15 July 2008

Shuraki Trinity Vol. 2 : Liu Meifeng

Shuraki no. 2 : Liu Meifeng.

Liu Meifeng, the 2nd Shuraki figure released, and the only Shuraki that has been reissued. I got this from STF '08, with normal price, and of course that's not the reissue version but the first version.

Side view of Liu Meifeng.

Talking about normal price, Play-Asia is having 25% off sales right now, and this Liu Meifeng is one of the discounted item. Around USD 20 off the normal price for this Liu Meifeng, but no regret for me. I wouldn't know if Play-Asia having this kind of sale.

Mei's cute loli face.

Getting figures like this making you a figure otaku. A figure otaku called figure otaku because they're collecting everything pretty. Some otaku tends to collect their favorite character / "i know that character" figure, but a figure otaku (figure collector) will bought any pretty figure without knowing who's that character.

Nice twintail hair.

Kureha MaxFact, Ignis the White, and Liu Meifeng are the figures that make me a figure otaku. I just know them for a glance of picture without any detail at all. Kureha is the first figure i bought without knowing her first. I just saw that she's pretty and that's it, i bought it.

The blue chacram.

Shuraki is an original series without anime or manga. A drama CD and a booklet are always included with the figure. The real stories of these characters came from the drama CD. Very unique and creative way to publish a series.

The red chacram, this red one should be on the left hand.

Anyway, this figure is a great figure. Very well sculpted, with some unique material. Everything is very flexible. You can't remove the white vest if you don't want to bend her left arm. Her hair, ribbon, and clothes are also very flexible, like a rubber.

Detail at her white vest, very nice.

As expected of Good Smile Company. Even a little detail is very well made and painted. You can see it in the photo above. Even this white vest is very flexible, but it's still hard to take this off.

Sexy body + loli face = my favorite!

Liu Meifeng is sexy, even with her loli face. From all the Shuraki figure character ever released, Liu Meifeng is my favorite one. She really got a big breast, very very nice. Well almost every Shuraki character has a sexy body, but Liu Meifeng has her loli face and it makes a good combination.

Very tight cleavage, must be nice in there.

She also has a twintailed hair which is my favorite hairstyle. Now i know why i bought her in the STF '08. I couldn't resist her at that time. So Liu Meifeng has : twintailed hair, cute loli face, big breast, what else?

Ribbon tied on her thigh.

Very soft and sexy thigh, i love that. The ribbon tied on her thigh also added the sexiness. The ribbon is also flexible, and it came out with very nice and well made detail.

I like Chinese dress, and this is the reason why.

Oh yeah, her costume. As the name implies, Liu Meifeng came from China, and that means she wears a Chinese dress. She really has a nice unique Chinese dress, and i like it very much. You can see her upper thigh (near waist) because of this sexy Chinese dress.

Her belt just like obi in yukata.

Her Chinese dress is unique. She had an obi-like belt tied on her stomach. And to add more uniqueness in her dress, there's a big ribbon tied behind. You can clearly see how big her breasts are from this angle.

Sexy butt add the fun.

Sexiness usually measured from 2 body parts, breast and waist, or should i say butt? Yeah, she really has a very ideal and sexy body. With a nice sexy butt, you can still see her butt even with her Chinese dress on. Anyway, the ribbon on her back really hard to attach, but it's still a nice accessory.

High heels = elegance.

Talk about real fashion, she wears a nice white-pinkish high heels. You know, high heels mean elegance, and i know that i can found elegance in her.

Forest / mountain terrain as the custom base.

Looks like very Shuraki figure came with a custom base. And this figure, Liu Meifeng came with greenish rocky base. Looks like she came from a mountain or forest.

Liu Meifeng in battle damaged clothes.

Next photos are Liu Meifeng with her battle damaged clothes. You can see her bra and her panties clearly showing up everywhere. The Shurakis really had so fierce battle that their clothes are ripped off like this.

Keep fighting Meifeng!

I think she really enjoyed having her clothes ripped off like this XD. Hey, i enjoyed her with ripped off clothes like this too.

She's naked and ready to play with you (on the bed).

For your information, in the photo above Meifeng still wore her damaged Chinese dress with her white vest taken off. From this side, she looks like she's naked and ready to go to play on the bed.

Her bra is showing out because of the ripped clothes.

Her white bra is showing out. From here, you can see a little flaw on her bra paint. Take a closer look at the red line of the bra. But that's not really a problem because this figure itself is already a great figure.

It looks bigger from this side.

Here's another angle of her breast, very sexy don't you think? It looks like I'm overexposing her breast too much, but that's just the way i like it.

Ripped off Chinese dress is nice.

Okay, this time, her panties is clearly showing out. Chinese dress is sexy because you can see the sexy thigh from the side, but you can see her panties with that. So this ripped off Chinese dress is the solution.

Not much difference than the normal version from this side.

Not much of a difference from this side, because a normal Chinese dress is still showing the thigh clearly. But still, a ripped off dress is sexy. The damaged version is more flexible than the normal version.

Seeing panties from behind, very nice.

Okay, so this is the best part from damaged version. You can see her sexy butt and her panties clearly from behind. They really made her clothes wide open for this purpose.

Liu Meifeng with only bra and panties on, delicious.

Every Shuraki figure always come with 3 version, normal version, battle damaged version, and castoff version. Only bra, panties, ribbon, and shoes. Her soft bodies can be clearly seen in this version.

Her loli face with all clothes removed, delicious!

You know, you can make a nude effect with this photo. Just crop this photo right above her bra, and you can see her looks like naked. Just like the photo of her back in the damaged version.

So soft and tender.

This is another view of her cleavage, this time without her clothes on. GSC really made her body like a real (sexy) girl body. Complete with the line, painting, and also the shading.

A cute red ribbon on her bra.

Despite her outer appearance, she actually wears a cute underwear. There's a little red ribbon on her bra. This ribbon confirmed that she has a loli personality (you'll know when you heard her speak in drama CD).

Her panties also has the cute red ribbon.

Her panties also has this cute little red ribbon. A cute girl wearing a cute underwear, damn! This is perfect! Very good job from GSC, this little detail added more life in Liu Meifeng personality.

The ultimate sexy butt of Liu Meifeng.

Without her clothes on, you can see her sexy butt, and this confirms that Liu Meifeng has a very sexy and ideal body as a girl. I'd like to take her and play with her on bed right away XD.

Very great service from naked Liu Meifeng.

If i can do it, i'd take off her bra and panties right away. I don't really like castoffable figure, but this figure is really different for me. Normally i enjoyed fashion more than just breast and butt, but Liu Meifeng really gave me great service.

Well, that's it for now. Next up will be photos of Reinforce Zwei. Look forward to it!


  1. dang, can't wait to get her out of the box! definitely wish the garments were easier to remove. i swear it felt like i was gonna destroy shall's dress trying to get it off...

  2. Nicely done!!!!!!
    I love this figure but I plan on getting her in Japan!!!!!!
    Still, that is one heck of a figure.
    Great pics!!!!!

  3. @meronpan
    Yeah, some parts are like going to break if you pull it off. I rarely change her clothes because of that.

    Thanks man. I wish you good luck in finding your wished figure in Japan.

  4. nice photos :)

    I'm planning to take her pictures too, soon :)

  5. Looking forward to your photos.

  6. Now that's a sexy butt. xD
    I managed to grab one at Play-asia 25% sale. She's currently on it's way atm but I'm looking forward in getting her in my hands. ^^

    Btw, when u cast her off, did u cause any smudge marks on her skin? I read she was the most difficult to cast-off so do u have any tips to make things easy during the cast-off.

  7. Damn you're lucky guy, getting her in discounted price.

    Yeah, that marks appeared all over her butt. You won't see it on the photos because i've edited the photos using healing brush and patch tool from photoshop.

    I have no special tips / trick to take it off. If you want to prevent those marks, then you'll have to leave it nude. Or if you enjoy her fashion, then leave her be in long time.