27 August 2009

One year (and 2 months) of gaming with PS3


Playing with PS3 for 1 year (and 2 months).

Last holiday, 26th June 2009, I’ve reached the 1st year of owning PS3. But i didn’t have the chance to post since i was gone MIA in Duri – Riau back there. And after 2 months, i remembered and took the chance just to post this up. So yeah, today I’m celebrating 1 year (and 2 months) of gaming with my PS3.

PS3 system is totally incredible. I never knew that 6 cores of microprocessors would give such performance. I almost never experienced any lags or framing or even freezing (except the game itself caused it, like Midnight Club LA).

The games are also awesome, except there were so little number of games that go boom like the past FF7 or games like that. But waiting between each games can be annoying, it took pretty long time between one great game and another games. Sometimes i also blindly hoped for something crazy (unannounced at first) like English version of Cross Edge (it took some months from the Japan release for the announcement of English version), Tales of Vesperia (from X360, but there’s still no news for the English version), etc.

Online experience? well… i don’t think so. Thanks to my wireless router and PS3 WiFi ability, i don’t have to pull a ethernet cable from my router to PS3. I am using a 1 – 1.5 Mbps internet connection, still too slow for online gaming. So far i only played PS Home and browsing PS Store. Tried once played Soul Calibur 4 online, but it’s totally filled with lags and disconnections.


Our stack of PS3 games.

See the photo above? That’s the stack of me and my 2 bros’ games, worth of 1 year (and 2 months) collecting. The stack under Yoko is stack of finished games, and the stack under Louise is stack of unfinished games. Let me go to details of how “we” are doing (now) on those games:

Left stack:

  • Ninja Gaiden Sigma (mine): finished it once, never touch it anymore.
  • Ratchet & Clank Quest for Booty (my bros, both): totally finished it, it’s a VERY SMALL adventure which is easily finished in 2 hours.
  • Midnight Club Los Angeles (me): 95% finished, finished the story and paid USD 1 million and get all cars and parts free, but haven’t finished every kings available (exotic, muscle, tuner, etc).
  • Ridge Racer 7 (me and my 1st bro): my bro passed me, he reached stages where you have to beat special cars and own it if you win.
  • GTA 4 (my 1st bro): finished the whole story.
  • Dynasty Warriors 6 (all): finished all musou mode.
  • MGS4 (my 1st bro): finished with Big Boss Emblem owned.
  • Ratchet & Clank Future Tools for Destruction (my bros, both): totally finished and almost 100%.
  • Folklore (my 2nd bro): finished it (don’t really know the details though).
  • Gundam Musou 2 (all): finished all story, i used Lunamaria, my 1st bro used Kira and reached the last ultimate mission in mission mode.
  • Golden Axe (my 2nd bro): finished the story, it’s a pretty bad game.
  • Enchanted Arms (my 1st bro): finished the story (don’t know the details).
  • Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (my 1st bro): almost finished all of the available races.
  • Soul Calibur 4 (me and my 1st bro): there’s no finish in fighting game, just stopped playing.

Right stack:

  • Eternal Sonata (me and my 1st bro): played until i reached first time meeting Viola, never played it since then, looking for a good time after beating Valkyria Chronicles.
  • Disgaea 3 (me and my 1st bro): i stopped at the last chapter, my 1st bro reached Laharl and friends.
  • Cross Edge (me): haven’t even removed the protective plastic seal yet (ZOMGWTFLOL!!!).
  • Burnout Paradise (my 1st bro): finished the whole race and reached the maximum level, and downloaded the new bike upgrade. Played online with this.
  • LittleBigPlanet (my 2nd bro): finished the whole offline game. Rarely played with online level.
  • NFS Undercover (me): played it once until i got my 1st pink slip, left it dead since then.
  • Hot Shot Golf (my 1st bro): don’t how he’s progressing but he reached the 2nd row characters.
  • inFamous (my 1st bro): finished the hero scenario, restarted with bad guys scenario.
  • Elder Scroll 4 Oblivion (my bros, both): i don’t know how they’re progressing, it’s a bad game for me though, but they say it’s a great game.
  • BlazBlue (all): finished arcade for Jin, Noel, Litchi, Taokaka, Tager, and Hakumen. I main Noel, sub Litchi, and tried Taokaka, my 2nd bro main Jin, sub Tager, and tried Hakumen, and my 1st bro main Ragna. Haven’t tried the story yet, all we play is just versus and versus.
  • Valkyria Chronicles (me): reached the last chapter, exactly at the 2nd last battle.

And that’s how we’re doing with our games right now. Most of my games were left behind because of my school work. That’s why i still left my Cross Edge unopened. I planned on beating Valkyria ASAP and start Cross Edge right after that while doing Eternal Sonata with my bro. Damn, that’s pretty crazy multitasking i guess XD. For you who hava multiple games on hand, how do you manage your games?

Well, that’s all for now, pretty short post today. So, see you later!


  1. That's a nice collection of games there :D
    I haven't turned my PS3 on in a few months >_< I think I play my 360 more often but there are a few games for PS3 I should definitely get. Valkyria Chronicles and LittleBigPlanet for example.
    I tend to be a lazy gamer and start a lot of games, get near the end, but never finish them >_< Then maybe a year or so later, I'll go back and finally beat them. Not sure if that would be considered multitasking though xD

  2. 360? Is it Vesperia?

    Yeah, Valkyria is so far the best game i played in PS3. Haven't really started the other RPG though (Cross Edge and Eternal Sonata).

    What? If i were you, i would totally forgot the story and how to play the game... XD

    IMO, multitasking is if you play more than 2 games in a week with at least 2 hours per play time for each games, and you don't left it dead for long time.

  3. The last game I finished was Eternal Sonata. I haven't been playing my PS3 recently but everytime I pick it up, I just usually have a few rounds on SFIV offline and online.

    Other games I still gotta complete are Disgaea 3 (the DLC is up now and it contains a trophy pack which is sweet), Ninja Gaiden Sigma (haven't started) and finish off Dynasty Warriors 6.

  4. Eternal Sonata... it's been awhile since last time i touched that game.

    Ninja Gaiden is fast, pretty easy to beat if you know the trick. Dynasty Warriors 6 never finish, that is if you want to maximize all the characters.