29 July 2008


Clannad girls, but not all.

I rarely write topic about anime but this time is different. Last week is a week full of watching anime, including Keroro Gunsou, Clannad, and Ichigo Mashimaro (TV and OVA). And Clannad happened to be the anime that made me cry and not just once.

Key is known for their capability to create a great touching romance / drama story (visual novel) and Clannad is one of some masterpieces from Key. I watched Key's masterpiece like AIR and Kanon (2006), and i cried while watching both animes.

This is one reason why i like Clannad, the girls!

Let's start with some summary of the story and character intro:
The story starts with Okazaki Tomoya a delinquent lazy bum which often skips class and also has a delinquent friend, Sunohara Youhei. Some day in the way to school he met a cute brown haired girl, Furukawa Nagisa, talking to herself.
Tomoya once again met Nagisa in the school park and talked to her. He figured that Nagisa wanted to enter Drama club, but the club has already disbanded. Nagisa's dream didn't end there. She, with the help of Tomoya, planned to re-establish Drama club.

The story of Clannad revolves around Tomoya, Nagisa, and their journey to re-establish the drama club and perform a solo show in the school festival. In this journey, they met some beautiful and cute girls who have unique background stories and their own problems.

Need moar Clannad girls in maid costume.

That's it for the introduction, next will be full of spoilers. I'll talk about the characters and their story (and probably visual novel -VN for short- stories).

Furukawa Nagisa
She's the main heroine for this anime. Clannad stories itself will be focused to her path in visual novel. It's all about drama club. In this VN path, Tomoya and Nagisa isn't really dating, but they're always together going here and there.

First is introduction of Tomoya, Nagisa, and friends. Next is about getting minimum member for re-establishing club, Tomoya and Youhei are the victims. But actually they're not the only one. Apparently Kotomi, Kyou, and Ryou also "accidentally" joined this club. I don't know about the visual novel but in the anime version they all joined the club.

After getting enough member, the rest is up to Student council. But the student council at that time was too strict, so Nagisa still couldn't get the club re-established. And appears Sakagami Tomoyo, a candidate for next student council. Tomoya helped Tomoyo getting her elected to be student council, so he could ask Tomoyo to approve the establishment of drama club.

Next part is the climax. School festival is getting near and the club training hard every day. One day before the day, Nagisa discovered the harsh truth about their parents. They had to leave their dreams and open a bakery because Nagisa is too weak and they felt that they couldn't leave Nagisa alone. When the show began, Nagisa couldn't say anything and she ended up crying. Fortunately, her dad came and encouraged her together with her mom and Tomoya.

The show went well, and then Tomoya and Nagisa confessed each other, and they ended up dating.

Clannad itself ended in episode 22. Their life after the confession starts in episode 23, and in episode 24 is another story regarding Tomoyo's path in VN.

My (personal) opinion:
It's somewhat typical to have Nagisa path being the main story of this anime. Nagisa isn't really my favorite character, just like Tsukimiya Ayu. But they also had their VN path became the main story of their anime. Nagisa is cute, and she's somewhat funny in her story, i like when they were embarrassed because something "interesting" happened.
Nagisa's story was OK, but i guess i was somewhat bored with this kind of monopolization of main character and story.

I love Kyou and Tomoyo in yuri action.

Ichinose Kotomi
Kotomi is genius quiet girl. She doesn't have any friend, except Tomoya. She has some kind of relationship with Tomoya in the past. She always keep herself in the library, reading some difficult books. She has a difficulty with communicating with other people, and Tomoya helped her out for that problem.

In the anime version, Kotomi introduced to Nagisa, Kyou, and Ryou for her first friend. She also showed her interest to violin, even though her play is soooooo bad. Her friendship went well for the time being. Kyou even helped her to held a violin recital (concert).

An incident happened. It's a crash between bus and taxi. Although this accident didn't involve the characters directly, Kotomi was somewhat affected with this accident and she loudly, and then she fell unconscious. Then she decided to take some days off from school. Anyway, this incident happened near Kotomi's birthday.

Looking at her condition, Tomoya couldn't resist to remain silent and do nothing. He came to Kotomi's house everyday and he discovered the truth about Kotomi's parent and his own past with Kotomi.

To make up for his own mistake (about forgetting Kotomi), Tomoya started to repair Kotomi's house garden. With the help of his friends, they managed to finish right before Kotomi's birthday. And also in that day they, especially Kotomi, learned the truth about her parents.

My (personal) opinion:
Kotomi is one of my favorite girl in Clannad, especially because of her hair (and breast). In her storyline, Kotomi doesn't need to be Tomoya's girlfriend so KyoAni can insert her story in the anime. I know KyoAni can insert all Kanon's characters' stories, but they can't manage to insert all Clannad's characters' stories in the anime.
Anyway, Kotomi's story isn't that interesting, especially at the part when she cut school after the crash, she didn't make any appearance for some time.

Sakagami Tomoyo with apron and MEGANE!!! WAAANTTTTT!!!!

Sakagami Tomoyo
An energetic and strong girl, right a year below Tomoya. He met her because of her rumor of being strong and popular girl. Youhei, Tomoya's friend, started to challenge her a few times and resulted in complete loss for Youhei, and of course new friend for Tomoya. She actually a candidate for new student council head.

After meeting her for a while, Tomoyo started to do something outrageous. She came by to Tomoya's house every morning to wake him up and made him some food. Damn that Tomoya, he's a lucky bastard. You won't find any girl like that in the world, except your wife or girl from anime. Tomoya, once again with his personality, helped Tomoyo to get elected in student council election. And yeah, he DID help her to be the winner.

In the anime version, Tomoya helped Tomoyo because he wants Tomoyo to be the student council head and approves the drama club. But the VN version is totally different than that. You can see her real VN story in episode 24 of this anime, or the official title is Clannad Another Story : Tomoyo Chapter.

KyoAni really did a great move for this. I know that I'm not the only Tomoyo fans in the world, and this episode greatly pleased Tomoyo fans in the world including me. In this story, Tomoyo and Tomoya were dating, so it's impossible to insert this story in the middle of Clannad anime (Nagisa) story.

As i said above, Tomoyo and Tomoya were dating. The story starts from the point where Tomoyo and Tomoya waited for student council election results. I heard from my friend that in the VN version, while they were waiting there was a kissing scene between them. I don't know why KyoAni cut this part.

Tomoyo has so many things to do when she became student council head. And people believed that Tomoya was just a hindrance for Tomoyo, so he decided to break up with her. After a long wait and all, Tomoyo's dream came true (i won't discuss about her dream). And she decided to came back to Tomoya, with sacrificing all good things like enrolling to great university.

My (personal) opinion:
Tomoyo is once again my favorite character because her megane and her breast. I like her when she started to came to Tomoya's house every morning. I already said this but I'll say it again: KyoAni did a great job for Tomoyo. KyoAni gave people a chance to see animated version of Tomoyo's VN path. I guess KyoAni had a hard time to decide how they'll combine those VN stories together in 1 complete anime. It was a great move to create an extra episode like that.

Megane Fujibayashi Kyou, i... can't stan...d... thi...ss any...moooaaarr...

Fujibayashi Kyou
She's a third year student, same grade with Tomoya. She also has a twin sister, Fujibayashi Ryou. They reminded me of Kagami and Tsukasa, being twin and also long and short haired. As a twin Kyou and Ryou has the same job as class president, and also has the same interest with Tomoya. DAMN YOU CURSED TOMOYAAA!!!!

In the anime Kyou and Ryou only have a supporting role. But in the VN version, Kyou went into some sad and touching love story. Kyou and Ryou both loved Tomoya, with Kyou is a tsundere big breasted girl, and Ryou is a clumsy and cute girl. Very high similarity with the Hiiragi twins, except the love part.

I found out that the lunch together part and the locked in storage part are part of Kyou's path in the VN. I don't know much about her story in VN. The only thing i know is that Kyou loved Tomoya, but she has to hold her feeling because she wants her sister to be happy more than herself. So she decided to help Ryou to win Tomoya's feeling.

I heard from my friend that in the VN, Tomoya ended up dating with Ryou. But after some time Kyou couldn't hold her feeling and also ended up confessing with Tomoya. And in the end, Kyou became Tomoya's girlfriend, leaving Ryou dating another Nagisa.... sorry i mean another guy.

My (personal) opinion:
Kyou is my personal best favorite for recently watched anime. She has her long hair, beautiful face, tsundere personality, and sexy body. But life is unfair. KyoAni made Tomoyo Chapter but i think there will be no Kyou Chapter or something like that. So Kyou fans in the world will cry because there will be no animated version of her VN path. Kyou being a supporting role in this anime is the reason why i cried while watching this anime, especially at the part when Kyou said "we knew that, didn't we" and then cried together with Ryou.

Lyrical Magical Fujibayashi Kyou!

I also watched the movie version and it ended up just like AIR the movie, it's a bad way to do retelling for the story. I heard from my friend that the ending for this movie is somewhat made up. The part where Nagisa passed away and Ushio was born came from After Story, but the ending wasn't from After Story.

So Clannad After Story will be next, and i will look forward to this one. If you noticed, there isn't anything about Ibuki Fuko in this post. It's because i don't want to discuss about her, that's all. It's just i hate this character.

I hope you enjoy, and please tell me if there's anything wrong / mistakes, especially about the visual novel parts. Well that's it for this long rant.

26 July 2008

Wireless flash system

PT-04 Receiver.

Yesterday i was rather sick and have to rest myself on the bed the whole day (watching anime XD), so i couldn't get this topic posted at the right time. This is the continuation of the last post, imitating figure pose with figma. You might wanna ask what are those 2 things in the photo above? Look back at the title of this post and guess what are those.

It's actually a wireless hotshoe and the remote. It used radio frequency to transmit the signal to fire the flash. The thing with the button is the remote, and you put that on your camera hotshoe. While the other is the receiver, you put your external flash on it. As the name implies, it's a wireless flash system, and it enables you to fire the external flash in different place from the camera.

This is the environment, i don't have to carry the whole camera+flash.

I used this system for photos in last post. You may find that there are no significant effect in the photos. The real use for this system is to create a studio lighting effect using cheap / standard DSLR equipment. There won't be any different if the flash used only 1 unit. Recommended number for studio lighting effect is 2-4 units. That way you can create a beautiful effect in your photos.

Why do you need so many number of flash? Have you ever use normal desk lamps for figure shooting? You can use 1, 2, or maybe more of them, depending on the background you use. Brighter background needs more lighting, because you'll need to make the background as bright as your normal eyes saw it.

If we're talking about lighting, whether it is flash or it is desk lamp, there are 4 lightings you'll need, and those lightings are placed in different place.
- First is main object lighting which will light the main object. This light is the real deal, you might want this light to be diffused so the shadow won't be hard.
- Second is secondary object lighting which will light the object from a different side. This light can be a weaker light, or reflector, or whatever. It's used to reduce the shadow but that doesn't mean you have to make the shadow disappear.
- Third is hair light. This is just for support, to make it brighter and gives a natural feeling.
- Last is BG light. You have to make this light strong enough, in order to make the shadow in the BG disappear. You won't need this lighting if you use a black background, but you'll need this light if you use a bright background.

The flash wasn't on my body, but on the tripod.

This setting is basic and standard setting for studio lighting. You might want to experiment with these lightings first, and try to get the lighting at your own preferences. Well that's it for today.

24 July 2008

Imitating figure pose with figma

Haruhi : "Nanoha, do what i said correctly!"
Nanoha: "ye.. Yes!"

After some consecutive hauls coming at me and stopped at the last haul Elwing, i've entered waiting session, waiting for Chua Churam, figma Fate, and figma Konata in this late July - early August. This waiting session added with long college holiday seasoning making me thinking something unusual.

It's Haruhi Alter version, to be released in November 2008.

This unusual thing is once again can be accomplished with figma. I said unusual but not really that crazy like When figma meet figma post. I tried to imitate figures' pose with figma. Most of you should already know that figma is known for its flexibility, and that flexibility challenges you to be creative when playing with figma.

I don't have any miniature bag, so i changed it with Toranoana Haruhi's guitar.

Alter's Haruhi, will be released in November 2008, inspired me yesterday. While browsing and ordering this figure in Play-Asia, i accidentally saw my figma Haruhi which is also the same character and wear the same clothes. Then a thought came up in my mind: "What if i make my figma to do Alter's Haruhi pose?". And this is the result.

Haruhi : "Can you do Kureha's pose?"
Nanoha : "I.. I'll try!"

This morning i decided to play with figma and do a little photoshot with them. I used figma to imitate figure that i recently had, like Kureha, Elwing, Fate, Reinforce, and Meifeng. I used Nanoha figma for imitating figure that holds weapon, and Haruhi for the figure without weapon / other held objects.

Haruhi : "Oiii... you're not imitating her well you know!"
Nanoha : "So...sorry!"

These 2 photos above is for Kotobukiya Kureha. This pose it's actually rather difficult since rotated figma body looks weird, so i didn't rotate the body as much as Kureha. I also never took any careful look at Kureha's left arm. Apparently Kureha's left arm is straightened, but not in this figma Nanoha.

Haruhi : "Okay, that's it for Kureha. Now do what Elwing does!"
Nanoha : "Eeee? Why me again? When will your turn arrive?"

This time is Elwing's turn to be imitated. When i first look at her promotional photos, i had the feeling that she's looking somewhat above. So i made this figma Nanoha to look above, but i guess even Elwing doesn't look that high.

Haruhi : "Okay, okay! This time i'll pose, right after you."
Nanoha : "Yay! Who'll you imitate?"

I wasn't in my room when i did this photoshoot, and i didn't bother to look at the original figure. So there's a 100% chance that i'll make mistake at imitating the pose. Elwing's upper body is actually leans forward a little, and she has her arms straight, unlike Nanoha in this photo above. Well, i'm not looking for 100% pose imitation, it's kinda hard to get the figma do a difficult pose.

Haruhi : "Nanoha, do you recognize who's actually doing this pose?"
Nanoha : "Yes, it's Hayate's yuri device things
unison device, Reinforce!"

Next is Reinforce's turn. Reinforce actually has a very simple pose, and she doesn't even held anything in her hand, so i made Haruhi pose for her. When i tried to made this pose, i realized that figma Haruhi's upper arm can't be lifted over her shoulder. So a perfect imitation is impossible.

Haruhi : "Look Nanoha, i can even float like Rein does!"
Nanoha : "That's great Haruhi!"

But still, imitating Reinforce's pose is considered to be easy task. Reinforce's base tells us that she's floating in her pose, so i had to made figma Haruhi also float. Well figma's base helped me to do such a thing. But this base actually has a weakness.

Nanoha : "Haruhi, look at me! This is the legendary Liu Meifeng's cool pose!"
Haruhi : "Ooohh! That's nice Nanoha!"

While imitating Meifeng's dynamic pose, i noticed some problems with figma base. First is that support. The support isn't that long and tall, so you can't get the figma floating high. Second, the "thing" (don't know what's it called) that connect the support with the back of the figure doesn't really enter deep enough. So you'll find the figure will get off the support easily while you're playing with it.

Nanoha : "Haruhi... I think i still want to play imitating like this."
Haruhi : "Sure it's okay with me."

And the third problem is, the main base doesn't have significant weight that can withstand any kind of pose and position the figure had. This Meifeng's pose was actually made Nanoha fall once, because i put it to forward, and the base can't really hold her weight forward.

Haruhi : "Ooohhh, that's a pretty cool pose Nanoha. Where's it come from?"
Nanoha : "It came from my lover, Fate Testarossa"

This is the last, it's Fate Testarossa. This time the problem is her hand. Not really a flaw from the figure or anything. It's just that her i can make her arm facing downward, but not her hand. Her fixed hand made the Raging Heart facing up, unlike Fate's Bardiche which is facing downward.

Haruhi : "You... you had a lover? I thought you love me?"
Nanoha : "I'm sorry Haruhi, but i really can't forget her... Sorry...."

So that's it for today's weird idea. Look forward for my next weird ideas... if there's any. :P

22 July 2008

Fate Testarossa - Alter

Fate Testarossa.

Sorry for the late update, i said that it would be on Sunday / Monday but i posted this Tuesday. I had too many works yesterday so i don't have any time to post this. Anyway, she's Fate Testarossa, yet another Nanoha series masterpiece made by Alter.

Yet another Alter's masterpiece.

Talk about Alter, I'm still hoping that they would release Teana Lanster and Fate Strikers version. Anyway, this figure has a very high popularity. The first release was of course, out of stock everywhere. And the second release was also gone out of preorder fast enough. While Liu Meifeng is very popular, the figure didn't gone out of preorder in her re-release preorder session.

No extra feature, no problemo.

This figure is actually has no extra feature except her glossy paint. No feature doesn't mean that she isn't a good figure. The quality of the figure came mainly from the sculpt, not from the feature. And i know this figure is very well sculpted and painted.

Glossy paint on her cape.

You might wanna look at her cape first. I said about glossy paint before. Some parts of this figure are painted with glossy material. Glossy paint can reflect light harder, while doff paint diffuse and reflect light softer. So you can see spectrum light and even see a reflection of things around this figure.

The huge cape isn't gonna create unbalance.

This cape reminded me of the box of this figure. The size of her actual body isn't that huge. Her body height doesn't even reach Haruhi MF version. So this cape is the reason why is the box is huge. Some of you may think that this cape can cause unbalance and make this figure leans to the back. After getting this figure i tried to observe and lift it. The cape is actually light, and it screwed on the back of this figure. Good job Alter!

Detail on the stockings.

Back to glossy paint. Her cape is just an example of glossy paint, there are some other parts of this figure that are painted with glossy paint. Her stockings also have a glossy paint. Anyway, i didn't even notice this red line and 3 shapes on her stockings in the anime, and this figure helped me realize what kind of details i missed in the anime.

Mini skirt detail, flawless.

In this form, Fate wears a mini skirt with red crossed belt. I like mini skirt and she's actually cute with this skirt. And i don't really like Fate in her whatever (forgot the name) form which in that form she take off her cape and skirt in order to get more speed. Anyway, i can't even see any flaw of paintworks in this figure. Once again i can say, Good job Alter!

Her right hand grabs Bardiche.

Moving on to her hands. There's nothing particular in her hand, except her hand is glossy painted. This hand can't really grab the Bardiche tight enough. It's so loose that if you touch the Bardiche, it would fall off easily. But her hand can still hold the Bardiche without falling in normal untouched condition.

It's Bardiche Assault, not just Bardiche.

I forgot to mention that this Fate is based on Fate from Nanoha A's, so this sword is not Bardiche, but it's Bardiche Assault. This is the Bardiche has the ability to Load Cartridge, just like Hayate's guardian knight. Nanoha and Fate decided to add this capability so they can fight the knights equally, eventhough it's risky.

Bardiche Assault in Zanber mode.

This is Bardiche in Zanber mode. It's a great sword, and I'm surprised that a little girl like Fate can handle this sword very well and fast. Well of course it's anime, and anything can happen in anime. Zanber Bardiche is a great sword, but it also equipped with an unusually long sword hilt, longer than a normal great sword.

Red armband and a metal gauntlet on her right arm.

That's it for her right hand and Bardiche Assault, moving on to her left hand. First, let's look on to her right upper arm. There's a red armband and i just realized this after looking at my photos, not after i received the figure, this is even worse. Next, let's look at her hand and lower arm, there's an metal coated gauntlet / armor / whatever. I've seen this in the anime, but i don't what's it used for.

Metallic material feeling on her shoes.

Notice that her shoes also have the same material used on the gauntlet. Talk about material, once again Alter made a very good job on creating material effect. Using customized paint, they can made a feeling of metallic material on the shoes.

This yellow aura is actually that "burst".

Let's move on to another topic. I bought this from Play-Asia, and i remember the item's title sounded like Fate Testarossa : burst version. I'm still confused what's burst version referenced to. Is it Fate's "normal form", or is it the yellow aura thing under her feet? Well i assumed that the burst is reference for this yellow aura.

Is she floating or flying or else?

What is this burst anyway? I think it's somewhat like a force used by Fate to push her up floating / flying to the sky. Well, that's for me, and for you, use your imagination. It's somewhat a weird combination between her feet stance, her pose, and the burst. I can't really say it, but it's weird.

This flat chest is going to be the biggest breast in Nanoha Strikers.

I bought some of my figure because of sexiness, and i know that this Fate is still a loli with somewhat flat chest. But you know, this breast is going to be a sexy big breast. She developed a lot, and in Nanoha Strikers i think Fate has the biggest breast.

Forbidden pantie and butt shot.

Okay, this is the forbidden pantie shot. Her mini skirt is lifted up, so it's easy to get a pantie shot. She has a nice butt, even for a little girl, and once again this butt will be the sexiest butt in Nanoha series.

A beautiful flaw, i accidentally did this :P.

Did you notice that the pantie shot above is kinda red? Well i made an effect similar to this photo. I accidentally made this cool effect. With the help of red background, i used an external flash bounced NOT to the roof, but to the red surface. Bouncing light to a colored surface can produce a colored light. If you bounce it to red surface, then it will return a red light, and this photo above is the result.

Her face is somewhat cute, from this angle.

From the first part of this post, i haven't put any closed up face photo. Do you know why? Because her face is very special part of this figure, and special parts always came late.

This is the POI of this figure, the face.

And i declared that her face is the Point of Interest of this figure. I know that Reinforce's face is her POI, but i can't resist looking closely to Fate's face. A deep emotion is written on her face. That deep emotion is somewhat alive, and this figure can even show that emotion better than a normal anime.

Must be observe from a close distance or close up photos.

There's a total 4 photos of her face in this post, and 4 photos are considered a lot of photos for just 1 parts (that's for me). I can't get tired of watching and keep taking photograph of her face. You won't find such an emotion like this on other figures or anime scene. And you can't see this emotion if you don't observe her face closely. I just noticed this after my first shot on her face.

This ribbon is a symbol of love.

And not to forget, the detail on her head. This ribbon is the symbol of love between Fate and Nanoha. I know they loved each other, and this photo is a symbol that I'm happy for them.

Anyway, in the first season of Nanoha series, they did a ribbon exchange. And in Nanoha A's, Fate in normal human form wore a pink ribbon that Nanoha gave, and Nanoha in normal human form wore a black ribbon that Fate gave. But did you notice that the ribbon turned back to original color when they used their battle jacket?

The best photo of her face i ever did (i think).

My holiday is just 2 weeks left and i only have 1 figure left to photograph (Elwing). Just look forward to it.

18 July 2008

Reinforce Zwei - Alter

Reinforce Zwei.

Reinforce Zwei, a loli character from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers. If you watch Nanoha A's, you'll know that this character was a cold, not cute, but sexy girl with ultimate power. But after a sad farewell and magical transforming (helped by Nanoha), she became a loli fairy who also became Hayate's office assistant and Hayate's pleasure... i mean, unison device.

Loli face... wait, it's not just the face.

While Nanoha and Fate were doing their yuri action, Hayate was left alone and Reinforce came to the rescue and become her Yuri pairing. Rein can even enter Hayate's body, giving her pleasure from the inside.

Reinforce by Alter, god of Nanoha series figure.

Enough chit-chatting about her role in the anime, and let's talk about the figure. This non-scaled figure was made by my favorite manufacturer Alter. I think Alter will be my favorite manufacturer because they keep making Nanoha figures. But I'm not a fanatics who only buy from their favorite brand only. I enjoy every pretty figure as long as they're well made.

Point of interest for this figure is....

After today photo session (Fate Testarossa, not Reinforce), i decided to make a small feature called Point Of Interest (POI). At this parts, I'll mention 1 (and only one) part that interests me the most. And this feature will always appear at every post about figure photoshot / review, not in the haul.

Her POI is her loli face.

And for this figure's POI is, her face! Yes... Reinforce Zwei is the symbol of loliness, and you'll know that she's a real loli queen from her face. Well, of course her body does have sign of loliness, but why face? Notice that her eyes is big, and with that kind of emotion on the face, you can tell that she's a cute and innocent little girl.

Deliciously Flat Chest, another sign of loliness.

Some of you may say that DFC (Deliciously Flat Chest) is main symbol of loliness. Yeah, that's one of some factors which decide how great her loliness level is. But i can say that Mikuru and Miyuki is a loli faced character even though they have big breast. Loliness can also be decided by personality, but we won't talk about loliness too much for now.

So much detail missed in anime can be seen in this figure.

Before getting this figure, i didn't even know that Reinforce has so many details like her skirt, book, and any other parts like that. Because Reinforce in this battle jacket appeared only in so small time, that it's very hard to watch any detail on her outfit. The only detail i remembered on Reinforce is her hairpin, because when she's not in battle she still wears that hairpin.

I never saw that ring in the anime.

Here's another example of detail i missed on the anime. Let alone the ring (see photo above), i didn't even know that she's wearing a different length stockings. Well, she IS small in the real size, no wonder i can't see so many pretty details like this.

Cute and small hand, another proof of loliness.

This is another sign of loliness, her hands. It's so small, like a child's hands. Talk about size, i wonder if her real size is really the size of this figure. Officially, this figure is non-scaled figure, but i think this figure is really 1/1 figure, just like Maple, fairy from Shining Tears, made by President Japan.

Another pretty detail about her shoes.

Okay, yet another detail i missed in the anime. Have you ever see a Bardiche-like gold triangle on her shoes. I missed this, and i just knew this AFTER i got this figure. Don't say that you're a hardcore fan of Nanoha fans if you don't know about this little figure.

Buch Der Klares wetter, Reinforce's device.

Next is her device. I knew that her device is a blue book, but i didn't know her device's name and i also didn't know that there's a Hayate's device mark on the book cover. Her device's name is Buch Der Klares wetter(Storage:Book) or so it said on the base.

Reinforce without her cape.

For you castoff figure fans, there will be no wide open panties. You have to peek from down below if you want to see her light blue colored panties. For this figure, you can only take off her lower cape off. She's actually pretty cool with the cape off, just with the vest and the mini skirt.

The book is really floating, with the help of real magic.

O yeah, i just remembered about flying book. Before this figure was actually released, people (including me) still confused with the book, about how it actually float. The secret already revealed all around the net after the release. But how to create a photos that make the book looks really float, that's the challenge. For you fellow reader, i want to ask you: does the book look really float to you?

That's it for now. Next update will be Fate Testarossa from Alter, expect it on Sunday / Monday.