03 July 2008

Sony PlayStation 3

Sony PlayStation 3 40GB Satin Silver.

This post is very late considering i bought this PS3 last Saturday, 28 June 2008. This PS3 isn't mine alone, i bought this together with my brothers (2 little brothers). Last year, i had no idea that i would buy PS3, because of PS2 games here are cheap (piracy all over Indonesia, USD 0.5 per game) and there are no piracy games for PS3. Well, for Indonesian people, buying original software is still considered to be an expensive purchase.

PS3 with SIXAXIS and Dual Shock 3.

Anyway, in the local store around here they only have PS3 40GB version sold, you won't find any other version. So no option for us, the rest was just choosing the color. I love black, but my brothers wanted to get silver, and so i get the silver one. PS3 came with 1 SIXAXIS controller, i bought another controller and it's Dual Shock 3. Got the Dual Shock 3 around IDR 575000 (USD 60).

Metal Gear Solid 4 and Dynasty Warriors 6.

Our first game was Dynasty Warriors 6. Me and my brothers had an agreement about this before. My 1st bro had experienced gaming level, but my 2nd bro had no experience in a great and hard game, so getting Dynasty Warriors 6 is the best game for us all. MGS4 isn't mine, it's my 1st bro's game. I don't have any favorite for now, i'm still waiting for an RPG game (in english version) to come. I think Disgaea 3 will be my next target.

Samsung Full HD LCD TV Series 5.

In addition to add the fun, we also bought a Samsung Full HD LCD TV. It's Samsung series 5 HDTV. We bought this 1 day AFTER we got our PS3 in hand. Before playing in HDMI, we played on SDTV screen with AV multi output, and it was a horrible result, i can't even watch it anymore.

Well, this is why i said games when i started to write this blog. I'll maybe do some review on some games. So just look froward to it.


  1. Well, nice!!!
    I have a 80GB PS3. I bought mine last year. A PS3 isn't bad...still...would love more games for it. My fav on PS3 is MGS4. So sick!!!!!!

  2. Yeah, PS3 is lacking of games i guess, need more RPG games.

    And MGS4 is just totally awesome!

  3. Still thinking of getting a PS3. Might wait for another price drop (if ever) but will get one. ^^
    The wii is keeping my company atm.

  4. Don't think too much, or else you won't get it later :P. PS3 still needs more games, just wait for the moment where more incredible games released.

  5. Hoping PS3 will drop their pricing soon.

  6. Price for PS3 will always drop, but not sure when will it happens.

  7. hooo~ grats for getting the PS3

    now, add me to your PSN friend, my ID is ronaldhw

    Are you going to get Soul Calibur 4? I'm definitely going to get that one, it supports online play :D

  8. Haha, sorry ron. You know Indonesian internet is slow.

    I read in some place that minimum speed needed is 1Mbit/s and i only have 384kb/s or 128 kb/s connection, so i'll have to pass the fun of online play.

    But i'll definitely get Soul Calibur 4.

  9. hmm 384 should be more than enough for online play.

    I think ping time plays bigger role than the speed tho.., I read that PSN is not that laggy from Indo ^^

  10. wow.. you bought PS3.. cool....

  11. @ron~
    Maybe i should give it a try.

    Yeah, at last my dream came true, haha XD.