08 July 2008

Kureha - Kotobukiya

Touka Kureha Kotobukiya version.

Two figures in 1 photo session in Friday (4 July 2008). Teana Lanster (Movic) which already posted yesterday, and this Kureha Kotobukiya version. As i mentioned in STF loot post, i got this figure from Surabaya Toy Festival 2008 with a lower price than normal price.

Kureha Kotobukiya version came with more dynamic pose.

I guess I've said everything i wanted to say in STF loot post, so i guess i don't have much to say here, just let the photos do the talking, people said a picture worth a thousand words. Or maybe I'll repeat some parts from what I've said before.

Cute face, big breast, what's more?

Kureha Kotobukiya version has cuter face than MaxFact version. It's amazing how these manufacturer made a same character in their own style and way, resulted in 2 different feelings. Elegance in MaxFact version, cuteness and sexiness in Kotobukiya version.

I don't like only 1 thing in this Kureha Kotobukiya version, her lips... I can't really explain what's wrong, but i can see that her lips is weird in some ways. A normal lips will have very thin paintwork, but her lips is somewhat thick, almost the same thickness like her eye brow.

Backside of Kureha, grabbing a bow.

I had a hard time getting her bow right on her hand. Unlike the MaxFact version, this bow doesn't have a place to fit in. So you have to put her bow using your feeling, and you have to decide on your own where to put it. Wrong placing means easier to fall.

Cultural yet sexy outfit.

I bought Kureha Max Factory version before event watching the anime. After that i started to watch the anime, and i saw Kureha not in this outfit, but with school uniform, and i think she also looks beautiful in that uniform too. I guess her good looking came from her face and body, and this outfit makes her even better.

Obi + mini skirt + sleeveless = ?

This outfit gives a cultural feeling, yet it still shows sexiness. Notice that the belt she wore is similar with obi (belt for yukata -correct me if I'm wrong-). I guess this belt gives the cultural feeling. But with the mini skirt and sleeveless outfit (and of course Kureha's big breast), you'll get the feeling of sexiness. Her breast looks bigger in Kotobukiya version rather than Max Factory version.

Cleavage of big breast, i wish i was a naughty small cat :P.

This photo above proved her sexiness. Showing cleavage is somewhat borderline, showing sexiness and ecchiness altogether. Kureha said it herself in the anime that this clothes is somewhat too daring. Yeah Kureha, i know, but you are popular like this now because of that outfit.

Paint work on the necktie isn't good.

Another noticeable accessory is this necktie. It isn't connected to the clothes, so it can't be called a collar, but oh well, it's just a neck accessory. If you look at this photo above, you can see that her necktie isn't very well painted. I guess only top manufacturer can paint small detail / parts with good quality. I noticed that Kureha's necktie in the MaxFact version is well painted.

There are already 2 Kureha released (Koto and MaxFact), and 1 in preorder session (President Japan).

But overall Kotobukiya did a very good job on making this figure. There are so many version of Shining Wind figure. Between Max Factory (Kureha, and the rumored Seena Kanon), Kotobukiya, and President Japan. All of them are working nicely on their Shining Wind figure. I guess I'll stick with Kotobukiya for now, my friend said that if you're getting Kotobukiya version then you'll have to stick with them for next Shining Wind figure series.

Kureha's sexy butt is exclusive for Kotobukiya version, i guess...

After this Kureha, i already had my Elwing arrived and also next up will be Blanc Neige. In order to get my Kotobukiya collection complete, i planned on getting Kotobukiya's Seena Kanon (still available in local stores), but after seeing MaxFact's Seena Kanon prototype, I've decided to wait and see the complete prototype of that figure.

The figure is screwed on the base.

Well that's it for Friday photoshot. Today, i did another photo session with my friend (Joan and Jaya), and i got Liu Meifeng completely photographed. I have to edit and sort the photos, so just look forward to it.


  1. Indeed that this figurine face is cuter than the max fac version (but I like her sad face :D ), the pose alo more dynamic

  2. Nicely done!!!!!!
    I want this figure. Sadly, it's too expensive here. I have to get it in August...
    Still, great job on the pictures!!!

  3. @ron~
    President Japan version is sexier than ever. But i guess 2 Kureha figures are more than enough :P.

    Thanks man. Well, figure collecting is an expensive hobby. This Kureha has the same price as 1 PS3 game.

  4. I find MF one more moe.. but this one.. as u said.. bigger boobs.. XD

  5. @Prim3
    Bigger boobs = bigger fun XD