01 July 2008

Reinforce Zwei - Mid year figure haul part 3

The third HLJ Box.

This figure came very late for me. I shipped out this figure when Indonesia wasn't in stable condition. So it took 45 days for this figure to arrive in my place. It's a very long wait, and as for your information, 45 days is the maximum recommended days for HLJ's SAL shipment. My Elwyn and Fate Testarossa haven't arrived yet.

Reinforce Zwei - Alter

Reinforce Zwei from Alter, this figure was shipped 15 May 2008. And i got her 28 June 2008. At first i was worried if anything bad happens to this figure. At the 45th day after shipment i decided to go to local main post office, asking whether my packets were okay or not. I asked about Reinforce, Elwyn, and Fate whereabouts.

The wind of blessing

The officer said that i can leave for now, but around 1 hour later a letter arrived and telling me to get my packet. It marked JP in the letter, so i know it's Reinforce. I went there and get my figure right away, and also paid around IDR 150000 (around USD 18) for the custom. Well, at least i had my worries gone a little. This is the first time i paid for custom, since i never had a purchase over USD 50.

Reinforce Zwei, loliness, cuteness, and moe blended into one character.

Okay, let's get back to business. As a Nanoha series fan, i'm lacking of figure collection for Nanoha. So i started to search Nanoha series figure. The first Nanoha series figure is Teana Lanster (Movic). Next is figma Nanoha, and this is the 3rd Nanoha series figure, Reinforce Zwei. She isn't really my favorite character in Nanoha, but i can't resist her cuteness.

And i have to thank Alter for making some Nanoha series characters. Yagami Hayate is next, i'm glad it'll be released October, there are no other figure in my wishlist that released October.

Not many features you can get from this figure. Very low castoffability, no alternate parts, and even a square base. The most special thing in this figure is the book. Her book looks like floating in the promotion photos. It makes me wonder whether is it real magic or is it supported by a stand. So, no special things? People tends to look for extra feature nowadays, some figures still stick with the old rule, no features just beauty and art. Well, things are special if you think they're special.

Reinforce Zwei with lower cape on.

At first i really surprised of dramatic personality change. From a cold, cruel, and berserk Reinforce 1 (Tome of the night sky, i forgot) to a moe, loli, cute, fairy like Reinforce II. I love hearing Reinforce Zwei speaks, her moe voice keeps ringing in my ears when i'm still into Nanoha Strikers. She's cute indeed, but not really my favorite characters. Fate and Teana still my favorite characters.

Reinforce with lower cape off.

When i saw plastic wrap around her stomach, i guessed that this figure has a castoffable things. My guess was right, but only the first guess. I thought i can remove the skirt also, but this time i guessed wrong. But a panty shot still available though. You can still take off her lower cape, leaving her with only her jacket and mini-skirt.

The book glued on the hair.

Oh yeah, i mentioned about floating book before. In the promotional photos, the book looks like floating. The secret already revealed allover the net. It's glued on the hair, you won't see it if you see it from the front. The best view to see the secret is from above, just look at the photo above.

Buch Der Klares wetter (written on the base)

I'm still trying to find good angle that can make the book really float. It's pretty hard i say, especially if you already had "book glued on hair" in your mind. Things are different before you know it and after you know it. It's not really special anymore. Well, like i said before, things are special if you think it is special.

Just a random shot of Reinforce Zwei.

Thanks Speedlite 580EX II, i managed to get this photos without tripod. It's still bright and still has its natural feeling. Well, it's another round of waiting for Elwyn and Fate, i need to call the post officer again later to ask about those 2 figures. So that's it for now.


  1. nice photos, the flash definitely help, since the shutter would be faster :D

    can't wait for Vita and Hayate from Alter :)

  2. You ordered both of them? Vita isn't my favorite so i'll pass her. But Hayate is definitely must get, even with that expensive price.

  3. Looking...and I WANT!!!!!!!
    This is on my list of most wanted figures!!!!!! I so want it!!!!!!
    Nice loot!!!

  4. Play-Asia and HLJ already had Reinforce gone out of stock. It's hard to find it for now.

  5. Nice fig.
    I passed as she's not really my favourite even though she looks appealing.
    Looking forward to Vita and Hayate.

  6. woo! reinforce! i finally started watching strikers and yeah, also not really my favorite character, but she's just so cute!
    also can't wait for hayate, i have a thing for kansai girls ^_^;

  7. @opticzone
    Thanks. She's cute, that's why i bought this. Maybe i'll pass Vita, but Hayate is must get.

    Everyone seems to look forward for Hayate. I guess she DEFINITELY must get figure, even with the price.