13 July 2008

Figure display rack

New looks in my room.

It's a common sense for a figure collector to prepare a rack, shelf, cabinet, or whatever the place to put their collection on. Real otaku must be willing to spend some money to secure a rack, or shelf, or cabinet, or whatever things to put up the collection. The worst thing for a figure collector / otaku to do is put some of their figure (mostly old figure) back to the box, and rearrange the placing for the new figure.

Those racks looks like a shop racks, not really an elegant display cabinet.

I'll set the arrangement like this for now. Newest figure will be put on speaker and computer desk, so i can still look and play with them at the moment i used my computer. As for figma, they must be put on the desk no matter what, so i can play with them easily. Anyway i already planned this thing a long time ago, just before Elwing and Fate arrived. I already read some review about Fate Testarossa, and i know her cape will eat up space. So she'll be the only one on the subwoofer.

The rack parts.

I spent around IDR 800000 (around USD 90) for those 2 racks and 4 (1000 x 300 x 5mm) glasses. Each pair of sticks cost around IDR 110000 (USD 14), a handle cost around IDR 36000 (USD 4), and the 1 m x 30 cm x 5 mm glasses for IDR 22500 each (USD 2.5). I bought 2 pairs of sticks, 16 handles, and 4 glasses, you can count on the total yourself. It's rather expensive i guess, you can buy 1-2 figures with this much money.

After i got my Elwing and Fate arrived, i couldn't really open them up yet. I opened them up after these racks completed, exactly at last Thursday. Well, with this i don't really have to worry about space for some long time. That's it for now...


  1. Those are some neat glass racks.
    I'm currently having a space problem and I already packed 1 of my figure back into the box. If I don't get another bookcase soon then most of them will be back into their box.

    Do u dust ur figures often?

  2. Yah, packing back figure back to a box is the worst possible thing to happen.

    Open bookcase provides a lot of spaces, but you have to take care of the dust.

    As for me, i clean them up at least once per 2 days. I used camera blower, and camera brush to wipe out the dust. Quick and easy, but still need some patience.

  3. mmm i'd love to work on a nice project like that. unfortunately it's not something i'd go through trouble of doing while renting... which i am. ;_; great setup you've got there!

  4. i missed indonesia cheap prices... :(

    the rack in here cost a lot, things like that will cost me at least $100, maybe $150.

    btw, don't you worried about dust?

  5. @meronpan
    Yeah, even in my own home, i have to get permission from my dad first.

    Indonesia cheap price, haha...

    Dust always exist, so I have to clean them up once per 2 days. Hard work, but still fun though.

  6. Ouch the dust and it is a chore arnt it.

  7. I know it's hard work, but worth the fun.