08 August 2009

Louise School Uniform version - Alter


Louise school uniform version.

Time for another figure photoshoot, and it’s Louise’s turn to get the spotlight. It’s been awhile since i did my last photo session, over 1 month and a half i think. I don’t know what’s wrong, but this time i only got 17 photos. Anyway, i’ll skip the character introduction since everyone already knows who she is.


Alter made it.

In this figure, Alter gave us fans a chance to enjoy Louise in her normal school uniform. Not just that, Alter also gave Louise a dynamic pose, which is somewhat unique because they made her levitating.


Cheerful and full of energy.

Another plus point from Alter is her expression. Louise is totally cheerful in this figure. Maybe some people would said that Louise looks the best when she’s in her deredere mode, but you’ll still love Louise in this cheerful version of her.


Levitating version? School uniform version? Or Alter version?

I’ve heard different names for this figure like Louise levitating version, Louise school uniform version, or even Louise Alter version. Well, all of them are true: she’s levitating, she’s wearing school uniform, and she’s Alter made. So which version do you like?


Try experimenting with some angles.

Louise’s photo session is somewhat fun. As you can see, she’s levitating, she got a dynamic pose, and she also got a unique angle. So you can try shooting her with so many angle… Even though i said that, i only managed to get 17 photos.


Low angle for this one.

Like this one, i tried a low angle from her front left, and this photo above is the result. Except this time, i didn’t capture her pantie from the low angle. If you want to look at her pantie, be sure to proceed to the next photos.


Can you see the difference between this and the 3rd photo?

I even tried to experiment with close up photo and tight cropping photo. I’m not really an expert in face close up or tight cropping photo, so i guess i need more practice on it. Anyway, FYI this photo doesn’t have much different with the 3rd photo.


About the cape and the base.

And this is her from a higher angle. If you want to make her looks like she’s levitating, you should take a photo of her without showing any sign of her base supporter. Louise’s body is totally supported by her cape and only her cape, while her cape is the one which is supported by that base. That set is totally permanent and you won’t be able to remove anything.


Her hair, beautifully sculpted by Alter.

The main question here is: Is Louise’s hair this long? I know she got a long hair, but i don’t really know the actual length of her hair. And also, Alter made a very detailed version of her wavy hairstyle, even more detailed than the anime version.


Flat chest, she’s one of your DFC character for you DFC fans.

Uh… Louise’s chest is flat, it’s a very common sense for us otaku, Zero’s or Louise’s fans, or even Kugimiya Rie fans. Talk about Kugimiya Rie, i watched so many anime with Kugimiya Rie doing the voice for the main character, and all of them are: tsundere, flat chested, and short.


Wand in her right hand.

Moving on to details, i got report of seeing wand on her right hand and painted fingernails. Yeah, they’re painted in pink, beautifully done by Alter. You could say that she’s ready to swing her wand and do some void magic.


Left hand also with painted fingernails.

The same sighting of painted fingernails is spotted on her left hand, looks clearer in this photo. Well, other than that nothing’s special.


Short skirt is common sense.

Her skirt is very short, it’s also a common sense for us otaku. It’s pretty hard to find anime nowadays where in the anime the girls wears a longer skirt for their school uniform. Most of them are competing to make the shortest school uniform skirt ever.


Shoe with dust.

Damn, i forgot to dust her before doing the photo session. I can see so many white dust on her shoe while I’m viewing this photo in 100% zoom (10 Megapixel picture). Someone please remind me to dust the figure before i do my photo session.



Whoops, i guess this photo is pretty extreme! Yeah, pantie right from down below, her thighs, and maybe the lower part of her butt. Judging by woman anatomy, i guess this is the place of girl’s *ahem*vital part*ahem*.


Her pantie is showing.

“Her pantie is showing” is what people would thought once they saw this figure. Yeah, i guess her pose is her selling point of this figure. You don’t have to lie her down or do anything special to see her pantie. Just rotate it until you see it, done!


POI: her pantie.

Hunger for Louise’s pantie? Get this figure! Her POI is “her pantie is showing”. I like it! Alter is surely amazing and naughty. XD

Looking for another review, i only saw one as i remembered, and again, i saw it in meronpan. If you want to be added here, just comment here and i’ll add you right away.

EDIT: go here for more: Leonia

Well, that’s it for now! Next post will also be a figure photoshoot, be sure to keep check it. See you at the next post!


  1. Great shoot.
    Everytime I read a review about her, all that envy and regret of missing her out ( I had 2 chances, one from the HLJ sale and the other HS bargain ) starts flooding back.

    I knew I hesitated for too long.

  2. Thanks. Yeah, that do happen on me sometimes. Don't worry, better figures do exist in future.