12 July 2008

Fate Testarossa - Mid year figure haul part 5

Very huge Play-Asia box.

This figure is actually arrived together with Elwing, in last Saturday. These 2 figures arrival posed me a little problem. Both of them are actually held by custom and the custom hasn't even checked it yet. An acquaintance in post office helped me to solve this problem, and this is it. I got them in the last Saturday, pretty late if i do say so.

Can you guess what's on the TV?

I'm pretty surprised with that box size. I've already heard from some other site and blog before about this box size, but after seeing the size myself, i can say that this box is huge! Three times the height of figma Haruhi. The actual figure itself isn't really that huge though.

It's MGS4 menu on the TV.

Fate Testarossa is my 1st favorite character in Nanoha series. Too bad i started my figure collecting hobby after so many good figure released, including this figure. You can also say that I'm kinda late watching Nanoha series. At the moment where Nanoha Strikers were still at ongoing status, i just started to watch Nanoha 1st season.

Her cape is actually the cause of that huge box.

I'm glad that Alter re-released this figure. But so many people interested in this figure, and i almost lost this figure once more. I'm glad that Play-Asia still has this figure with open preorder. Not long after that, i noticed that in HLJ and PA, this figure has already gone out of stock / no more preorder accepted.

Only sword, base, and the character itself, no alternate part.

Anyway, this figure is IMO the coolest and the best Fate Testarossa figure ever. From my experience of searching Fate Testarossa (A's version), i know that only this Fate has the coolest pose and best quality. For now, i think Alter is the manufacturer that released the most in number and the best quality for Nanoha series figure.

Maybe some of you wouldn't agree with me, since MaxFact released figma Nanoha and figma Fate, and GSC also released Nanoha instructor uniform version. I won't add Movic here since their quality can't be compared to GSC, MaxFact, and Alter.

Zanber form is cool.

Bardiche has some forms, normal form, scythe form, and this zanber form. I really forgot the forms name, so please correct me if I'm wrong. Sword is my favorite weapon, and even though Fate with scythe form Bardiche is cool, i know that Fate with zanber form is the coolest form for Fate. As i remember, Fate Testarossa GSC version also used Bardiche with zanber form, but not with cool pose like this.

Visible sexy butt from behind (and below).

This figure is actually named Fate Testarossa burst version. I don't really know what's with that burst mean. Is it the yellow aura below her feet? This yellow aura is actually one of the cool part this figure has. And she's still loli, that's the best part. Even with that DFC appearance, she still got a sexy butt, and you can see it clearly from below because her skirt is lifted up.

"I will kill you if you dare to touch my Nanoha"

So this is it for June and early July. All that's left is just waiting for release date of figma Fate, figma Konata, and Chua Churam. That's it for now...


  1. DAMN YOU!!!!!!!
    You have the Fate figure I so want!!!!!!
    I can't find that one anywhere!!!!!!
    I WANT IT!!!!!!!
    I hope I can find it in Japan in August...

  2. Yeah, this one is hard to find. It has gone into order stop status since Jan-Feb 2008.

    Well anyway good luck with your search in August.

  3. I had plans to get it but then I managed to get the GSC version so I decided not the get it.
    It's still one of the best Fate out there.

  4. I just saw GSC version for a glimpse, so i don't know much about the detail. But it's still cool with Bardiche Zanber form.

  5. grats! reading your post reminded me a lot of my experience ^^; now alter needs to make a strikers fate with a leds to make bardiche light up ^_^ until then, my favorite fate figure too

  6. What kind of experience you had back there?

    Alter is the god of Nanoha series figure. But i think they will release complete set of Hayate and her guardian knight first.

    I still put my hope high for Teana and Strikers Fate though.

  7. ah, experience as in i was also surprised by the box size, i also was able to get her thanks to the rerelease (by the time i tried stores were out of stock, but i was able to get her for more or less retail on ebay), and just in general how i love alter's stuff.

    wonder if alter really will do the rest of the guardian knights... those signum pics that turned up recently are absolutely stunning... not sure if i would be anywhere near as excited about a shamal or zafira release though ^^; definitely wouldn't mind adding teana or another fate to my collection ^_^

  8. Signum is cool indeed, too bad Hayate's guardian knights aren't really my favorite.

  9. I skip this... it was way too big to fit anywhere :3

  10. Her cape really eats up space.