04 January 2009

Nyx as birthday present

Nyx, a birthday present from my girl.

In this birthday i got a birthday present from my darling wili_huang (see previous post). She's my girl, and we've been in relationship since 1 year and 1 month ago. She actually got this figure in Toy Magz Fair 2008, but amazingly she bought it without me knowing about this purchase. She didn't choose this figure randomly, she picked it because i said "I like it" but i ended up leaving her at that time..

Nyx and Airi (red version) on the box.

Anyway, every Queen's Blade figure box always have 2 figures photos on it. In this Nyx box, there's Nyx herself, and Airi (red version). I just knew that Airi, the one in my possession, is an alternate version. The real Airi has a dark red hair, and black maid outfit. But i think i like Airi with blonde hair more than the red hair.

Because i said "i like Nyx, it's cool", my girl taken an initiative to buy it secretly. It was fortunate that Nyx was sold by my favorite local store, Saber. The store owner already knew me and my girl. So she could plan something up to hide this purchase with the store owner. And she got me there, in the 2nd day i saw Nyx already sold out, and i thought someone else took it.

Too bad a week after that there was an unfortunate event happening. See meronpan's post about Nyx bargain in HLJ. I saw this and almost buy this Nyx right away. At that time i didn't know that my girl has already bought Nyx, so i told her that i want to buy this HLJ's Nyx. But she unusually refused and convinced me not to buy her. After that event, i knew right away that she's the one who bought Nyx, and my guess is for my birthday present. Well, it's not a surprise anymore, but hey... I'm still glad that my girl care and bought this for me.

Nyx's parts, she's fully castoffable.

Anyway these are the parts for Nyx. Her clothes is somewhat flexible, and can be removed. Just like another Queen's Blade figure, she can be naked. I kinda worried with those long green things, they're made of hard plastic, and somewhat can be easily broken. I have to be careful with this.

She's HAWT!

She's damn hot and got a nice pair of big boobs XD. I like her dress, and this dress was the reason i said "i like this figure, she's cool". The only thing i don't like is that blue thing behind her. I don't know what's that or what kind of weapon is that. I think it's some kind of living whip, it's kinda creepy.

She's HAWT and cool! XD

Her face is also cool. I also like her long hair, and especially her right front hair, covering her right eye. It's giving the cool and killing aura. Overall she's a nice figure, and a must have especially for Queen's Blade fan. Hey, i don't know anything about Queen's Blade but i know Airi and Nyx are HAWT!

Well that's it for now. Once again thanks my darling wili_huang for this great present, i love u my dear! Anyway starting from tomorrow I'll be doing my photo session with my photographer friends: Joan, Jaya, and Halim. So that means, a stack of figure reviews coming right up! So look forward to it!


  1. Luckily she was around or u could have got an extra Nyx where we might force u to giveaway. :P

    There's something about the blue vines which makes this an ecchi figure but I can't pin point what. hmmmm...

  2. it's nice to get present for something that you like :)

  3. @Optic
    Haha, rather than a giveaway, i could sell the double.

    Something ecchi with the blue thing? Like tentacle r*** or something? XD

    Yeah, it's not just something i like, but also from someone i love. :D

  4. ahhh so nice to get a figure as a birthday gift... and have it be one you wanted ^^

    blue tentacle thing also isn't my favorite, though i guess i don't mind it too much. seems more like a weird pet or something ^^; mebbe i should pick up the book and see if the other illustrations shed some light on it...

  5. @meronpan
    Yeah, that's right, it's nice.

  6. yeah....it's not a surprise again :(
    hiks.... :p

    i love u 2 my dear :-*

  7. @wili_huang
    You should ask meronpan for that XD .