18 July 2008

Reinforce Zwei - Alter

Reinforce Zwei.

Reinforce Zwei, a loli character from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers. If you watch Nanoha A's, you'll know that this character was a cold, not cute, but sexy girl with ultimate power. But after a sad farewell and magical transforming (helped by Nanoha), she became a loli fairy who also became Hayate's office assistant and Hayate's pleasure... i mean, unison device.

Loli face... wait, it's not just the face.

While Nanoha and Fate were doing their yuri action, Hayate was left alone and Reinforce came to the rescue and become her Yuri pairing. Rein can even enter Hayate's body, giving her pleasure from the inside.

Reinforce by Alter, god of Nanoha series figure.

Enough chit-chatting about her role in the anime, and let's talk about the figure. This non-scaled figure was made by my favorite manufacturer Alter. I think Alter will be my favorite manufacturer because they keep making Nanoha figures. But I'm not a fanatics who only buy from their favorite brand only. I enjoy every pretty figure as long as they're well made.

Point of interest for this figure is....

After today photo session (Fate Testarossa, not Reinforce), i decided to make a small feature called Point Of Interest (POI). At this parts, I'll mention 1 (and only one) part that interests me the most. And this feature will always appear at every post about figure photoshot / review, not in the haul.

Her POI is her loli face.

And for this figure's POI is, her face! Yes... Reinforce Zwei is the symbol of loliness, and you'll know that she's a real loli queen from her face. Well, of course her body does have sign of loliness, but why face? Notice that her eyes is big, and with that kind of emotion on the face, you can tell that she's a cute and innocent little girl.

Deliciously Flat Chest, another sign of loliness.

Some of you may say that DFC (Deliciously Flat Chest) is main symbol of loliness. Yeah, that's one of some factors which decide how great her loliness level is. But i can say that Mikuru and Miyuki is a loli faced character even though they have big breast. Loliness can also be decided by personality, but we won't talk about loliness too much for now.

So much detail missed in anime can be seen in this figure.

Before getting this figure, i didn't even know that Reinforce has so many details like her skirt, book, and any other parts like that. Because Reinforce in this battle jacket appeared only in so small time, that it's very hard to watch any detail on her outfit. The only detail i remembered on Reinforce is her hairpin, because when she's not in battle she still wears that hairpin.

I never saw that ring in the anime.

Here's another example of detail i missed on the anime. Let alone the ring (see photo above), i didn't even know that she's wearing a different length stockings. Well, she IS small in the real size, no wonder i can't see so many pretty details like this.

Cute and small hand, another proof of loliness.

This is another sign of loliness, her hands. It's so small, like a child's hands. Talk about size, i wonder if her real size is really the size of this figure. Officially, this figure is non-scaled figure, but i think this figure is really 1/1 figure, just like Maple, fairy from Shining Tears, made by President Japan.

Another pretty detail about her shoes.

Okay, yet another detail i missed in the anime. Have you ever see a Bardiche-like gold triangle on her shoes. I missed this, and i just knew this AFTER i got this figure. Don't say that you're a hardcore fan of Nanoha fans if you don't know about this little figure.

Buch Der Klares wetter, Reinforce's device.

Next is her device. I knew that her device is a blue book, but i didn't know her device's name and i also didn't know that there's a Hayate's device mark on the book cover. Her device's name is Buch Der Klares wetter(Storage:Book) or so it said on the base.

Reinforce without her cape.

For you castoff figure fans, there will be no wide open panties. You have to peek from down below if you want to see her light blue colored panties. For this figure, you can only take off her lower cape off. She's actually pretty cool with the cape off, just with the vest and the mini skirt.

The book is really floating, with the help of real magic.

O yeah, i just remembered about flying book. Before this figure was actually released, people (including me) still confused with the book, about how it actually float. The secret already revealed all around the net after the release. But how to create a photos that make the book looks really float, that's the challenge. For you fellow reader, i want to ask you: does the book look really float to you?

That's it for now. Next update will be Fate Testarossa from Alter, expect it on Sunday / Monday.


  1. nice work for the black bg :)

    the photos somewhat reminds me of my photos of her too heh ^^;

  2. Yeah, your Reinforce photos also used black BG. I think black BG suits her well.

  3. Nice shoot.
    I'm starting to regret not getting her. T_T

  4. Don't worry, there'll still more better figure to come.

  5. Well, I want this figure!!!!
    I'm a big fan of the Nanoha series and I want this figure.
    Currently, this figure is soooo expensive due to the fact this is a nicely done fig.
    Nice job on the shoot!!!!!

  6. As a Nanoha series fan, this figure is somewhat must get. Just for collection completion purpose.

  7. yay, zweichan! she's just too cute ^_^

    unfortunately i'm especially worried about her device putting too much stress on her hair (during the hot days) so she's definitely going to stay boxed until it cools down... ;_; last thing i want is a peppy reinchan with a droopy blue booking hanging off her hair ^^;;;

  8. You might want to get some support for her hair. Use a thread and tie it to something might help. The last and worst thing you want to do is .... cut her hair.

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