia, one of the hottie in Soul Calibur.

The last game is Soul Calibur Legends. I only played this game only for few minutes. Only played the tutorial part using Siegfried, beaten Cervantes, and it’s over… Didn’t have too much time to continue it. I like this game because this game used motion gaming system. You have to move your character using your nunchuck and swing your sword by moving your Wiimote. Interesting!


Even Yuki and Achakura enjoy playing Wii, why can't i?

I can’t really give a high point for Wii, but i also can’t give a low point for Wii. PS3 has its own games and strong points: HD, great machine specification, and great exclusive games, while Wii too has its own strong points: motion gaming, fun party and mini games. So yeah, I think I’ll be enjoying Wii as much as i enjoy my PS3.

Well, that’s it for now… See you at the next post!

01 January 2010

Happy new year!!! ~ 2010

Happy new year 2010!!!

Last year: 2009 has passed and we reached a new year: 2010, so before I start my rants, let me say it first:
Happy new year!!!
For me, new year is just a change in digit of our year. For some people, new year is a big event. Well, regardless of that, new year event is a place for us to reflect on how we're doing last year, and plan on what we are going to do in the new year.

As for my new year resolution, here:
  • finishing last semester
  • final project
  • graduate
  • find a job after graduation (probably in Singapore)
Short post today, even for a first post in 2010. How about you? Have you reflect on your 2009 and plan for a better 2010? Whatever you're doing, I hope you enjoy this new year 2010. See you!!

31 December 2009

Figures in 2009

Less than 2 hours, and we’ll pass 2009, reaching 2010. And I’m here bringing you the last recap and the last post in 2009: Figure recap. I’ll give you a list of 9 interesting things about figures in 2009, according to me… Here goes:


Teana Lanster in February 2009.

Teana Lanster, my all time favorite character, came alive thanks to Alter. After watching Nanoha StrikerS, Teana became my all time favorite and since then, i was hoping for great figure for Teana. First figure was a bad figure from Movic. Fortunately Alter, a great manufacturer, came with a release of Teana Lanster. Nice!

Double the Louise, double the fun (February and April 2009).

A double Louise treat from Alter in February and April of 2009. I think Alter did want to show us more love for Louise. I’m not a huge fans of Louise, but in the end, i got them both XD. Once again: thanks Alter!


Seena Kanon from Max Factory (around May 2009).

Around May, Max Factory amazed me with their new Shining Wind figure: Seena Kanon. It’s pretty rare seeing MaxFact releasing a static PVC figure since figma appeared. So Seena Kanon is a nice release and move from MaxFact. Nice!!

Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekisou series (May – September 2009 i think).

Continuing their great move, Max Factory came with another set of great figures: Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekisou series. Three great characters: Suzumiya Haruhi, Asahina Mikuru, and Nagato Yuki in their concert outfit figurized!!! That’s damn GREAT!!! I knew many people wouldn’t want to miss this.


Fate and Nanoha sexy 1/4 scaled bikini figures. (Quarter 3 2009 me thinks)

They’re not in my collection, but these 2 hotties are worth mentioning. Yes… They’re Nanoha and Fate in sexy bikini, large scale (1/4), and expensive price. I don’t know if I’m starting to regret not getting them, since I was out of budget. Congratulations for everyone who owns them both!

Nendoroid K-On characters. (around Quarter 3 2009)

All of the main characters from 2009 popular anime figurized! And it’s in nendoroid version! That’s cool!!! All of them were announced in 2009, I pre-ordered all of them! Akiyama Mio should have been released in November, but since i combined the order with Mio from Alter, i didn’t get it at the moment. I have to wait till Mio from Alter is released. Anyone plan on getting them all? XD


Too many delays… (around October to December 2009).

So many delayed items in this year. Those items were scheduled to release around October to December 2009, but all of them except Fate Shin Sonic were delayed to next year. Great figures like Nanoha Exceed, Mio from Alter, White Album duet, BRS, etc were delayed. Fate Shin Sonic itself already suffered several delay. Glad she could make it in November alive XD. I guess anyone would suffers from this delay?


The best figure 2009: Fate Shin Sonic from Alter. (December 2009)

The best figure in this year (i wouldn’t say most expensive, since those 1/4 bikini hotties were also expensive), according to me is: Fate Shin Sonic version. She made it in time, just before 2009 ended. Just like the last year, Alter managed to get the most attention in this year too. Last year, Alter won with Yagami Hayate, and this year, Alter also won with similar item: Fate Shin Sonic. Does anyone also think that Fate Shin Sonic is the best? If not, what’s your best?


My nendoroid collection reached 10. (December 2009)

And the last but not least, this year my nendoroid collection reached 10 nendoroids!!!! Yay me!!!! XD. The 9th and 10th nendoroids came together as STGCF ‘09 loots: Riannon and Sakura. I don’t know if this number is high or low, but i should mention this milestone as i reached this in 2009. XD

Well, that’s 2009 figure year for me. How 'bout you? I’d say this year is a good year for figure, but 2010 will be better, since all the expected items in 2009 were delayed to release at 2010.

That’s it for my post, last post of 2009. Next post will be in 2010, which will come in less than an hour XD . So… wherever you are: see you at the next post in NEXT YEAR!!!!