04 January 2010

Present for my 21st birthday


A nicely wrapped present, done by my girl.

It’s sure is nice receiving a present in your birthday. This year i got another present from my girl again. Last year, my girl gave me a nice present, my bro also gave me a present. This year, i got only from my girl, so this present is the one and only present i got. Anyway, that nice wrapping and the ribbon were done by my girl. She said she’s learning to made artistic gift wrapping.


Hush Puppies Accessories!

Unlike last year, i didn’t receive otaku related item for this year. Well, i wasn’t feeling down or unlucky since i too have everyday non-otaku life. After all, the thoughts that count. I was pretty surprised after seeing “Hush Puppies” label on the box. Soon, i opened it right away.


What’s inside? A belt and a birthday wish card.

Oh, a belt! This is what i need! My current belt is just, well, i was in need of replacement of my current belt, so this present is just what i need! Thank you darling!!! XD

Well, another short post for today, since it’s already 4th of January and I am back on my working desk, continuing my projects. The deadlines are less than a week, so it will be a hel of a week. So, that’s it… see you!


  1. You daughter is gifted to make gift wrapping. It's very nice! :)
    She has good taste. Hush Puppies is a trustable brand.
    Again congratulations for your birthday!
    Indiscreet question : how old is your daughter?

  2. Err... I guess there's a misunderstanding here. "My girl" refers to my girlfriend, not my daughter. >.<

    The term "my girl" in Indonesia always refers to girlfriend. I don't know if in other place "my girl" refers to other.

    Anyway, yeah she got a nice taste. She's at the same age with me.

  3. Sorry >.<
    I thought so too.... that you would have your child very early to have him doing gifts wrapping all by himself. LooooL

    In belgium and france, we usually say "Girlfriend" ;)

  4. And by "him" you mean "her" right? Since I'm still referring to a girl. ^_^a

    And i myself still too early to get married. XD

    Anyway, i see why you're mistaken. I'll be sure to take that into account and watch out for later posts.

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