01 January 2010

Happy new year!!! ~ 2010

Happy new year 2010!!!

Last year: 2009 has passed and we reached a new year: 2010, so before I start my rants, let me say it first:
Happy new year!!!
For me, new year is just a change in digit of our year. For some people, new year is a big event. Well, regardless of that, new year event is a place for us to reflect on how we're doing last year, and plan on what we are going to do in the new year.

As for my new year resolution, here:
  • finishing last semester
  • final project
  • graduate
  • find a job after graduation (probably in Singapore)
Short post today, even for a first post in 2010. How about you? Have you reflect on your 2009 and plan for a better 2010? Whatever you're doing, I hope you enjoy this new year 2010. See you!!


  1. My resolution is to find a part-time job and get into uni xD Happy new year!~ :D

  2. @Ruby
    Good luck and happy new year!!!

    Happy new year to you too Adun!!!!

  3. Happy New Year !!!^^

  4. @razrig
    Happy new year to you too!!

  5. I'm discovering your blog on this first new year's day. I take a tour yesteday and it's quite ineresting.
    I'll be a new reader starting from now.
    I hope your wishes wil come true and you'll get a good job.
    My own resolutions for 2010 will be to not having any resolutions because i never succeeded to keep them. :D

  6. @Lylibellule
    Ohh, i see. Well, thanks for being my reader and enjoy!!

    Anyway, Thank you and Happy new year! And also, good luck with your resolution!! XD

  7. Happy New Year!
    That's a good list of resolutions too. Good luck with them ^^

  8. Happy New Year. My resolutions ? There will be so many.. I hope just a long continuation for Shadonia will many readers participations ^^

  9. happy new year~

    my resolution is to reflect of last year more and come up with some real resolutions ^^;;;;

    and maybe pass the jlpt lvl 1 :P

    graduating this year? hopefully that and getting a new job goes over well ^^ looks like you're definitely going to be busy :P

  10. @anonymous_object
    Happy new year and thank you!

    Happy new year to you too!

    That's a great one! Good luck and happy new year!

    Good luck with your resolution and happy new year!
    Maybe i'll be even busier since it's my final project. It'll be big and it'll be done on my own (no more teamwork). Hopefully, I won't leave this blog vacuum again because of my projects.

  11. Happy new year Sonic-san :D

  12. @acesan
    Thank you and happy new year!! XD

  13. Happy new year2010. this is outstanding blog for comment. awesome writing. Thanks a lot


  14. @Nick Matyas
    Happy new year and thank you for dropping by!

  15. @Optic
    7-8 days late but, happy new year!