27 August 2009

One year (and 2 months) of gaming with PS3


Playing with PS3 for 1 year (and 2 months).

Last holiday, 26th June 2009, I’ve reached the 1st year of owning PS3. But i didn’t have the chance to post since i was gone MIA in Duri – Riau back there. And after 2 months, i remembered and took the chance just to post this up. So yeah, today I’m celebrating 1 year (and 2 months) of gaming with my PS3.

PS3 system is totally incredible. I never knew that 6 cores of microprocessors would give such performance. I almost never experienced any lags or framing or even freezing (except the game itself caused it, like Midnight Club LA).

The games are also awesome, except there were so little number of games that go boom like the past FF7 or games like that. But waiting between each games can be annoying, it took pretty long time between one great game and another games. Sometimes i also blindly hoped for something crazy (unannounced at first) like English version of Cross Edge (it took some months from the Japan release for the announcement of English version), Tales of Vesperia (from X360, but there’s still no news for the English version), etc.

Online experience? well… i don’t think so. Thanks to my wireless router and PS3 WiFi ability, i don’t have to pull a ethernet cable from my router to PS3. I am using a 1 – 1.5 Mbps internet connection, still too slow for online gaming. So far i only played PS Home and browsing PS Store. Tried once played Soul Calibur 4 online, but it’s totally filled with lags and disconnections.


Our stack of PS3 games.

See the photo above? That’s the stack of me and my 2 bros’ games, worth of 1 year (and 2 months) collecting. The stack under Yoko is stack of finished games, and the stack under Louise is stack of unfinished games. Let me go to details of how “we” are doing (now) on those games:

Left stack:

  • Ninja Gaiden Sigma (mine): finished it once, never touch it anymore.
  • Ratchet & Clank Quest for Booty (my bros, both): totally finished it, it’s a VERY SMALL adventure which is easily finished in 2 hours.
  • Midnight Club Los Angeles (me): 95% finished, finished the story and paid USD 1 million and get all cars and parts free, but haven’t finished every kings available (exotic, muscle, tuner, etc).
  • Ridge Racer 7 (me and my 1st bro): my bro passed me, he reached stages where you have to beat special cars and own it if you win.
  • GTA 4 (my 1st bro): finished the whole story.
  • Dynasty Warriors 6 (all): finished all musou mode.
  • MGS4 (my 1st bro): finished with Big Boss Emblem owned.
  • Ratchet & Clank Future Tools for Destruction (my bros, both): totally finished and almost 100%.
  • Folklore (my 2nd bro): finished it (don’t really know the details though).
  • Gundam Musou 2 (all): finished all story, i used Lunamaria, my 1st bro used Kira and reached the last ultimate mission in mission mode.
  • Golden Axe (my 2nd bro): finished the story, it’s a pretty bad game.
  • Enchanted Arms (my 1st bro): finished the story (don’t know the details).
  • Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (my 1st bro): almost finished all of the available races.
  • Soul Calibur 4 (me and my 1st bro): there’s no finish in fighting game, just stopped playing.

Right stack:

  • Eternal Sonata (me and my 1st bro): played until i reached first time meeting Viola, never played it since then, looking for a good time after beating Valkyria Chronicles.
  • Disgaea 3 (me and my 1st bro): i stopped at the last chapter, my 1st bro reached Laharl and friends.
  • Cross Edge (me): haven’t even removed the protective plastic seal yet (ZOMGWTFLOL!!!).
  • Burnout Paradise (my 1st bro): finished the whole race and reached the maximum level, and downloaded the new bike upgrade. Played online with this.
  • LittleBigPlanet (my 2nd bro): finished the whole offline game. Rarely played with online level.
  • NFS Undercover (me): played it once until i got my 1st pink slip, left it dead since then.
  • Hot Shot Golf (my 1st bro): don’t how he’s progressing but he reached the 2nd row characters.
  • inFamous (my 1st bro): finished the hero scenario, restarted with bad guys scenario.
  • Elder Scroll 4 Oblivion (my bros, both): i don’t know how they’re progressing, it’s a bad game for me though, but they say it’s a great game.
  • BlazBlue (all): finished arcade for Jin, Noel, Litchi, Taokaka, Tager, and Hakumen. I main Noel, sub Litchi, and tried Taokaka, my 2nd bro main Jin, sub Tager, and tried Hakumen, and my 1st bro main Ragna. Haven’t tried the story yet, all we play is just versus and versus.
  • Valkyria Chronicles (me): reached the last chapter, exactly at the 2nd last battle.

And that’s how we’re doing with our games right now. Most of my games were left behind because of my school work. That’s why i still left my Cross Edge unopened. I planned on beating Valkyria ASAP and start Cross Edge right after that while doing Eternal Sonata with my bro. Damn, that’s pretty crazy multitasking i guess XD. For you who hava multiple games on hand, how do you manage your games?

Well, that’s all for now, pretty short post today. So, see you later!

24 August 2009

Nagato Yuki - Alter


Nagato Yuki.

After almost a week of absence, let me bring you another photo shoot a.k.a. review for another beautiful figure from my collection. It’s Nagato Yuki, everyone knows who she is already, so I’ll skip the character introduction (if you still don’t know who she is, proceed to Wiki or Google). Anyway, this figure itself is manufactured by Alter and was released back around March-April 2009.


Manufactured by Alter.

Alter released this after their first Haruhi, and i guess this Yuki can be included as a series with that previous Haruhi. FYI, this Yuki has the same base style with Haruhi: white and has big Y letter carved on it, just like Haruhi’s H letter.


Not your usual Yuki here.

Yuki figure this time has an expression and body pose that kinda deviates the usual Yuki. She’s the type of silent character with exceptionally null and flat expression. But in this figure, she somewhat moved her eyebrows up a bit, making a little expression, it’s very little but it’s not her usual expressionless face.


Dynamic pose.

And not only her expression, but also her body pose, also looks unusual. I didn’t do any research of where this pose come from, never found any official illustration of Yuki with that pose. I think it could be Alter’s original idea, just like the other dynamic posed figures Alter made.


Taking of her glasses.

I heard that there was a limited version of this figure, with her holding a book between her hand and her lips, pretty sensual. For Yuki with megane fans, you maybe kinda disappointed because she doesn’t wear that glasses. Maybe she’s taking it off.


“Is there something on my face?” or “Do i look good without my glasses"?”

With a closer look on her face, you could just imagine what’s she trying to say? For me, her face is, like, trying to say: “please don’t stare me like that, I’m embarassed” or something to that effect. Depending on how you translate a figure face, you could get another interesting line right from staring at her face.


Great sculpt, better skin tone.

Putting aside the thought about her expression in this figure, Alter really did a great job on Yuki. The sculpt is as usual: totally great, and one thing i like is the skin tone is getting better. I know this involves my personal preferences but i guess her skin isn’t as pale as Haruhi.


Her face from her right side.

Tried some angle with this figure. Turned out pretty good, except you missed her unique expression a little bit. Anyway, for this Yuki photo session, i originally planned on using blue background with my Logitech keyboard as the base, but i changed my mind and borrowed my bro’s laptop for the base (and accidentally the black screen as background). Black is neutral, so i guess there’s not much problem with the color combination.

Photography tips:

For you Canon user, you can combine your camera RAW settings, Canon’s Digital Photo Professional software, and the picture style files from Canon’s website. You can view and get more picture style files here. As i said before, shooting using RAW gives you 2 advantages: image better and sharper than JPG (lossless) and it enables you to change your photo settings you’ve set in your camera (like Picture Style, White Balance, etc). Combining this RAW editing ability in DPP and new picture style files, you can open more possibilities of having great colored photos.

FYI, i used Studio Portrait picture style from Canon’s website. The color tone and the brightness are somewhat synchronized with studio lamp, or in my case: wireless flash.

I guess this tip is pretty much Canon specific, but i guess the other camera brand should have their own software and their picture style file, so be sure to check out your camera manufacturer’s website and search for more.


Back side.

Anyway, back to the review. Yuki this time really has a sensual pose. I do hope Alter combined their idea of dynamic / sensual pose with a selection of unique costume. That idea has yet to be realized so far.


Flat… common knowledge.

Going in to detailed parts, Yuki’s chest is, as you all know, flat. She’s one of the DFC character. So i won’t bother taking a closer look on her chest. Instead, i give you an almost full view of her body and uniform.


Right hand.

Don’t be tricked by the power of macro lens. I know her hand looks dirty there, but don’t worry, it’s not a factory defect, just plain dirty. Another thing to notice is seams on the side of her thumb. Oh and forgot to mention, painted fingernails!


Her left hand.

And her left hand, the one that hold that legendary Yuki’s glasses, also has those painted fingernails. I intentionally take a shot from this angle, knowing that i would get a dark and ugly result, just to show you Alter’s painted fingernails. Too bad, because of the power of macro lens, another seams is visible in the photo. Don’t worry though, those seams won’t be visible if you view it using your own normal eyes.


Nagato Yuki no Megane (The Glasses of Nagato Yuki).

And this is her legendary glasses. Kyon erased this glasses from its very existence by just saying “You look good without the glasses”. Damn Kyon! You destroyed the hope of all megane fans out there in the whole world!


Great sculpt on the details.

Moving on to the lower part, around her ribbon and sirt. Pretty much detailed, it’s not the main part of this figure, but it still looks great as parts from this figure. As always, Alter did a perfect job on this detailed parts.


Lower part.

Her cardigan is also beautifully sculpted. Everything looks nice, including the fold and wrinkles on the cardigan, and the edge parts of the cardigan. Pretty cool! Anyway, you can see the lines on the shoeprints, somewhat rough for me.


A view from above.

Nonetheless, this figure is a great figure, one of the best Yuki out of all Yuki figures ever released. I guess the other great Yuki figure is Yuki gekisou from Max Factory. The other great thing from this figure is she’s kneeling, so you don’t have to worry about leaning, connecting with the pegs, etc. You could just put her on wherever place flat, all you want.


90 percent…

…of you will look at the left part of the photo XD . Anyway, the main object of this photo is her left leg. Don’t worry dude, maybe I’m also in that 90% XD .


Mandatory pantie shot for those 90%.

And for those 90% of people who looked at the left part, I’ll give you a clearer and bigger view of her pantie. Don’t worry people, pantie shot is always a mandatory for every figure photo session XD .


Depending on how you see it, you could say this is an ero pose. XD

My wild imagination started each time i looked at this photo. She has just started by taking off her glasses. Next, she takes off her cardigan, lowering her skirt, takes off her shirt, and she’s ready to play with you XD .


Which one do you prefer? Kneeling or laying down?

Tried a few shot with her laid down on the keyboard. Turned out prety good i guess. It could be better if i used something like cotton or something soft like pillow or just plain white cloth, just to give a “laying on bed” feeling.


Be ready people, be ready to assault her. *Evil laugh*

Damn, this Yuki is tempting, even though she’s not sexy, she gives that ero / sensual feeling. I need to find and read Yuki H doujin after this XD .


POI: ero pose!

The POI of this figure is of course her ero pose. I’ve seen much ero figures, but i never seen any normal figures with a ero pose. From this angle, she looks like she’s ready to accept you and your dirty desire.

Well, that’s all for you hungry wolves! Be sure to follow the updates for more prey figure photos and anime stuffs. So see you later!

18 August 2009

Epic Win

Epic Win

Haruhi x K-On! = instant total epic win!

This picture is made of pure epic win! Totally cool!!!! Haruhi and K-On! in one picture with the characters swapping costume each other. Mio in Haruhi’s gekisou costume, Haruhi in Mio’s gothic costume, and Mugi in Yuki’s gekisou costume, and the rest of them are total instant win.

Too bad there’s no wallpaper resolution of this picture. >.<

I’d say this is epic, that’s all! Via DannyChoo member news posted by p00hax0r. Original source from Gelbooru.

17 August 2009

Indonesia references in anime


Picture totally irrelevant, just made of epic win.

Today, 17th of August: we, Indonesian, are commemorating Indonesia’s Independence Day. And that’s why, i, as an Indonesian too, also am commemorating Indonesia’s Independence Day by bringing you a few Indonesia references i found in anime.

Oh, for some people, this post could contain SPOILERS for CLANNAD, Code Geass R2, and Index-tan. So yeah, just watch out while reading it.


CLANNAD, Kotomi’s arc, around the ending.

This is the first reference: CLANNAD (first season). It happens in Kotomi’s arc, right at the ending. That “warui otoko” guy came to Kotomi and gave her the suitcase, with a bear for Kotomi’s birthday present from her parents. The parents died in plane accident and that suitcase dropped in the middle of nowhere. There was also a letter in the suitcase telling “If you find this suitcase, please take it to my daughter”. The suitcase found by someone from country to country around the world, including Indonesia.

The screenshot above doesn’t really tells that it was in Indonesia, but if you heard the lines, you’ll know that the person talking said that line in Indonesian.


Code Geass R2, total revolt in Chinese federation.

Next reference came from Code Geass R2. It happens in Chinese federation part, where the Eunuch generals tried to sell Tianzi to Britannia, but the Black Knight foiled that plan by broadcasting Eunuch generals evil plan to the Chinese federation and triggered a revolt in the whole Chinese federation, including Jakarta.

Apparently, Jakarta, which is the capital of Indonesia, already became a main city in Chinese federation. Heck, i think the whole Indonesia was already under the power of Chinese federation. In the screenshot, the subtitle already said Jakarta but the map hasn’t reached Indonesia yet.


Index-tan, last part in first episode: my favorite!

The last reference is the best IMO. It’s in Index-tan, almost the end of first episode of Index-tan. The actual scene is about Index and Touma were going to public bath, and in Index-tan, Index asked this: “Nashi goreng te nanii?”. I totally LOLed after hearing this. Anyway, Nasi Goreng is Indonesian fried rice, and it’s one of my favorite afterschool lunch.

Well, yeah… that’s it for commemorating Indonesia independence day. I’ll be taking my leave. See you at the next post.

14 August 2009

Shugo Chara


Shugo Chara!

Hi! I’m back for more anime review. I did say that I’ll be choosing what’s next by random, and the randomizer’s result today fell to Shugo Chara. To be honest, i was introduced to Shugo Chara kinda late by my friend evangeline88 (at least that was HIS nickname in HIS myanimelist), IIRC Shugo Chara Doki was already at around its 60th episode. At first i was uninterested because of its “childish magical girl” theme, but in the end i decided to try and got attached to the end.

Anyway, as always: SPOILERS WARNING. You’ve been warned, if you want to proceed while knowing the risk, please do so.


Guardian, Shugo Chara, Embryo, Easter, etc, etc, etc.

Shugo Chara! revolves around a girl, named Hinamori Amu and her friends of course: the Guardian, and their life as Guardian with their cute Guardian Character (Shugo Chara). All of the kids in Shugo Chara has a “would-be self” which shaped in an egg form, called Guardian Egg (Shugo Tama). Those eggs are the shape of their would-be self or should i say dream. Kids with bigger strength of heart can make their Guardian Egg hatch and became Guardian Character. Most of the main characters in this anime have their Guardian Eggs hatched to Guardian Characters.

So what’s the conflict? A unusual egg called Embryo is rumored to be the magical egg that can fulfill any wishes. The Guardian main target was to get this Embryo. Of course there would be an enemy who also tried to get this Embryo, the enemy here was a group called Easter. They wanted to get their hands on Embryo by any means necessary. As you can guess, most of the story of this anime will revolves around the battle between Guardian and Easter.


Daily dosage: 1 episode of Shugo Chara per day, watch before sleep.

Even though i said battle and stuffs, this anime is pretty light and pretty fun to enjoy. There are a lot of cute, romantic, heartwarming, friendship, and funny events going on in this anime. But you know, this kind of anime theme always has that “embarrassing” moments or lines or stuffs (just like Akari’s lines in ARIA series). If you want to enjoy some not-so-light anime, you can try Shugo Chara and watch it with daily dosage of 1 episode per day before sleep.


Magical girls anyone?

And for you magical girl fans, Shugo Chara got so many magical girl costume for you. As i said before, this anime is filled with girls and their Guardian Characters. To fight their opponents they transform with their Guardian Characters, do a Character Transformation (Chara Nari, *CMIIW*), and became a cosplayer in an instant. XD


Chara Chen~ji! Chara Nari!

Oh, and before continuing, I’ll let you know more about the basic knowledge of this anime. Character that has Guardian Character can do a Character Change, it’s not really powerful but it can bring out their hidden character like Amu & Ran became an energetic and athletic, Rima & Kusu-kusu became a clown, etc. With more power and miracle, they can do Character Transformation, as i explained above. They use Character Change for everyday life and Character Transformation for fighting dark power.

Talk about the enemy, Easter, they tried to bring out the Embryo by extracting children’s heart’s egg and making it X Egg (Batsu tama). X Egg is a symbol of a people who has already thrown their dream and became desperate. The more they became desperate, the stronger the X Egg, and it could even hatch into an X Character (Batsu chara). Almost all of the 51 episodes of Shugo Chara will be filled with this X Eggs and X Characters and with the Guardian tried to purify them all.

That’s all for the basics, and let’s move on to character by character reviews.


Hinamori Amu: my favorite pink haired girl (even though she’s 5th-6th grader).

Hinamori Amu, a 5th grader, who’s also the main heroine of this anime. She didn’t have much confidence with herself until she made herself an “outside character”, the Cool and Spicy Amu. She looked cool and all on the outside, but on the inside she just didn’t want to lose her confidence and do something stupid. Because of her outside character and her inside wish, 3 eggs “came out” from her and they all hatched to a Guardian Characters.

The Guardian in the school however, believed that Amu who has 3 Guardian Characters with her, was the chosen one and they invited her to Guardian and gave her Humpty Lock. This lock itself still mysterious up until you completed Shugo Chara, the only thing i knew about this is just: this lock helped Amu and her friends perform Character Transformation.


Amu has the best combination of personalities.

Also with the power of Humpty Lock, she was also the only one who can do X Character / X Egg purifying action by doing Open Heart: “Negative Heart lock on! Open Heart!!”. Anyway, for me, Amu is my favorite character. She’s the main heroine and the person who moved the anime forward. She’s cool outside, funny and doesn’t have confidence inside. But she tried to overcome any trouble by believing in her heart’s strength and her friends. In the end, Amu herself could convince all the wavering hearts, including Utau’s heart (Amu’s nemesis).


Fujisaki Nadeshiko: Fujisaki Nagehiko is also HIS name.

Next is the 2nd main girl you met in this anime: Fujisaki Nadeshiko. Although she was Amu’s best friend at the first time, she left in the middle of the season and became *HUGE SPOILER* a guy. Nadeshiko was a nice and kind girl, but her real character was a wild girl. She also acted as Amu’s place to consult for her problems. Anyway, she became a guy in the middle anime, err… sorry… she is actually a he. His actual name is Nagehiko, and his family runs a tradition that a boy in that family has to act as a girl until he reached 5th grade. Just a little sneak peek to Shugo Chara Doki: he’ll came back and live as Nagehiko (boy). Urgh… i guess Nadeshiko can be counted as one of the best trap in anime.


Yuki Yaya: the childish wannabe baby girl.

This is the other Guardian, Yuiki Yaya. She is one childish girl and act as a baby. Heck, her would-be self is baby! For that reason, i kinda hate this character. She’s almost totally useless in the battle until she got her Character Transformation, Dear Baby. Nonetheless, she’s still Amu’s best friend who stayed beside her until the last episode of Shugo Chara.


Mashiro Rima: the God of comedy.

Next character introduced after Nadeshiko left: Mashiro Rima. Even though she was a guardian, she was very unsocial at first. She also was the first Guardian member after Amu who can do Character Transformation. Her outside character was kinda annoying but her would be self is a gag performer, she does like to laugh and do funny stuffs. Amu managed to befriend her and she became another Amu’s yuri harems best friend. I like Rima’s character and her story, but i don’t really like her appearance, i don’t like short girl you know.


Hoshina Utau: incest maniac twintailed blonde girl who likes to sing.

The last character is Hoshina Utau. She was Amu’s arch nemesis, whether in job and in romance (Ikuto). You’ll see her a bit annoying at first. She was one of Easter best employee in order to get the Embryo. By singing and doing character change with her first Guardian Character, Iru, she can bring out audience’s Guardian Eggs and make them X. These scenes happen a lot in the 2nd part of the anime.


She’s actually a good girl.

She’s bad indeed, but in the end of the anime, she was beaten by Amu and became a good character, and even Amu’s best friend (and rival). She’s so beautiful when she’s character transforming with Eru. In the end, she quitted Easter and opened new celebrity agency with her manager. I started to like her nearing the end of the anime, especially in that almost end episode where she and Amu travelled around the city to find place where she can sing (the best part is Amu was wearing megane in that episode!!!).


Black Diamond is the best! (from this anime)

A pretty darn good move to put Mizuki Nana as the seiyuu of Hoshina Utau. Most her song were awesome, i too still attached with her Black Diamond, totally like it! Utau sang 3 main songs in this anime: Meikyuu Butterfly, Black Diamond, and Heartful Song. The first 2 songs were the songs used to extract X Eggs out of audiences’ hearts. And the last song is the song she sang after she quitted Easter.


Mio moe moe kyun open heart!!

This illustration above is Mio doing Open Heart, for me. But for me, it’s Mio doing original move called moe moe kyun beam or whatever you name it.

Well, Mio above marks the end of this review. That’s it for today. See you at the next post!

To Aru Majutsu no Index


To Aru Majutsu no Index.

While waiting for another figure photo session, I’m gonna fill you with updates of anime reviews. You should’ve known that I’ve finished 12++ series in 1 month. So (maybe) the number of anime reviews will also be 12++. I’ll start with To Aru Majutsu no Index, and I’ll be random at choosing which one to do next.

Obviously, beyond this section is full of SPOILERS, so… if you haven’t watched this anime i suggest you stop here. If you already knew the risks, please do proceed.


No basic knowledge.

The story of To Aru Majutsu no Index circles around Kamijyo Touma a very unfortunate boy who lives in Academy City. In this city, science rules and supernatural phenomenon is pretty much normal occurrences. At the first scene, you’ll see is a girl blasting a damn huge electricity wave to a boy who can block that blast totally only with his right hand.

I was pretty much confused and kinda waiting for a clearer information or explanation, but no… i didn’t get any explanation about this city and the people of the city in the early episodes. So i continued on watching this anime without knowing any basic knowledge about the city, the girl, and Touma.

Apparently, i continued on with my own assumption. Here’s my assumption:

- There are 2 kind of supernatural power in this world: magic and esper.

- Academy city is full of esper, and they learned how to use esper abilities in their school.

- Misaka is the highest level of all esper, while Touma is the lowest level a.k.a. level 0, but he has that anti supernatural power right hand.

- Touma’s right hand can block both magic power and esper power.

I knew beforehand that this anime is similar with Shana, but as i remembered, Shana’s early episodes were filled with some basic explanations. It seems each anime has its own way to entertain their viewers by letting them make their own assumptions.

Anyway, this anime is pretty similar with Shana, including on how they split the stories between arcs. So I’ll be reviewing this anime arc by arc.


1st arc: Index is a loli noodle bread eating sister.

The first arc, which is the opening arc is about Index’s arrival on Touma’s apartment. As you can guess, Index’s arrival was pretty much funny: she came with empty stomach, begging for food while hanging on Touma’s veranda. Touma didn’t know at that time, that this was just the beginning.

Index came with some hard explanations about her church, her mission, about that grimoires, and about someone pursued her because of that grimoires. Doesn’t take too much long, someone suspicious calling himself magician: Styil Magnus came and attacked Touma. Not only that, Styil’s friend came and also attacked Touma: she’s Kanzaki Kaori.

Actually they both were Index’s friends and they planned on erasing Index’s memory which is actually a ritual that needs to be done every year in order to keep Index alive. As predicted, Touma found a way to prevent that at the cost of his own memories.

As expected, this arc is just an opening arc. You knew Index, you knew Styil, Kanzaki, Touma, academy city, and some basic knowledges. There’s not much going on here.


2nd arc: Touma’s first job, rescuing Himegami Aisa.

The next arc is pretty short. It’s about Touma’s first job as Index’s friends helper. Styil asked him to get Himegami Aisa from someone (forgot his name) who can do crazy magic (Ars Magna) which can turn his thought into reality. This arc doesn’t really important for story advancement. The only things significant here are: that man was Index’s previous partner even before Styil and Himegami Aisa joined Index’s group in Touma’s place.

Starting from this arc, i realized that Index’s role wasn’t that much even though the title of this anime is Index.


3rd arc: Misaka Mikoto and MISAKA sisters.

The 3rd arc is unexpectedly long. It’s about my favorite character: Misaka Mikoto. She was involved in a cruel experiment: making a level 6 esper. The level-6-to-be esper is called Accelerator, and his job was to kill 20000 clones of Misaka a.k.a. sisters. One of the sisters met Touma and learned that life is important even though they were clones. FYI, Accelerator’s ability is manipulating vector and air by calculating it and deflecting or doing whatever he wants with it.

As expected of our hero, Touma suggested that he himself, a level 0 esper, has to beat Accelerator in order to stop the experiment. And he totally defeated Accelerator with his right hand and some helps from the sisters (changing the wind so Accelarator would have a hard time counting and manipulating the air).

For a Misaka fan, this arc is definitely my favorite arc, since Misaka herself and also the sisters were involved in some action-packed scenes.


4th arc: Angel Fall.

Fourth arc returns Index and her friends back to the spotlight. The first thing you’ll get to see is fanservices: Index in swimsuit and bikini, pretty entertaining. The fun ends in just 15 minutes, suddenly everything went wrong. Everyone swapped body: Index became Touma’s mom, Styil became the hotel staff, and Touma’s blue haired friend (forgot the name) became Index!

Apparently Kanzaki came, and she told Touma about a big magic is activated: Angel Fall. I forgot the effect, but it sure is something big. Touma and friends investigated and found out that the one who activated the magic is his own dad.

This arc is unexpectedly short even though the magic seems pretty big. You’ll get to see Tsuchimikado and Kanzaki Kaori in action in this arc. Pretty cool, especially Kanzaki’s nanasen.


5th arc: Unabara, Touma, Misaka, a love triangle here.

The 5th arc, which only has 1 episode in total, is about a demon who tried to kill Misaka by disguising as Unabara, a boy who loved Misaka. This episode is pretty weird for me. Touma was able to beat that demon but he said about “more will come”. Up until now, I’m still curious about his “more will come” line. Because the enemies from the next 2 arcs didn’t have any connection with him.

Anyway, for a Misaka fans, this arc is also the best arc since you can see Misaka in her tsundere scenes. Misaka pretended to be Touma’s girlfriend because she needed to avoid Unabara at all cost. XD


6th arc: Accelerator is a lolicon.

The 6th arc could be called a side story. There’s no Touma involved here, no Kaori, no Styil, no Misaka (real). The main heroine here is surprisingly Accelerator himself. He involved in the continuation of MISAKA network experiment. He met with the brain of MISAKA network: MISAKA number 20001. Apparently, one of the researcher in that experiment tried to infect MISAKA 20001 with virus, so all the other MISAKA sisters will go berserk and destroying everything they see.

Accelerator is a bad person, but he tried to help MISAKA 20001 even almost with the cost of his life. This arc is short, not really funny, but it’s somewhat touching in its own way.


7th arc: Hyouka the megane oppai girl who isn’t a human.

The 7th arc which is also the last arc returns the spotlight to Index. She met someone new and special: Kazakiri Hyouka. Easy to predict, Hyouka wasn’t a normal human. At that time also, a magician from other church who can control golem, came and attacked academy city.

The main point of this arc is: Hyouka wanted to make friends even though she’s not human and of course Touma and Index gladly accepted her as new friend. As for me, Hyouka is very sexy: she got megane and oppai. XD . I thought she’s just an unusual human who can’t die but in the end, she managed to kick a golem butt and safed Index from pinch.

Overall, Index is a good anime. There’s a little significant story connection between each arc, just like Shana. Most of the arcs stand on its own and give their own great story. Action and magic fans should watch this. But as i said before, even though this anime has Index in its title, Index herself doesn’t really get much screen time compared to Misaka, unlike Shana which story always revolves on Shana herself.

That’s it for my (sorta lame) anime review. I’ll try to post it once per day / 2 days. So yeah… see you at the next post!