31 December 2009

Figures in 2009

Less than 2 hours, and we’ll pass 2009, reaching 2010. And I’m here bringing you the last recap and the last post in 2009: Figure recap. I’ll give you a list of 9 interesting things about figures in 2009, according to me… Here goes:


Teana Lanster in February 2009.

Teana Lanster, my all time favorite character, came alive thanks to Alter. After watching Nanoha StrikerS, Teana became my all time favorite and since then, i was hoping for great figure for Teana. First figure was a bad figure from Movic. Fortunately Alter, a great manufacturer, came with a release of Teana Lanster. Nice!

Double the Louise, double the fun (February and April 2009).

A double Louise treat from Alter in February and April of 2009. I think Alter did want to show us more love for Louise. I’m not a huge fans of Louise, but in the end, i got them both XD. Once again: thanks Alter!


Seena Kanon from Max Factory (around May 2009).

Around May, Max Factory amazed me with their new Shining Wind figure: Seena Kanon. It’s pretty rare seeing MaxFact releasing a static PVC figure since figma appeared. So Seena Kanon is a nice release and move from MaxFact. Nice!!

Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekisou series (May – September 2009 i think).

Continuing their great move, Max Factory came with another set of great figures: Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekisou series. Three great characters: Suzumiya Haruhi, Asahina Mikuru, and Nagato Yuki in their concert outfit figurized!!! That’s damn GREAT!!! I knew many people wouldn’t want to miss this.


Fate and Nanoha sexy 1/4 scaled bikini figures. (Quarter 3 2009 me thinks)

They’re not in my collection, but these 2 hotties are worth mentioning. Yes… They’re Nanoha and Fate in sexy bikini, large scale (1/4), and expensive price. I don’t know if I’m starting to regret not getting them, since I was out of budget. Congratulations for everyone who owns them both!

Nendoroid K-On characters. (around Quarter 3 2009)

All of the main characters from 2009 popular anime figurized! And it’s in nendoroid version! That’s cool!!! All of them were announced in 2009, I pre-ordered all of them! Akiyama Mio should have been released in November, but since i combined the order with Mio from Alter, i didn’t get it at the moment. I have to wait till Mio from Alter is released. Anyone plan on getting them all? XD


Too many delays… (around October to December 2009).

So many delayed items in this year. Those items were scheduled to release around October to December 2009, but all of them except Fate Shin Sonic were delayed to next year. Great figures like Nanoha Exceed, Mio from Alter, White Album duet, BRS, etc were delayed. Fate Shin Sonic itself already suffered several delay. Glad she could make it in November alive XD. I guess anyone would suffers from this delay?


The best figure 2009: Fate Shin Sonic from Alter. (December 2009)

The best figure in this year (i wouldn’t say most expensive, since those 1/4 bikini hotties were also expensive), according to me is: Fate Shin Sonic version. She made it in time, just before 2009 ended. Just like the last year, Alter managed to get the most attention in this year too. Last year, Alter won with Yagami Hayate, and this year, Alter also won with similar item: Fate Shin Sonic. Does anyone also think that Fate Shin Sonic is the best? If not, what’s your best?


My nendoroid collection reached 10. (December 2009)

And the last but not least, this year my nendoroid collection reached 10 nendoroids!!!! Yay me!!!! XD. The 9th and 10th nendoroids came together as STGCF ‘09 loots: Riannon and Sakura. I don’t know if this number is high or low, but i should mention this milestone as i reached this in 2009. XD

Well, that’s 2009 figure year for me. How 'bout you? I’d say this year is a good year for figure, but 2010 will be better, since all the expected items in 2009 were delayed to release at 2010.

That’s it for my post, last post of 2009. Next post will be in 2010, which will come in less than an hour XD . So… wherever you are: see you at the next post in NEXT YEAR!!!!


  1. You have magnificent figurines!
    Happy new year!!

  2. Thank you all!! Happy new year to you too!! XD

  3. My shin sonic fate is waiting for me back in australia :((((

  4. Ur take on the best figure of the year is no surprise to me. Anyone with Fate Shin Sonic will say, it's the figure of the year or it was a stronge contender for it. I know everyones views on their choices different. It's all about taste and certain favourites on characters in the end.

    I don't have a favourite for 09 but if I do have to select one, it will have to be Haruhi Suzumiya Gekisou ver. The excution was just superb. One of MF bestest works EVER!!!

  5. That's right, just like last year with Yagami Hayate, people with Fate Shin Sonic will vote for her since it was really the best.

    But i also agree that Haruhi gekisou is also one of the best item in 2009. It's MF, it's extravagant, and it's Haruhi!! XD

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