06 July 2008

ISML - Real Sapphire Winner

Sapphire necklace winner: Kyou Fujibayashi.

So, after all that stuff of Sapphire 8 rematch and all, Sapphire necklace winner stayed the same. The winner is Kyou Fujibayashi (Clannad). Well, eventhough i haven't watched Clannad, i still like Kyou. I have things with twintail or long haired girls, they're so moe... I was hoping that Haruhi won this necklace, but looking at her opponent -Kagami- in Sapphire 8, she would have a high "Vote Against" point in the match, that's why she couldn't win and the same for Kagami.

Well, just stay tuned and keep participating in ISML. Anyway, today (Sunday) there's a overtime match for Saber vs. Furude Rika, don't forget to vote!

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