11 February 2009

Airi - Megahouse

Airi exclusive maid version.

Okay, it's time for another review. This time it's Airi exclusive maid version, from Queen's Blade R-2, manufactured by Megahouse. I got her in Toy Magz Fair 2008. I got a total of 30 photos for this figure, so i'm gonna make it short per paragraph.

I like blonde hair better.

I don't know much about her because i don't know anything about Queen's Blade either. As far as i know, this is the 2nd version of Airi. The first version has a dark red hair, and this version has a blonde hair. I prefer the blonde hair one.

Is that a smile.... of a killer?

She got a pretty face i say. She's smiling, but it's not your usual happy smile. She's smiling as if she enjoyed killing with her schyte. Wherelse can you find a pretty and sexy maid with scythe on her hand, ready to kill someone. XD

I love girl with maid suit.

Getting a photo of her face right on her eyesight is pretty hard. The problem is her scythe. Her schyte's shadow keep covering her face, and at some angle, the schyte itself will get in the way. Talk about her body, she's pretty much sexy, with an ideal body.

I'd like to get more maid like her.

Green eyes, blonde hair, twintailed hair, and maid suit. A pretty unique and nice combination of a character. This figure is definitely must get for a Queen's Blade fan or maid girl fan. Anyway, Megahouse doesn't let me down. They really gave a nice quality of a figure, with pretty face. So far nothing's wrong with her face and skin tone.

Maid hairband and twin ribbons.

As a maid clothes accessory, maid hairband is a must. She got a pretty normal maid hairband that connected to the twin ribbons for her twintail hair. A purple ribbon and white hairband, just like her maid clothes. She got a twotones maid suit, white and dark purple / red, not black unlike Komaki Manaka's maid clothes.

Her neck collar.

Her collar is not attached with her maid clothes, it's totally off. You can remove it for full cast-off purpose. Some maid suit are equipped with ribbon choker, but not her suit, i think it's because of her black ribbon on her chest. Her collar is pretty much nicely sculpted and detailed. No small details and paintjob issue here.

Big ribbon on her chest, covering her cleavage.

Ah yeah, a maid clothes isn't a maid clothes if there's no ribbon attached around the neck. Too bad this ribbon covers a nice part of this figure: her cleavage. The cleavage is barely visible, especially because of the shadow. Details, sculpt, and paintjob are excellent around this part. There are some nicely sculpted frills and wrinkles around her chest.

Hmm... big, defintely big!

Talk about breast size, i think her clothes isn't big enough to fit on her breast size. Yah... a slim fit clothes is a nice way to show her sexiness. Seeing this photo made me want to take a feel of her breast. :P

Hmm... nice size and shape.

From this angle you can see her breast size clearly. a nice round shape of a breast and also nice size. Don't know why but i think this is the first time i take a photo of a chest from aside.

Her right hand, no peg / connector for putting her scythe.

She wear a short sleeve so her skin tone kinda visible from here. It's pretty much the most ideal skin color for a figure IMO. Some figures have too pale skin, and some of them have too black skin. Anyway, i got a problem with attaching her scythe on her hand. There's no peg or some connector, so the scythe's pretty easy to fall. Up until now, i still don't know a proper way to put her scythe so that it's harder to fall.

The left hand, also no peg.

Her left hand is actually pretty high up. Because i kinda attracted with the other feature, i forgot to take a photo of her schyte. There's also no peg on her left hand, so yeah it's pretty easy for her scythe to fall off her hands.

From the back.

From the back, she looks kinda plain, except for her twintailed hair. She got a nice hair, so smooth. You can see nice sculpt of her tied hair, right on the back of her hair, also with a nice touch of a paint and shading. There's another black ribbon on the back and a back ribbon on the back side of her apron.

Skirt and apron, important part of a maid clothes.

Moving on the the skirt and apron. One of the factor i like about maid suit is the skirt. Girls wearing skirt look feminime. I like the black line on the apron, nice touch IMO. FYI, for cast-off purpose, her clothes are separated into 3 parts you can take off, the upper clothes, the apron, and the skirt.

The favorite back ribbon.

The back ribbon, my favorite ribbon. Most of maid clothes must have a back ribbon attached around here. It's purple colored. Similar to Meifeng's back ribbon, this ribbon is kinda loose. It's not hard to attach, but it's not hard to fall off either.

A pair of purple highheels, except her heels aren't high enough.

Ahh... and a nice pair of purple highheels. Her feet doesn't connect direcly to the ground (base), but they're supported with a pair of "pillars". The only thing i don't like around here is her stockings. I don't really like girls wearing high stockings or socks. They cover too much parts of her nice smooth skin.

A nice view i got after taking off only her apron.

I won't go directly into full cast-off because i accidentally found this combination. By taking off only her apron, she looks pretty nice and sexier. She actually wears a very mini skirt. Her skin and body curves are nicely done, it's necessary because you got a full cast-off feature from this figure.

Kinda weird if you see that "gap".

The only thing you won't like from removing only her apron is this part. The bottom part of her upper clothes doesn't fit as thight as her breast, so you can see an ugly gap, looks unideal on her stomach.

Be creative with the features they gave to you!

Up until now, i'm displaying her without her apron on, because she looks sexier yet still feminime because of her skirt and the frills on her upper clothes. Airi's clothes can be separated as 3 parts, just like i said above. But that doesn't mean you have to take all of her clothes off. You could take only some parts of them to get nice and sexy combination.

Full cast-off! Yeah!!!

Oh yeah, we're getting to the best part of this figure, the cast-off part. That's why i got soooo many photos of this figures. She's almost nude, only her pantie (and her stockings and shoes) left. She really got a nice body curve and shape. Her body is nicely sculpted and painted. The shapes and shadings are great, and especially around the chest part.

Does she look naked to you?

Because she still wears her pantie, stockings, and shoes, i tried to get a cropped photo of her nude body, so i can give the feeling as if she's totally naked. I can't really think clearly while i wrote this because after i'm seeing this photo and the next photo, there's only one thing i can hear on my head: "She's naked and ready to serve you on the bed". XD

Oh wow, she's naked!!

Sorry for the censor, i have to keep the content (somewhat) safe. I still don't know the boundary of NSFW or SFW. Just covering her *ahem* ...ni****... *ahem* doesn't mean it's really safe. Oh anyway, i think this is the best photo of her naked, because she looks really naked here (just forget the fact that she wears pantie first).

Hmm... nice breast, too bad they're censored. Contact me if you want uncensored photos.

Now you can see how nice her breasts are from here, without anything to cover them. Censored of course, if you want the real uncensored photos, you can contact me directly via my email (see it on the blogger profile page, look for "Contact" and you'll find my Hotmail account, change it to yahoo.com and that's my email, for easier way, just comment here :P) and i'll send you the photos you wanted via email. XD

POI: skin tone, shading, and paint job.

Oh and not to forget, the POI of this figure is her skin tone. Yeah... the full cast-off ability forced Megahouse to make a nice skin tone and shading. I think this figure has the best skin color, body curve, and skin shading of all figures i have. Some of the figures have pale skin, and some of them aren't really that nicely painted. That's why i say Airi's skin (maybe all of the Megahouse figures' skin) is the best.

Red pantie and nice butt.

Oh and not to forget, butt photos always FTW. She doesn't wear a very sexy pantie, but her butt looks nice and sexy. And it's bright red pantie, pretty nice and unique, a one of a kind pantie color.

Oh and here are some bonus photos from me, as a yuri fans of course. I won't put too much caption here:

Haruhi: hmm... a nice body, want to play?
Airi: Yeah, i'm up for anything!

Airi: uhh... Haruhi, where are you looking at, and take off your bikini!
Haruhi: Yeah yeah, be patient okay?

Airi: Wait! Where's Haruhi, and why're you here?
Shana: I'm here to play with you, come one!

Shana: Be ready okay, i'm taking off my bikini!
Airi : I'm ready whenever you are.

Haruhi: Hey, get out, i'm the one who's playing with Airi!
Shana: What!? Hey i just started taking off my bikini!
Haruhi: Look here, her hand already started playing with me.
Airi: hey hey... calm down girls, i'll do you both!

Crap, i've done too much this time! XD. Well time to take off for now, so see you at the next post!


  1. Woah. 0_0
    I congratz u for take this shoot to the next level. lol
    Completely caught off guard. Was not expecting that. lol

  2. Yeah, it's a brand new level. XD

  3. The last few photos are hilarious XD. Hm, there sure are a lot of cast-off figures nowadays. Nice shoot.

  4. But only Megahouse gives you total cast-off feature.

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