17 August 2009

Indonesia references in anime


Picture totally irrelevant, just made of epic win.

Today, 17th of August: we, Indonesian, are commemorating Indonesia’s Independence Day. And that’s why, i, as an Indonesian too, also am commemorating Indonesia’s Independence Day by bringing you a few Indonesia references i found in anime.

Oh, for some people, this post could contain SPOILERS for CLANNAD, Code Geass R2, and Index-tan. So yeah, just watch out while reading it.


CLANNAD, Kotomi’s arc, around the ending.

This is the first reference: CLANNAD (first season). It happens in Kotomi’s arc, right at the ending. That “warui otoko” guy came to Kotomi and gave her the suitcase, with a bear for Kotomi’s birthday present from her parents. The parents died in plane accident and that suitcase dropped in the middle of nowhere. There was also a letter in the suitcase telling “If you find this suitcase, please take it to my daughter”. The suitcase found by someone from country to country around the world, including Indonesia.

The screenshot above doesn’t really tells that it was in Indonesia, but if you heard the lines, you’ll know that the person talking said that line in Indonesian.


Code Geass R2, total revolt in Chinese federation.

Next reference came from Code Geass R2. It happens in Chinese federation part, where the Eunuch generals tried to sell Tianzi to Britannia, but the Black Knight foiled that plan by broadcasting Eunuch generals evil plan to the Chinese federation and triggered a revolt in the whole Chinese federation, including Jakarta.

Apparently, Jakarta, which is the capital of Indonesia, already became a main city in Chinese federation. Heck, i think the whole Indonesia was already under the power of Chinese federation. In the screenshot, the subtitle already said Jakarta but the map hasn’t reached Indonesia yet.


Index-tan, last part in first episode: my favorite!

The last reference is the best IMO. It’s in Index-tan, almost the end of first episode of Index-tan. The actual scene is about Index and Touma were going to public bath, and in Index-tan, Index asked this: “Nashi goreng te nanii?”. I totally LOLed after hearing this. Anyway, Nasi Goreng is Indonesian fried rice, and it’s one of my favorite afterschool lunch.

Well, yeah… that’s it for commemorating Indonesia independence day. I’ll be taking my leave. See you at the next post.


  1. There's one on Eureka Seven AO
    episode 21 at exactly 15:53

  2. the code geass one is on the spot. when the riot broke out, it shows one of the footage in jakarta