06 August 2009

Akashiya Moka haul


Play-Asia box, it’s been awhile.

This box was in my HQ before i was back, lucky! It seems this box arrived faster than me. Yeah, as you can see this is the only haul of July. I sorta cut out my expenses because Fate and Nanoha from Alter awaits me after this.


Akashiya Moka.

It’s Akashiya Moka from Rosario+Vampire. FYI, this Moka is the awakened version of Moka. I like Moka, and she’s my favorite from the anime, especially the awakened version. That’s why i bought this figure.


Good Smile Company and Gift?

She was manufactured by GSC, but i saw Gift’s logo on the back of the box. I guess this figure is a result of collaboration between GSC and Gift. I know Gift has made some good figures, but most of their products didn’t really took me into interest, instead i thought Gift’s Saber has the weirdest face ever (and ugly, sorry for Gift Saber fans :P).


Cross (big), cross (small), Moka, and base.

At the official preview shot, i saw metal chains on her neck and on her left lower arm. I thought those parts would be a separated parts, but no… the only separated part is her crosses (the small seal cross and the big cross she sits on). You can put her small cross in her right hand, between her thumb and index finger to be exact.


Gothic: yes, metal accessories: yes, Moka awakened: yes, yes, YEEESS!

She’s just totally gorgerous, and gothic! The main reason i bought her are: gothic styled one piece dress, Moka in her awakened version, and metal accessories. Moka in the anime is minimum on outfits but maximum on sexiness. She’ll look the best if Moka’s outfits are maximized, just like this figure.


Her hair! I like it!

Her hair is another plus. I like her long hair and the shape. Anyway, when i first opened the box, i smelled something awful. After a bit of investigation, i found out that the smell came from the base. I don’t know if it is a smell of the material used to create the base. It’s not a complete mirror, but it can produce clearer reflection than the usual base.



Overall, this is a good figure. If you’re a fans of gothic style or even a fans of Moka, this figure will be a great addition to your collection. Also, it’s Good Smile Company! we can expect great quality from this manufacturer.


It would be cool if the chains on her neck are connected to the small cross.

So far, i haven’t seen any review of this figure in my blogrolls except in meronpan, be sure to check it! Well, that’s all for now. See you at the next post!


  1. Moka had several reviews already, though a few of them were in Japanese from the respected figure blogs in the J-blogosphere. She is indeed the only figure so far that I recall which had her original sample beaten by the final product in terms of quality. GSC is getting better, though they are still not the best IMHO.

    My Moka is still in my box though, no space.

  2. The hair on that figure is really nice and this is the first time I ever notice those small bat wings on her.

  3. Congratulation for this purchase. This figure is just beautiful (and shipping to my house >_<). Really nice picture !

  4. @Panther
    So this figure is even better than the anime version, is what you trying to say right?

    @Otaku Dan
    Yeah me too. I just notice them after i opened the box.

    Thanks! Just wait and see after she's arrived.

  5. Love her face, her eyes and... her body!!!

  6. @phossil
    Just say you love her. XD

  7. She looks nice! Myself, I'm waiting for a figure of the succubus girl :P

  8. @acesan
    Yeah, she does look nice.