22 July 2008

Fate Testarossa - Alter

Fate Testarossa.

Sorry for the late update, i said that it would be on Sunday / Monday but i posted this Tuesday. I had too many works yesterday so i don't have any time to post this. Anyway, she's Fate Testarossa, yet another Nanoha series masterpiece made by Alter.

Yet another Alter's masterpiece.

Talk about Alter, I'm still hoping that they would release Teana Lanster and Fate Strikers version. Anyway, this figure has a very high popularity. The first release was of course, out of stock everywhere. And the second release was also gone out of preorder fast enough. While Liu Meifeng is very popular, the figure didn't gone out of preorder in her re-release preorder session.

No extra feature, no problemo.

This figure is actually has no extra feature except her glossy paint. No feature doesn't mean that she isn't a good figure. The quality of the figure came mainly from the sculpt, not from the feature. And i know this figure is very well sculpted and painted.

Glossy paint on her cape.

You might wanna look at her cape first. I said about glossy paint before. Some parts of this figure are painted with glossy material. Glossy paint can reflect light harder, while doff paint diffuse and reflect light softer. So you can see spectrum light and even see a reflection of things around this figure.

The huge cape isn't gonna create unbalance.

This cape reminded me of the box of this figure. The size of her actual body isn't that huge. Her body height doesn't even reach Haruhi MF version. So this cape is the reason why is the box is huge. Some of you may think that this cape can cause unbalance and make this figure leans to the back. After getting this figure i tried to observe and lift it. The cape is actually light, and it screwed on the back of this figure. Good job Alter!

Detail on the stockings.

Back to glossy paint. Her cape is just an example of glossy paint, there are some other parts of this figure that are painted with glossy paint. Her stockings also have a glossy paint. Anyway, i didn't even notice this red line and 3 shapes on her stockings in the anime, and this figure helped me realize what kind of details i missed in the anime.

Mini skirt detail, flawless.

In this form, Fate wears a mini skirt with red crossed belt. I like mini skirt and she's actually cute with this skirt. And i don't really like Fate in her whatever (forgot the name) form which in that form she take off her cape and skirt in order to get more speed. Anyway, i can't even see any flaw of paintworks in this figure. Once again i can say, Good job Alter!

Her right hand grabs Bardiche.

Moving on to her hands. There's nothing particular in her hand, except her hand is glossy painted. This hand can't really grab the Bardiche tight enough. It's so loose that if you touch the Bardiche, it would fall off easily. But her hand can still hold the Bardiche without falling in normal untouched condition.

It's Bardiche Assault, not just Bardiche.

I forgot to mention that this Fate is based on Fate from Nanoha A's, so this sword is not Bardiche, but it's Bardiche Assault. This is the Bardiche has the ability to Load Cartridge, just like Hayate's guardian knight. Nanoha and Fate decided to add this capability so they can fight the knights equally, eventhough it's risky.

Bardiche Assault in Zanber mode.

This is Bardiche in Zanber mode. It's a great sword, and I'm surprised that a little girl like Fate can handle this sword very well and fast. Well of course it's anime, and anything can happen in anime. Zanber Bardiche is a great sword, but it also equipped with an unusually long sword hilt, longer than a normal great sword.

Red armband and a metal gauntlet on her right arm.

That's it for her right hand and Bardiche Assault, moving on to her left hand. First, let's look on to her right upper arm. There's a red armband and i just realized this after looking at my photos, not after i received the figure, this is even worse. Next, let's look at her hand and lower arm, there's an metal coated gauntlet / armor / whatever. I've seen this in the anime, but i don't what's it used for.

Metallic material feeling on her shoes.

Notice that her shoes also have the same material used on the gauntlet. Talk about material, once again Alter made a very good job on creating material effect. Using customized paint, they can made a feeling of metallic material on the shoes.

This yellow aura is actually that "burst".

Let's move on to another topic. I bought this from Play-Asia, and i remember the item's title sounded like Fate Testarossa : burst version. I'm still confused what's burst version referenced to. Is it Fate's "normal form", or is it the yellow aura thing under her feet? Well i assumed that the burst is reference for this yellow aura.

Is she floating or flying or else?

What is this burst anyway? I think it's somewhat like a force used by Fate to push her up floating / flying to the sky. Well, that's for me, and for you, use your imagination. It's somewhat a weird combination between her feet stance, her pose, and the burst. I can't really say it, but it's weird.

This flat chest is going to be the biggest breast in Nanoha Strikers.

I bought some of my figure because of sexiness, and i know that this Fate is still a loli with somewhat flat chest. But you know, this breast is going to be a sexy big breast. She developed a lot, and in Nanoha Strikers i think Fate has the biggest breast.

Forbidden pantie and butt shot.

Okay, this is the forbidden pantie shot. Her mini skirt is lifted up, so it's easy to get a pantie shot. She has a nice butt, even for a little girl, and once again this butt will be the sexiest butt in Nanoha series.

A beautiful flaw, i accidentally did this :P.

Did you notice that the pantie shot above is kinda red? Well i made an effect similar to this photo. I accidentally made this cool effect. With the help of red background, i used an external flash bounced NOT to the roof, but to the red surface. Bouncing light to a colored surface can produce a colored light. If you bounce it to red surface, then it will return a red light, and this photo above is the result.

Her face is somewhat cute, from this angle.

From the first part of this post, i haven't put any closed up face photo. Do you know why? Because her face is very special part of this figure, and special parts always came late.

This is the POI of this figure, the face.

And i declared that her face is the Point of Interest of this figure. I know that Reinforce's face is her POI, but i can't resist looking closely to Fate's face. A deep emotion is written on her face. That deep emotion is somewhat alive, and this figure can even show that emotion better than a normal anime.

Must be observe from a close distance or close up photos.

There's a total 4 photos of her face in this post, and 4 photos are considered a lot of photos for just 1 parts (that's for me). I can't get tired of watching and keep taking photograph of her face. You won't find such an emotion like this on other figures or anime scene. And you can't see this emotion if you don't observe her face closely. I just noticed this after my first shot on her face.

This ribbon is a symbol of love.

And not to forget, the detail on her head. This ribbon is the symbol of love between Fate and Nanoha. I know they loved each other, and this photo is a symbol that I'm happy for them.

Anyway, in the first season of Nanoha series, they did a ribbon exchange. And in Nanoha A's, Fate in normal human form wore a pink ribbon that Nanoha gave, and Nanoha in normal human form wore a black ribbon that Fate gave. But did you notice that the ribbon turned back to original color when they used their battle jacket?

The best photo of her face i ever did (i think).

My holiday is just 2 weeks left and i only have 1 figure left to photograph (Elwing). Just look forward to it.


  1. FATE!!!!!!!!!
    I WANT!!!!!!!

  2. her face is definitely the strong point of the figurine :)

    last year when I went to Japan, I saw stores selling this figurine for minimum 20k yen.. but not sure now, since she got re-released

  3. JPY 20k? That's robbery. I guess this re-release doesn't really affect the price too much.

  4. I reckon Nanoha and Fate butt and breast are the same size and offer the same amount of sexiness. ^^

  5. Yeah, i also notice that. They both are the sexiest girls in Nanoha Strikers.

  6. Woah now thats a figure haha her face is definitely a strong point but I think the sword is the main thing,just look at it...it's huge,she must be strong slugging that thing around haha,oh and I love her Dynamic pose too^^
    amazing figure sonic:)

  7. I choose her face as the POI because i find it interesting for me. I couldn't resist on keep doing close up on her face.

    But still, Bardiche is also one of the interesting point in this figure.

  8. looking through these last two reviews felt like looking through my own collection ^^;; just noticed i did my reviews in the same order, right after one another.

    nice get, she's definitely one of my favorites ^_^

  9. Oh yeah, that's right. I've also read your reviews for these 2 figures. Well it's because they were released at almost the same time.

  10. her fice it so pretty,,hheump