02 August 2009

Hauls (and loots) i left behind


Things i left behind.

Before i went to Riau, i left these hauls and loots untouched. Two of them came from Play-Asia, another 2 of them again came from my local store, and the last 2 came from STF 09 loots. And now, i took the chance to open them up, make a preview photograph, and create this post. So here’s the hauls / loots classification:

May Play-Asia hauls: Yuki Gekisou (Max Factory) and Nendoroid Kureha (GSC)

June local hauls: Seena Kanon (Max Factory) and Konjiki no Yami (GSC)

STF 09 loots : Nendoroid Yoko (GSC) and Nendoroid Louise (GSC)

This time i won’t separate them into 3 individual posts so this post will be filled with 6 figures straight.


Nendoroid Kureha.

Let’s start with the May Play-Asia haul, shall we? Nendoroid Kureha is one of the item in that haul. I love Kureha, and having a nendoroid of my beloved character wouldn’t hurt, so i bought her. I just love her cute face in this nendoroid version.


Nice parts , including the “draw sword” parts.

She got some nice interesting parts. Three faces (smiling, closed eye, and serious), 4 arms (1 normal pairs, 1 bow pairs), bow and arrow, 2 swords and 2 magic circles, and 1 ribbon for the “draw sword” pose.


Overflowing with cuteness.

Nendoroid Kureha wins the cutest face awards from me. Yes, she’s a total beauty in her real form, and in her chibi nendoroid form she’s still a beauty and also combined with overflowing cuteness.


Unlike in the anime version, her face isn’t showing that she’s having an orgasm.

GSC didn’t forget to put this draw sword pose. I watched the anime, and everytime someone drawn a sword from her chest, she looks like she’s having an orgasm. I wonder why GSC didn’t make her face looks even more like she’s having an orgasm. XD


Archery action.

And this is her with her bow and arrow, ready for some archery action. She still looks sooooo cute even with her serious face. Great job GSC, for making the nendoroid version of Kureha.


Yuki Gekisou.

The 2nd item from May PA haul is Yuki Gekisou. It’s the last figure from Extravaganza set. It’s a must get for a Haruhi series fans. Right after the announcement, I’ve already decided that i would bought all 3 of them. And here, Yuki, came as the mark of my set completion.


White guitar with real string!

Yuki is equipped with white guitar, cable, and something she stepped on below. I’m not really into musical instrument world, so i don’t know what’s that thing she stepped on. Someone care to fill me in?


I like that white guitar.

Compared to the other anime guitars (Haruhi’s, Yui’s Gitah, and Mio’s bass) i like Yuki’s guitar the most. It’s white and it looks so futuristic for me. That’s why i also bought figma Yuki with before. That white guitar is the reason.


Always with her serious null face.

Yuki came with her serious null face. She looks like she’s kinda angry for me. Don’t know why. Anyway, can’t you see her guitar pick? It’s purple. Uh… nothing much i can say from here on, so just skip to the next picture.


Cool outfit Yuki!

Talk about her outfit, she wears a different styled outfit compared to Haruhi and Mikuru. While those 2 wear gothic styled outfit with frills anywhere, Yuki got a cool and simple outfit. Red short jackets and a black tight mini skirt. It’s pretty cool for me!


Nendoroid Louise.

Next is loots from Surabaya Toy Fest 2009. I bought 2 items, and one of them is Nendoroid Louise. I heard something about Louise being exclusive Hobby Stock and all, which means it’s pretty hard to get your hands on this figure. So yes… Wajuwa sold it, i saw it, and bought it right away. Took me IDR 500k (USD 49) for this cutie.


Two whips!?

Louise came with 3 faces (angry, crying, and deredere? faces), 1 pairs of normal arms, 1 pairs of whip arms, and 1 arm for book i think. She’s also came with her cape, magic book, a magic wand, and 2 whips (1 straight and 1 bended). I guess she’s always ready to whip Saito.



Saito, you’d better be prepared… She’s ready to whack you with her favorite whip XD ! Louise isn’t complete if she doesn’t came with her whip. I didn’t put any photo of her straight whip here.


“Saito… kiss me…”

I don’t know if this is what you called deredere face. I still don’t know that kind of expression. I do think that this isn’t the deredere face, because the deredere face is the “shy” expression. So what’s this expression called?


I love her crying face!

Oh… She’s crying! I love her crying face, and right now I’m displaying her like this. Well, nendoroid Louise is filled with cuteness, but this Louise isn’t as cute as nendoroid Kureha.


Nendoroid Yoko.

Next loot from STF 09 is Nendoroid Yoko. I decided to bought her right after i started to watch Gurren Lagann last month (aired in Animax Southeast Asia), right a week before STF 09 started. I already predicted that Wajuwa would sell this figure, my prediction came true and i bought it right away.


I need her sniper rifle!

Other than Yoko, the reason i bought this figure is the sniper rifle. Yes, even though nendoroid filled with cuteness, sometimes cool weapon can bring more fun! Anyway Yoko came with 3 faces (smiling, angry, and that last face), 1 pairs of normal arms, 1 pairs of sniping arms, 1 “face scratching” arm, and 2 pair of shooting legs. She also came with her sniper rifle and her glasses.


This is my favorite version of Yoko.

There are 2-4 version of Yoko in the anime: before Genome defeated (which is my favorite), the hunter version, Yomako sensei version, and the space version. I guess Yoko looks the best when she’s in the first version. That’s why i lost interest in watching Gurren Lagann after Simon became the supreme commander.


Shoot! Shoot!

This is the first time i got a new kind of nendoroid base. I don’t know where and how to put the figure on the base. And in the picture above, Yoko was supported by her hair and her hair was supported by the base. I guess her hair is big and strong enough to support her whole body.


Sniper rifle is win.

Surprisingly enough, you can remove her scarf. She does look weird when she doesn’t put her scarf on. Anyway, nendoroid Yoko is fun to play with, especially with her sniper rifle. For a Yoko / Gurren Lagann fans, nendoroid Yoko is a must have.


Seena Kanon Max Factory version.

And this is the last haul set: local store haul. The first item is Seena Kanon, Max Factory version. This haul should have came around March-April, but local store is always late as always. I just got the items in STF 09, i met the store owner there, he brought the items there, and i bought them right away.


Nice pose: shimapan!

Judging by the look of her base, you can say that this Seena Kanon is a set of 2 MaxFact’s 1/7 Shining Wind figures. The first figure is of course Touka Kureha from Max Factory. The first Kureha doesn’t really have a unique or dynamic pose, but this Seena Kanon came with extra service included in her unique pose: shimapan.


Facing backward, too bad.

But as you can see, her pose is the “facing backward” type, so if you want to see her pretty face, you’ll have to skip on seeing her front side body, including her chest. I guess the special part of this figure is her butt and easy-to-look striped pantie.


Her legs is just too big.

Another downside from this figure is her thigh and legs look way oversized. It’s long, it’s thick, and the size seems doesn’t really match with her body. Maybe her naughty pose is the reason for that.


Best quality from Max Factory.

Overall, Max Factory always done a very great job. Seena Kanon’s quality in sculpt and paintjob is totally amazing, just like the Max Kureha… no… maybe even better than that. I guess this is the best Seena figure I’ve ever seen.


Konjiki no Yami.

The last item, which is also the 2nd item from the local store haul is Yami. I never watch any To Love Ru, but i know this character is a loli pretty girl. The other reason i bought her is: I’m a fan of Eve from Black Cat, and i heard that Yami is designed and drawn by the same artist.


I bought her because she’s Eve to me, not Yami.

First time To Love Ru became popular, Alpha Omega released a figure of Yami, sitting and eating something. I kinda interested back there, but i can still told myself not to buy it. This time is GSC’s turn, i like GSC’s quality, and i like Eve, so i decided to buy her.


She also has the same transformation ability as Eve.

This figure is also equipped with sword transformed lower arm. Just like Eve, i guess Yami also has the same transformation ability. Hey… i never watch and read anything about To Love Ru, so if anyone care to fill me in, please do so.


Glad i bought her.

This Yami is total loli beauty, and thanks to GSC for bringing the best quality of Yami. Of all the artistic photos i made above, i like this one the most. The best part of her is her swaying hair, it took a lot of space just like what Acesan said, but it is also the best part of this figure.

Well, that’s all i can post for now. Be sure to stay updated for the next post! So… see you!!


  1. Amazing loot there :D Love the Kureha nendoroid^^ and Seena's got a nice bum,better than the thin legs you usually get from most figures and the blue-striped pantsu is just total win from me^^

    but everything you got is pretty much all impressive, the Yuki is the best of the Gekisou to me for the pose, outfit and guitar. The thing she is stepping on is called a pedal and they add special effects to the guitar in a single stomp instead of going around and messing with an amp in the middle of a concert ;D

  2. Oh beautiful haul ! Louise Nendoroid is cute, like Yoko and Kureha. Yami is my favorite. Yuki is great, but I prefer Mikuru. And Seena, seems good ^^ Congratulation

  3. @blueplains
    I guess so, Seena striped pantie is total win, i agree.

    Oh, i see, thanks for the information.

    Thanks! They were hauls left for 1-2 months.

  4. Like the nendoroids! I wish I had nendo whips, I could so much with those.

  5. @acesan
    Nendoroids with properties are alywas double the fun!

  6. Got nendo Louise for about the same price as well from Supanova. Approx 70AUD.
    I knew if I miss this chance, I wouldn't see her again.

    I was also tempted to get Mikuru and Yuki Gekisou ver. to complete the set.
    But I knew doing that means forking out about 300AUD all together. -_-

  7. @Optic
    Nendo Louise is exclusive, you're pretty lucky you bought it there.

    Mikuru and Yuki are a great buy, but yeah... they ate your wallet XD .

  8. where can i purchase Yami from??? ive looked but cant find anywhere. got any clue?

  9. Where i can buy eve?

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