05 February 2008

Kureha 1/7 - Max Factory

Yeah, Touka Kureha from Max Factory, with scale of 1/7. I got this figure from backordering in local figure store.

Not much i can say for this one. She's as beautiful as fairy. I fell in love with this figure at the first sight. Around July 2007 i first saw this figure, and just seeing her made me want to have her even without knowing/watching the anime.

These photograph of Kureha done in last Sunday, after done with Deathscythe, i continued to get photos for this Kureha and Ignis The White. I'm too lazy to prepare my "mini studio" since it took a half our to set the studio up.

She's just too beautiful even for a figure.

I don't know if black background really fit her well, since once again i'm too lazy to change the BG set up.

Alternate weapon, this time it's Mitsuru's sword.

"Innocent face of Grim Reaper".
Yet another alternate weapon from Deathscythe. I love this one.

Camera info:
Canon EOS 400D
Canon EF 17-40 F4L
This photgraph session basically is the same as Deathscythe photo session. So just read the information in Deathscythe post.

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