05 January 2010

2 years of blogging


Yay! We’re celebrating 2 years of my blogging! XD

Today is January 5th, 2010: that’s mean i have been blogging for 2 years. Started this blog with its first post at exactly 2 years ago. It’s pretty great experience i had with this blog in this 2 years.


I found this pic from searching Gelbooru with tag: vacuum. XD

Too bad, the 2nd year is filled with around 2 times vacuum period. Although i managed to post all my received haul and loots, i did some figure reviews too late. Just like Teana Lanster, i received her in February, but posted the review in July. And not only Teana, the other figures have fallen victims of this lateness. In the end, the figures starting from Mikuru Gekisou haven’t even reviewed yet.

The number of posts also dropped around 20%. In the first year, i posted 109 posts. But in the second year, i posted only 74 posts. Pretty drastic result. Also, in the 2nd year, i missed 1 month: November. I left that month with no post at all. Glad i could make it back in December. I even succeeded in filling this blog with at least one post per day (except 27th December 2009) from 22nd December 2009 till today.


The old photos… At least i can make my own signature back there.

I also want to highlight my improvement in figure ph oto posts. Back around the first post, i could only post some “low quality” figure photos. I was still looking for a post pattern back there, and i did need more photos for sure (just as what ron~ said back there), i did realized that after looking back at Kureha post.


The new photos… Looking good!

I think i started to found my pattern in Movic’s Teana Lanster post, with 1-3 nice full / half body photos, and continued with details photos. Then, i improved it again later with more nice artistic full / half body photo around the upper part of the post, and more “weird / fun” photos in the lower part of the post, just like Airi post or Haruhi Gekisou post.


Learning? Studying?

Yeah, people will grow and learn. By keep looking forward i grew and learned new things, but i know I’m still far behind. There’s a lot of bloggers / photographers who’re just so far beyond me. Some of them even released a figure photobook, that’s just way too cool!


I think I’ll take web development as my final project.

Well anyway, I know I’ll be starting my final project around February, so I’m gonna be totally busy. Since I’m pretty ambitious with my project and that’s gonna be though for myself. But still, I do hope i can go better in this year compared to last year. And that’s it for now. See you!!


  1. Congrats on the two years. Keep up the good work =D

  2. Congratulation for this work year ! I hope a long continuation with numerous picture for your blog !

  3. Thank you! I too hope i get more photos this year...

  4. Happy birthday to your blog i'm visiting recently and i already enjoy a looot!

    Maybe you did not post as much this year but your readers stay true to you. Important is to write when you feel to and not to force yourself just for saying something.

    Your photos improved a lot and i'm certain you'll get even better with more time. ;)

    Long life to your blog !

  5. Thank you!!

    Yeah... It's a dilemma to me. While i can't say random stuffs just to fill my blog, i have to fill this blog with posts at least twice per week, to keep it alive of course.

    And yeah, i do hope i have more concept in my next photos. Thank for the encouragement!

  6. Congratz on ur 2nd anniversary.
    Keep up the excellent work and I look forward to reading more. I know I'm always late in reading ur post but I ensure myself, this hobby of my is my 2nd priority, not my first.

  7. You have made a great job during this two years of blogging. Wish you a happy belated Birthday too!!

  8. @Optic
    Thanks! I'll keep it up. Well, yeah... me too. Except i read the posts with the help from iGoogle RSS reader. But this hobby came in 2nd priority.

    Thank you and thank you!! XD

  9. Hey! Gratz for the 2 year thing! I've only been in the biz for half a year, but it's funny how I feel like I've been around for a bit lol. Certainly not longer than probably anyone on this comments list. But yeah, hopefully I'll do a good job at remembering to check your posts with RSS. I'm trying to do a better job with that -_-''

  10. @FaS
    Thank you! Half year blogging? That's great, you should keep it up!

    Try iGoogle or Google Reader for RSS reading. It's great. I maintained my RSS reading with that.

  11. Congrats on the two year marker ^^. I hope to see you around another two years :D

  12. @anonymous_object
    Thank you! Yeah, I hope so too.

  13. Grats on your bi-yearly anniversary :P. You certainly blog more than me nowadays. But I'm overseas out of my comfort zone :(. yeah I know excuses :).

    Your photos look great, keep them up.

  14. @acesan
    Ah yes, thank you!

    And yeah, I'll keep trying to get more beautiful photos with new concept.

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