09 August 2009

Louise Gothic Punk version - Alter


Louise Gothic Punk version.

Double the Louise, double the fun! Yet another figure photos coming right up, and Louise is still right under the spotlight, but this time is Louise in her gothic costume. I did this figure photos just exactly right after Louise school uniform’s photo session done. And i still used the same background for this one.


Alter made her.

It was pretty surprising for Alter to release 2 same character in just 2 months interval. That’s right, IIRC, Louise school uniform was released in February and this Louise gothic was released in April. Pretty short interval for a same character in 2 figures by only 1 manufacturer.


Louise yesterday and Louise today.

Considering Louise is my favorite character and in the past, there was no decent figure of Louise, i decided to buy both. I bought Louise school uniform because i like Louise and i bought this one because i like maid outfit.


Gothic or maid? You name it.

I did say about maid outfit in the haul post. Yes… even though the manufacturer named this figure: Louise Gothic Punk version, i still think that this is maid outfit. What do you guys think? Is this maid outfit or gothic styled dress?


“Sho…should i… l-l-li-lift it a little bit hi-hi… higher?”

While we got cheerful expression yesterday, this time we got a unique expresion with her mouth opened, shaping “o”. IMO, Alter did a wrong move regarding this one. Just see the lower part of this figure: Louise is lifting her skirt. It could be better if Louise’s expression filled with blushes and deredere expression, and you could see “Sho…should i… l-l-li-lift it a little bit hi-hi… higher?” written all over her face. XD


Maid hairband + red ribbon = not maid?

See her hairband? I think it’s safe to say that this hairband is maid hairband. Things that didn’t match up with maid is her ribbon. It’s red colored ribbon, and maid rarely wears red colored ribbon. Usually maid outfit consists of only 2 colors: black and white.


11 red ribbons attached on the hair.

There are a lot of red ribbons all over her hair. After doing some counting, i noticed that there are total of 11 red ribbons (including the 2 that attached on her hairband), that’s a lot! Anyway, Alter did the same great job they did on Louise school uniform: her long wavy hair looks great, and even greater than the anime.


Closer look on the ribbon.

A closer look on the red ribbon. Beautifully done by Alter of course. Not much i can say, so skip it.


Is that red line a bra line?

Uhh… i hate to say it twice in a row, but it’s a common sense that Louise’s chest is flat. DFC fans should get this figure in their collection. Anyway, can you see that red line on her right shoulder? Is that a bra line?


Her right arm.

This outfit has short sleeves with white ribbon right on the shoulder area. And she also equipped with maid gloves-wristbands things. You can only see the wristband from this angle, but the wristband continues, covering the backside of her hand like a glove, and stop at her middle finger like a black ribbon ring.


Her left arm.

A clearer view on her left glove. See what i meant? It’s her right arm in the photo, that’s all.


3 layered skirt.

You can see 3 layers of skirt fabric inside her skirt. But she’s lifting it, so you can easily see her pantie. Anyway, see her apron? That’s also another reason why i called her outfit maid outfit, not gothic styled dress.


Right knee sock.

She got different knee socks. The right leg is covered with white knee sock, and the knee sock is tied with red ribbon on the upper part. It’s pretty unique and cool i guess.


Left knee sock.

The left knee sock is just plain brown colored knee sock. Both of the legs has that frilly maid band with black ribbon tying it right in the middle.


Right boot.

Her boots, focusing on her right boot. Her boots also have different accessory and different lace(?) color. Her right boot has white lace and a “jack skellington”-styled skull (like Yoko’s hairpin).


Left boot.

And the left boot got red lace and a small tied red ribbon on it. Pretty unique and interesting style of boots fashion.


Mandatory pantie shot part 1.

This is her pantie, kinda pinkish white colored, with a frill or something like that on the upper side. I like her pantie. XD


Mandatory pantie shot part 2.

Hey, the pantie shot doesn’t end there. There are 2 small pink ribbons attached on her side of the pantie. It’s pretty hard to get this shot considering there’s a very small source of light can enter this part.


Change to black background.

Forgot to say that i did this photo session with my friend Jaya (he just opened his blog yesterday, be sure to visit it), who’s also helping me in the past photo sessions. He suggested that i should change the background from pink to black. I guess he got a sharp eye! The results are also amazing.


Flip horizontal.

Used this chance to try another angle for her face, and also a close up + tight cropping styled shot. Looks like a horizontally flipped version of the 5th photo, haha.


Black ribbon.

I like that black ribbon on her chest. I think that’s the biggest ribbon attached on this figure.


Higher, higher!

Yes Louise, you should lift it even higher! XD . My first thought right after seeing this figure is: “damn, you could lift it higher!”. Does anyone also has the same thought?


POI: her outfit.

Regardless of maid outfit or gothic styled dress, this dress wins the POI. The reason why people bought this figure is her outfit. You can’t really find Louise in this outfit in any official illustrations or in the anime.

I didn’t really take my time finding someone in my blogroll with a review post of this figure, found one though at Leonia. If you want to be linked here, just tell me and I’ll put it right away.

That’s it for now! Can’t really decide what’s next to post. I got the materials but i haven’t decide which one to prioritize. Guess I’ll go with random, just be sure to check it. See you at the next post.


  1. Beautiful shooting ! This is my favorite Louise sculpture ^^ So lovely ^^ Great review!

  2. Thank you! Me too, this version is also one of my favorite figure out of all Louise figure ever released.

  3. Yep I liked the black background better for some reason, she stands out more.

    Maybe her pink hair blends in too much with the pink one. But in some cases it turns out better, so not sure what the formula for good photography is, it's never the same >_>

  4. Her hair looks brighter in the black background, that's why.

    Yeah, you can do so much in photography. All you need is experimenting (and property of course :P).

  5. Love Louise figure a lot. Full of ribbons, and even in her pantsu!! thanks for the shots :)

  6. Wow amazing pictures, both backgrounds make Louise look stunning^^ I'd say it's a maid but the boots really make it look gothic, maybe Gothic maid ver? I prefer this one over the other one due to it's unique and awesome dress^^ Higher Please! xD

  7. Yeah, i guess so. Me too, i like her dress. I guess we both agree that she needs to lift her skirt higher. XD