07 July 2008

Teana Lanster - Movic

Teana Lanster - Movic

It's already holiday and i still doing photo session rarely. I've done this photo session last Friday, i've done it with my friends (Joan and Nico), they are the persons who helped me at Nendoroid photoshot. In this photo session, i had Teana Lanster (Movic) and Kureha (Kotobukiya) photographed.

My favorite character from Nanoha Strikers.

I got this Teana Lanster back in March 2008 for IDR 580000 (USD 60, JPY 5800). Teana Lanster is one of my favorite character from Nanoha Strikers. She's the leader of Strikers squad. Some of my friend said that Teana doesn't have great power, weak, and all. But i like twintailed girl, and i like dual weapon wielding girl.

Her vest and skirt are nicely made.

Some people don't really like Movic quality. I had a hard time deciding to buy this or not, because i had a dilemma. If i didn't buy this figure, then i would miss out the only PVC figure of my favorite character. But if i bought this figure, then i would have to deal with Movic quality. I had a little doubt of Movic quality, they can't make things nice and clean like Alter, Kotobukiya, Max Factory, and Good Smile.

Her aiming face looks cool.

After i bought this figure, i quickly checked all her body parts, legs, arms, hand, foots, skin, face, hair, and all things that came with this figure. At first glance, you can see that her skin is pale, and also a little glossy. A good figure came with a nice colored and doff skin.

Note : glossy surface can reflect light harder than a doff surface.

Sometimes people judge figure quality by the face. Just look at Teana's face, eyes are important factor that determine figure face quality, and her eyes are (still) good. The best eyes i ever seen are made by Max Factory.

I can't see her breast, not sexy.

Movic figure's skin isn't that good, but her clothing is well made. Details, painting and shading are still okay. You can still see flawed paint on the edge of her vest, but you won't see a little detail like that unless you check it closely. Teana Lanster wears vest styled clothing, skirt, stockings, shoes, and gloves. So her open body parts are only her arms and small parts of her legs. So i had no worry about her skin flaw like i said before.

Detail at her skirt and her belt.

Looking at her skirt, it's safe to say that Movic done her clothing well. Her belt and details at her skirt are well made. This figure is made by Movic, and Movic's quality is doubted by people, so i made this post to clear your doubt. So you can decide what will you do if you had a favorite character figure released by Movic.

Visible plastic line on her stockings.

Skin, face, and all things i mentioned above are still on my tolerance rate. This is the worst part of this figure. Plastic line all over the arms and leg. You probably won't see the plastic line on her arms, but you can see this clearly on her stockings. The photo above proved it. Plastic line are things that you don't want to see on a figure, it shows that this figure isn't that soft and clean.

Cross Mirage, dual gun device that only has 2 forms.

Cross Mirage, Teana's device, is on of the coolest device in Nanoha series i ever seen. While Fate's Bardiche and Nanoha's Raging Heart are focused on their ability to transform to other forms, Teana has to deal with the enemies with just 2 forms of this device. I like her not just because of twintail, but she's cool, smart, and skilled.

Magic circle base, unique.

This figure got unique base, a magic circle. But a unique base won't really affect figure overall quality. So i don't really care about this base. Anyway, this is the first time i used mini studio setup with my Canon Speedlite 580EX II, and it turn out that using external flash with high power is effective for bright background but not white background.

Creating shadow with reflector background.

At first i tried to use white background, but i guess 1 external flash can't really make the whole setup bright, so i still have to avoid usage of white background for now. I planned on getting 2 wireless hotshoe slave (PT-04) and buying another cheap external flash. This way, i can use white background.

Extreme RGB level editing.

The second photo used white colored background, but it didn't get that white after the shot. I extremely increased the RGB level and the brightness, and the result are that photo. The original photo result has grayish background. And this experiment proved that you can't combine the usage of photography flash with desk lamp, you have to choose one of them.

Well, that's it for now. Next will be Kureha (Kotobukiya) photos, i'll post them tomorrow.


  1. Nice job on the shoot!!!!!!!
    I want all the Nanoha series figures!!!!!
    Sadly, there isn't much Fate figures around and some of the Nanoha figures here are expensive...
    I want still...

  2. The movic version all look weird to me...

  3. @Rin
    Thanks man. Just get figma Nanoha and/or figma Fate. Good quality, fun to play, yet it's cheap.

    There's no other Teana Lanster than this, so no option for me.

  4. nice review for Teanna

    that visible seamlines on her feet looks nasty :(

    I hope Alter will release Teana and Subaru..

  5. @ron~
    Thanks man. Oh, so that "plastic line" thing is called seamlines.

    We also have the same hope my friend. Alter's Teana would be great.